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Make sure you follow us on Facebook because we’ll be announcing the release of a never-before-seen GUE initiative tomorrow, Tuesday, December 20th at 1:00 p.m. EST (6:00 p.m. GMT).


The Search for the GUE Photo of the Year 

Additionally, we are looking for submissions for our annual Photo of the Year! If you have photos from 2016 that you would like to submit, we would love to see them.

Please send submissions to
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​Brand new issue of Quest Magazine out now!

Printed copies have been mailed and the electronic version is available now! GUE Members can read the newest Quest or ANY back issue at

Silver, Gold, Scholar, and Platinum members – to ensure you receive future copies of Quest, make sure your address is up to date! Make sure you are logged in to, then go to and click on the “addresses” tab to ensure your preferred address is set as the default. If you have any trouble, or if you haven't been receiving your Quests, you can email

Quest Volume 17, No. 4 features include:
  • Diving the Baltic Sea: Sebastian Popek, co-founder and President of the Baltic Wrecks Society, describes the rich wreck diving possibilities in the Polish Baltic region.
  • Chinchorro’s American Crocodiles: Diver and photographer Amanda Cotton describes her thrilling experience sharing the water with these intimidating creatures.
  • My Journey from Caves to Carcharhinus: Swimming with Oceanic Whitetips by Gemma Smith explores the world beyond our preconceived notions about sharks.
  • The Economics of Remote Instructor Training: GUE Instructor Evaluators Mark Messersmith and Guy Shockey break down how incorporating distance learning into instructor development can benefits for interns, instructor trainers/evaluators, and the organization as a whole.
  • Detecting Dark Matter in the Loop: Experienced technical diver Michael Menduno explains the importance of carbon dioxide detection for CCR divers and looks at the technology being developed to address this crucial factor.


 Plus: The Origin of the KISS Sidekick by Mike Young; Malta, the Island of Wrecks by Elena Romano and Claudio Provenzani; Fauna Counts and Water Quality Analysis in Peacock Springs Cave System by Kelly Jessop; and Secrets from the Seabed: Return to Antikythera by Gemma Smith.

Have an idea for a Quest article? You can contact editor Savannah Madley at with questions, pitches, or topics you'd like to see!

​New GUE instructors

​GUE is pleased to announce our new instructors and upgrades for this quarter. Benjamin Ott (Germany), Emőke Wagner (Hungary), Laszlo Cseh (Hungary), and Rick Reimer (Australia) will be teaching Rec 1 and Fundamentals, and Kelvin Davidson (Mexico) will be teaching Fundamentals.

Kyungsoo Kim (South Korea) will now be teaching Tech 1 and Irene Homberger (Switzerland) will now be teaching Cave 1!

Find a GUE instructor near you at
Temporary certification cards available!

Recently, we released an exciting new feature that allows GUE divers to print a temporary version of their newly-earned certification card directly from!
The printable card is available from your My Courses page once you have submitted your QC form and your instructor has submitted your evaluation, and is valid for 90 days.


Old certifications have been added to the online database

We are excited to report that more than 3,500 certification records from 2002-2008 have been added to GUE's online database! If you took a class during that time, be sure to check out your My Courses page to see if yours is there. If it's not, shoot us a note and picture of your card to, and we'll get it added.


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