2017 is well underway and we're back with more headlines about all the exciting things going on at GUE HQ!
Available Now:
GUE and Project Baseline Annual Reports, GUE Projects Report

For an in-depth look at what GUE and PB were up to throughout 2016, please see our new Resources page on the GUE site! We also created a report dedicated to the numerous exploration and conservation projects undertaken by GUE divers all over the world, so be sure to check it out to see the amazing things we can accomplish when we work together.  A full-color printed copy of the Projects Report has been sent to all Silver and higher level members along with their copy of Quest 18.1. Everyone can read the reports online at www.gue.com/annualreports.


NEW: GUE Brand Standards Guide

Also featured on the Resources page is our newly-released Brand Standards Guide, which includes important information about GUE's global representation for stakeholders of all kinds. Read more here: http://gue.com/about/resources.



GUE video learning is here, start your free trial today!

We hope you’ve heard about our video learning site, DiveGUE.tv. DiveGUE.tv offers all kinds of diving-related video content, from documentaries to supplementary instruction for divers of all levels, interests, and agencies. Anyone can sign up for a free 3-day trial at
www.divegue.tv, and make sure you  follow us on Facebook for updates on new content and even free videos!

New videos released on DiveGUE.tv in February:
 - Ox Bel Ha 2016 Documentary
 - Mallorca 2016 Documentary
 - How to Dive a High Flow Cave
 - CCR Skills: Bailout BOV,  Bailout DSV,  ADV On (Diluent Runaway)
 - How to Make a Pigtail Line Marker Keeper
 - Ça Ira 2016 Documentary
 - Basic 5 - Hungarian Language

​Brand new issue of Quest Magazine out now!

Printed copies have been mailed and the electronic version is available now! GUE Members can read the newest Quest or ANY back issue at http://www.gue.com/quest

Silver, Gold, Scholar, and Platinum members – to ensure you receive future copies of Quest, make sure your address is up to date! Make sure you are logged in to GUE.com, then go to https://www.gue.com/user and click on the “addresses” tab to ensure your preferred address is set as the default. If you have any trouble, or if you haven't been receiving your Quests, you can email orders@gue.com.

Quest Volume 18, No. 1 features include:
  • The Florida Springs: Photographer Amanda Cotton takes us on a tour of the Sunshine State's freshwater jewels.
  • Becoming a GUE Instructor: Marcus Rose describes the challenging process of GUE instructor development and the various ways to become one of the world's best dive educators.
  • Expedition Bjuralven: The Cold Caves of Scandinavia: Oscar Svensson describes thrilling cold-water cave exploration in Sweden.
  • Kasili System: The Reward for Five Years of Effort: Get the full story on AKEP's historic connection of over 12,000 ft of cave in the Philippines from team members Dave Ross and Steve Cox.
  • New York Wreck Diving: Dive boat owner and operator Tom McCarthy shares his love of the history-rich waters of the North Atlantic.


Plus: An Introduction to Underwater Photogrammetry by Kees Beemster Leverenz; What Lies Beneath: A New Species Emerges from the Dark Waters of the Floridan Aquifer by Dr. Thomas Sawicki; The Principles of Evolution: What Project Baseline Initiatives Can Learn from Darwin by Benjamin Ott; and Cave Exploration in the Apuseni Mountains of Romania by Sami Paakkarinen.

Have an idea for a Quest article? You can contact editor Savannah Madley at savannah@gue.com with questions, pitches, or topics you'd like to see!


Join us in Florida next October 28-29 for the 2017 GUE Conference!

To sign up for our mailing list so you don’t miss out on new information about registration, accommodations, or agenda details, please visit our Conference updates page.

​New GUE instructors

​Congratulations to Neil Powell, our newest Fundamentals instructor located in the United Kingdom, and to Nicco Crespi, who is now a Tech 1 instructor in Italy!

Find a GUE instructor near you at http://www.gue.com/gue-instructors.


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