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We're celebrating our 20th anniversary!

Our global network of divers has dramatically changed the world of diving over the past 20 years through standards-based teaching and worldwide exploration and conservation projects.

GUE is celebrating its 20th year of educating divers and inspiring them to become explorers and conservationists of the world’s bodies of water. Unlike most for-profit dive training agencies, GUE is focused on developing a community of passionate, like-minded, and highly skilled divers to explore the aquatic world in support of archaeology, history, and conservation.

After two decades of teaching students, the GUE community has grown to over 90 countries and over 150 instructors. GUE divers have participated in projects in more than 35 countries and worked with universities and researchers from around the world to explore, study, and document all types of aquatic environments.

Watch our latest Facebook Live update for more details on our 20th anniversary, GUE scholarship and fundraising initiatives, as well as our three new course offerings: Cave Sidemount Diver, Scientific Diver, and Photogrammetry Diver!​

Exciting new release on!

Last month, a group of dedicated GUE divers, including GUE President Jarrod Jablonski, participated in the inaugural Red Sea Explorers trip to locations in the northern Red Sea in pursuit of new discoveries. Watch the exciting short film for FREE on!

The Red Sea is a well-known dive destination with hundreds of great dive spots, but due to its unique location and the historical significance of the Suez Canal, it still hides undiscovered treasures: wrecks of ships that have been lost over many centuries in those treacherous waters.
During the trip, the team successfully dove a few new locations, learned a lot, gathered valuable experience, and built up excitement to pursue discoveries in the unexplored regions of the northern Red Sea.

Huge thanks to the Red Sea Explorers team and Faisal Khalaf for their continuous support of GUE's and our team's mission. Let's commit to a new and exciting chapter of exploration!

Video clips by: Jarrod Jablonski, Faisal Khalaf, Olga Martinelli, Daniel Schelvis
Edited by: Olga Martinelli

Cave Sidemount Diver

Over the last year, a group of GUE cave instructors has been actively working to develop the GUE Cave Sidemount Diver class. This class was created to meet the challenges of the ever-changing landscape of cave exploration that requires dry caving, vertical rope work, and/or access to areas of the cave hidden behind restricted passages.

This class is designed for experienced GUE Cave 2 divers with at least 50 logged non-training GUE Cave 2 dives.

The class duration is five days and requires the completion of ten overhead dives, including at least four in restrictive areas and at least three true sidemount restrictions.

Learn more at 

Scientific Diver

​GUE’s Scientific Diver course is designed to create divers who are capable of becoming integral members of scientific diving teams while using proper equipment and techniques. We believe this course helps close the gap between diver training and active conservation work.

The Scientific Diver Class is for any individual who is actively involved with a project (e.g., Project Baseline, Ghost Fishing), students with academic scientific backgrounds, environmentalists, and any passionate diver who would like to participate in science-oriented initiatives.

Some of the many opportunities that will be generated from this class include:
  • Recognition from research institutes that GUE divers can support science-based projects
  • Ability of individuals and dive centers to access the tools needed to connect with local research institutes and liaison with citizen volunteer divers and the academics who are working on citizen science projects.
  • Participation in citizen science projects.
  • GUE community growth
Visit to learn more about this course and to read some of the commonly asked questions

Photogrammetry Diver

Over the last four years, photogrammetry has become a core part of exploring dive sites on GUE projects. From documenting the Roman-era wrecks off the coast of Sicily to working with NOAA to map wrecks of World War II battles in the US, photogrammetry can help the public understand what is going on underwater better than any other medium that we have available  today. Many of you will have seen the incredible imagery that Ingemar Lundgren has created of the Mars wreck, and we want to share with you how to do it yourselves.

The class is open to GUE Fundamentals divers and GUE Recreational 1 divers who have some experience diving after their classes. There is no need to be an experienced photographer, nor to own an expensive camera rig. It is even possible to gain reasonable results using a simple point and shoot camera, or an action camera like a GoPro.

Similarly, you don’t have to be a computer whiz to create photogrammetry models--the photo software used during class is easy to use, and the basics are a breeze to learn. As your models get larger or more complex, the basics learned in class will form a foundation for your own independent learning, supported by your experienced instructor.

Visit for more information and to read commonly asked questions about this course.

​A new issue of Quest magazine is coming later this month!

Quest 19.3 will be mailed towards the end of August. GUE Members can read the newest Quest or ANY back issue at

Silver, Gold, Scholar, and Platinum members: To ensure you receive future copies of Quest, verify that your address is up to date! Make sure you are logged in to, then go to and click on the “addresses” tab to ensure your preferred address is set as the default. If you have any trouble, or if you haven't been receiving your Quests, you can email

Quest Volume 19, No. 3 features include:
  • ​​Deep Wreck Diving in the Arabian Gulf by A. Fikree
  • It's Your Call by S. Exley
  • Mauritius: The Other Side of the World by G. Shockey
  • Photogrammetry: A New, Exciting Tool for Documenting Underwater Artifacts by P. Tieleman and J. Hjelm
  • The Caves of Valstagna by S. Kas and M. Ratto
Plus: Photogrammetry:
Photography for Engineers by
J. Kendall and K. Beemster Leverenz; GUE and NOAA: A Growing Relationship by
R. Denmark; Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Aquatic Environments
by P. Reneau, Ph.D.; and The World War II Wrecks of Tenedos by D. Galon

Have an idea for a Quest article or want to contribute? We'd love to hear from you!



Read it now: Quest 19.2
  • Exploring Scotland by M. Rose
  • Restoring Bonaire's Coral Reefs by F. Virdis
  • Puppy Love: Diving with Baja California’s Sea Lions by G. Smith
  • The Life Skill Building Benefits of Scuba Diving for People with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by D. Giorgetti
  • Defensive Posturing for Diving Professionals by B. Beskin
Plus:  Eliminating the Helium Penalty by  M. Menduno;  Establishing Baselines for Fiji’s Coral Reefs   by A. White; A Citizen Science Project by N. Padrão, D. Paulo, J. Assis, E. A. Serrão; and  Traces of War: The Battle of the Aegates Islands by M. Arena

​New and Upgraded GUE Instructors

Congratulations to GUE's newest instructors: Belen Andres-Garcia (Spain), Su Eun Kim (Korean), Alain Eid (UAE), David Dusek (Mexico), Matthijs Holtkamp (Netherlands), Duncan Paterson (Australia), Junki Baek (Korea), Matt Broughton (Japan), and Sergio Rhein Schirato (Brazil)!

We are also pleased to announce Sven Nelles (Germany) and Peter Gaertner (Germany) as Cave 1 instructors, Osama Gobara (Mexico) as a Cave 2 instructor, and Jun Hui (China) as a Tech 1 instructor!

Find a GUE instructor near you at 

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