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New Course Materials

Updated versions of the student presentations for GUE Tech 1, Tech 60, and Cave 1 are here!

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​Brand new issue of Quest Magazine out now!

Printed copies have been mailed and the electronic version will be posted Monday, May 30. GUE Members can read the newest Quest or ANY back issue at

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Quest Volume 17, No. 2 features include:
  • Modern Sidemount Diving: The Benefits of Starting Early – Ute Welcker’s experienced perspective from outside GUE is a valuable contribution to discussions of sidemount training.
  • The Application of Non-Technical Skills to Recreational and Technical Diving – GUE’s Director of Risk Management, Gareth Lock, explores ways to reduce risk.
  • The GUE/Project Baseline Lost Islands Project: Aeolian Islands – John Kendall recounts the exploration of classical wrecks in the Mediterranean.
  • Happy Days! A Canadian Visits Lake Michigan – Terry Irvine gives a rave review of the wreck diving adventures accessible from Milwaukee, WI, USA.
  • Diving in a Tropical Paradise: Leonidas Kalantidis says the Maldives is a bucket list destination for divers.


Plus, James Sanderson explains the new option to take GUE Fundamentals in two parts; Jennifer Bush acquaints us with the American freshwater eel and divers’ efforts to study environmental challenges facing this fascinating species; Lisa Goodlin updates us on the documentation and conservation projects undertaken by Project Baseline: St. Lawrence River, USA and NEUE; and don’t miss Part 4 of the thrilling and funny series on the Asian Karst Exploration Project by Steve Cox and Dave Ross. 

New GUE Instructors

GUE is pleased to announce many new instructors and upgrades this quarter!

Fundamentals                                         Rec 1 and 2
    Marcus Rose (UK)                             Caterina de Seta (Italy)
Gemma Thomas (Singapore)                   Romano Rampazzo (Italy)
  ​Kathy Dicker (Florida)                            Emiliano Ricci (Italy)
Jeroen Wilms (the Netherlands)                Alessandro Allegri (Italy)  
                                                                  Fabio Portella (Italy)

Plus, Henning May (Germany) will now be teaching Tech 1, JP Bresser (Netherlands) will now be teaching Cave 2, John Kendall (UK) will now be teaching Tech 2, and Ricardo Constantino (Portugal) will be teaching Cave 1.

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Administrative Questions Answered

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