Ministry Newsletter - September 2017


Exceptional People, Exceptional Results
Dear Ken​,

Definitions of exceptional include rare, superior, much better than average, and beyond what is ordinary or usual. Exceptional people in ministry are filled with the Holy Spirit. Exceptional performance in ministry allows Kingdom goals to be realized.
We have so many exceptional people affiliated with this ministry as service providers or recipients. In this newsletter edition, we would like to highlight a few.

​Carefully read the articles and reach out and congratulate them. Enjoy.

Blessings always,



Exceptional Pastor: Charles Jones, Senior Pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Oviedo, FL

October 21, 2007 was one of the most significant events that God orchestrated in my life. It was the first time that I attended Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Oviedo, FL. Although the whole experience was wonderful, the preaching and teaching of Pastor Charles Jones inspired me to quickly become a member. 
This decision exponentially improved my relationship with God, provided spiritual growth, and was the catalyst for launching Compass Urban Stewardship Ministries in January 2014.

In 2008, I participated in the Crown Financial Ministries Biblical Financial Study at Antioch. Near the completion of this study, I determined that…
  1. I did not have a personal relationship with God.
  2. Although I was a good money manager, I was not a faithful steward, especially in the area of giving.
  3. I was not using my time, talents and treasures to glorify God and serve others.
  4. My purpose was to draw people closer to God and transform lives by using a discipleship approach to teaching biblical principles and practical applications on finances God’s way.
Pastor Jones has been very supportive of financial discipleship and generosity training for members of Antioch and the community. Hundreds of our church members have now completed the study. He has approved and promoted Compass and supplementary seminars and small group studies. He also allows the showing of Compass videos and providing financial stewardship education and encouragement during the offering call.

As we celebrate your 20th year as the Senior Pastor at Antioch, I am grateful for how you allow God to use you in a way that is impacting so many through your preaching, teaching, leadership and testimony. Antioch is a model church for financial discipleship and generosity.

Thank you Charles Jones for being my Exceptional Pastor!


Exceptional Supporter: Chris Graeve of Prodigy Capital

Chris Graeve and I met in April this year at the Generous Giving Conference in Orlando.

​God orchestrated it where we kept sitting at the same table and our kindred spirit was revealed. We listened to presenters, prayed and ate together, and shared our testimonies.
​Chris is the Chairman and Founder of Prodigy Capital, a real estate investment fund, specializing in the fix-and-flip model. They locate, acquire and transform neglected properties into high return real estate investments for investors while producing quality homes in the marketplace.
Prodigy focuses on core values and services that embrace an investor centered approach; Integrity, Adaptability, Data Driven, and Teamwork. This provides Prodigy an investment foundation designed to minimize risk while achieving above average returns.

Since the Generous Giving Conference, Chris and I have established a wonderful relationship. Sharon and I recently had the pleasure to spend time with Chris and his beautiful family at his home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

I have observed Chris to have a beautiful relationship with God and his family. I appreciate the support provided by Chris and consider him a valued friend and ministry partner.

Thank you Chris for being an Exceptional Supporter!


Exceptional Faithful Stewards: Christopher and Elizabeth Reeves

The Reeves are debt free!

Student loans, credit cards, and bad spending decisions had them drowning in an ocean of red ink. Regardless of their financial struggles, they remained faithful to give a tithe to God as an act of worship.

Compass Urban providing coaching to determine how to free them from their financial burdens, They captured all of their income and expenses for 30 days. Expenses were categorized. A realistic spending plan (budget) was created. A debt repayment analysis was performed and assets were identified that could be used to pay off debt.

Through praise, prayer, and obedience, God provided a supernatural response (liquidation of an asset with an unexpected value) that has allowed them to retire all of their debt. Chris no longer has to work a second job and has moved closer to his employer. This is increasing his family time (including a near future second child) as well as reducing transportation costs.

Elizabeth can continue her focus on being an exceptional mother to Maia and Chris Jr.
Chris is now working towards increasing cash reserves to complete Destination 3 on the Compass Money Map for Financial Freedom and increasing contributions to his 401K plan to the maximum company match. Their new family budget covers all needs and other expenses that were not previously budgeted for.

Thank you Chris and Liz for being Exceptional Faithful Stewards!


Exceptional Facilitators: Michael Dill, Kayla Perkins, Telethia Willis

Because of our discipleship approach to ministry, facilitators play a very critical role in our small group studies. Under the governance of affiliate Compass Urban Stewardship Ministries, Telethia Willis (2nd from left), along with facilitators Michael Dill and Kayla Perkins, launched the Compass Give, Spend and Save Study for Teens at Antioch in May of this year.
 This ten week, web-based bible study teaches teenagers God’s principles of stewardship and how to handle receiving, managing, giving, saving and spending finances and possessions.

