At FCLF, we believe Florida communities can be improved, one building block at a time. Read our 2016 Annual Report.

FCLF 2016 Annual Report

com·mu·ni·ty \kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\ – A group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood). – Webster’s Dictionary

At Florida Community Loan Fund, we believe that communities are more than simply people coexisting. A community’s character is also defined by its components – housing, schools, healthcare, grocery stores, and local businesses. Within these built spaces, families find shelter, seniors and veterans secure affordable housing, children and families have access to healthcare, and our neighbors and neighborhoods find opportunity.

In our
2016 Annual Report we share how FCLF, working alongside our investors and borrowing partners, is producing real solutions for the specific needs in Florida – providing building blocks to help communities. Together we will continue to offer opportunity and dignity for every person and community in Florida. 

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Inside the Annual Report

View video testimonials from Florida Community Loan Fund's borrowing organizations. Their success stories are building Florida's communities.

FCLF-Wendover Housing Video

FCLF-Transition House Video


FCLF Expertise and Capital

FCLF provides financing and technical expertise to improve low income communities in areas such as safe, affordable housing ‒  homeless & special needs facilities ‒ education & healthcare facilities ‒ commercial & retail space to encourage new local businesses ‒ access to fresh, healthy foods.  For 20+ years, FCLF has helped organizations in Florida achieve success in their projects and missions. We look forward to continuing our work with partners and stakeholders to improve Florida communities one building block at a time.