Reflections from Telethia Willis (Compass Urban Church Coordinator)
“We just finished the Compass Give, Save & Spend Teen Study and it was a phenomenal way of sharing God’s principles of faith and stewardship with our youth. Their minds were completely blown away that God had so much to say about saving, spending, working, giving, honesty, debt and contentment.

The world and even many ‘seasoned’ Christians often separate their finances from their faith. But this small group study helped them to assess and recognize their heart’s posture towards finances and truly understand what it means to be a faithful steward. What was even better is that it created more discussion in the home and challenged some of the parents to grow spiritually and financially. Now we have many more teens eager to participate in the next session and some parents that may even take the Compass course for the adults.

We have just planted seeds that will impact many generations!“

Reflections from Kayla Perkins (Compass Urban Facilitator)
“As a teacher/facilitator for the Give, Save & Spend study I can attest to the awesome power of God going forth in our youth who participated! The students now have the knowledge of God’s requirements for stewardship and have the understanding of how to properly prioritize their finances. Students were surprised on how God is a factor in everything from work, to investments, and even partnerships we may want to start with others. Attitudes towards giving, saving, and spending were assessed and open discussion was had each week for all students to recognize how their relationship with God also affects the principles learned in class, and how they could strengthen that relationship by managing finances God’s way. Students were amazed by how many scriptures address the topic of money and finances. They are now in position to practice, and show others around them, how being financially free allows more focus on Christ and what He would have for them to do for the building of His kingdom.”

Reflections from Michael Dill (Compass Facilitator)
“Compass enlightens our youth on the importance of valuing money according to Biblical Principles and how to be good stewards of what God has and will bless them with. They were able to better understand financial decisions made by their parents. Another principle of Compass was to teach them to trust God as their provider, leading the youth to making wise financial choices early in life!” 

Thank you Michael, Kayla and Telethia for being Exceptional Facilitators


Exceptional Students: Give, Spend and Save Study for Teens
14 members of the Antioch Youth Ministry successfully completed the inaugural Compass Give, Spend and Save Study for Teens. We always celebrate successful completion of our small group studies with a graduation and recognition ceremony.
The highlights of this journey, as described by the students, include…
• Drawing closer to God
• Understanding why and how to give
• Reading over 150 bible verses that related to financial stewardship
• Writing checks and balancing a checkbook
• Preparing a resume
• Completing a deed to symbolically recognize God’s ownership of possessions
• Working on a budget
• Learning how to spend less so that you can give and save more
• Completing a personality profile
• Understanding compound interest
• Understanding the importance of your FICO score and what influences it
• Preparing a resume
• Maintaining a group prayer log

Reflections from Keturah Wright  (9th grade)
“Compass was a good experience for me because before I had that class I did not know how to manage my money God’s way. So it was good to learn about how to save and spend it and work with it and how to put it in certain businesses.”

Reflections from Angelus Diaz (High School Junior)
“What I liked about it is the discussion, the reality that you learn about life as you get older, how to invest and save money God’s way, and how to be helpful to the world.”

Reflections from Tai’Von Noel (High School Sophomore)
“What I like about Compass is that the discussions were really meaningful. It helped me realize what my trigger is for not wanting to give, my fears towards giving, what was holding me back, and why I am not saving all of the time. It helped me realize that saving is the way to go and you should do it in a Godly manner. So I really enjoyed Compass.”

Reflections from Josiah Wright (High School Sophomore)
“Compass was really eye opening and it helps you. It makes you think how you should manage money and I really like that.”
Thank you Antioch Youth Ministry for being Exceptional Students!


Exceptional Young Biblical Entrepreneurs: YBE One Day Experience

On Saturday May 20, nine members of the Antioch Youth Ministry participated in the Nehemiah Project Young Biblical Entrepreneur One Day Experience. YBE is a Christian entrepreneurship program that prepares students for real world business challenges by teaching them the value of teamwork, biblical ethics, and taking an idea from conception to development for profit.
After receiving teaching on how to be a Young Biblical Entrepreneur and prepare a business plan, the teams went to work, agreeing on a business idea (Kingdom Bracelets – Team 1; One Stop Kids Stop - Team 2) and completing the business plan components. 
These youth learned quickly, worked well together, and were very poised during their presentations.

These teams placed 1st and 2nd among a total of 11 teams, collecting $850 in prize winnings! After rounding up the winnings to $900, each team member received $100 and agreed to pay God first (tithe), pay themselves second (savings) then spend the balance wisely. What a great financial stewardship example.
Reach out to Nathan Shaw Founder, President at Youth Empowerment Project, Inc
Thank you Antioch Youth Ministry for being Exceptional Young Biblical Entrepreneurs!

Living Generously
Thank you for your ongoing support of this ministry through the donation of your time, talents and treasures. 

Our ministry reach is expanding, which is increasing our operating expenses.

Consider where you are on your generosity journey. What better way to increase the power of your generosity than by giving towards this ministry. We excel in teaching and enabling people to have the heart and capacity to giving.
"You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God". (2 Corinthians 9:11)