That Lovin'  
​Feeling and Touch 
In the December 2015/January 2016 AARP magazine I read a fascinating and informative article entitled, "The Power Of Touch" by David Linden and Martha Thomas.

To quote the authors, "The skin is our largest sensory interface with the world. And it's always on. It's thought to be the first sense that we develop while in the womb...Touch is crucial for forging that first emotional bond with a parent and for creating the unique human experience ...The essentiality of touch endures as we age: It is the social glue that binds parents with children, and sexual partners into lasting couples. Nonsexual touch connects people in the community and in the workplace, fosters gratitude, sympathy and trust."

The 18th-century English physician Thomas Fiuller said, "Seeing's Believing, but Feeling's the Truth."

Yellow Brainers are physically attentive at the appropriate times. They have a strong sense of propriety and and follow conventional rules of behavior. They demonstrate their love for others because they are respectful and polite.  

Blue Brainers are physically attentive as much as possible. They are the most affectionate of all the Brain Colors. It is easy and comfortable for them to authentically demonstrate their love for others. They are know to be the "Best Huggers." 

Green Brainers are physically attentive when no one is looking. They have a strong sense of privacy and are uncomfortable showing their love in front of others. If you want to hug a Green Brainer be sure to ask, "May I give you a hug?"  

Orange Brainers are physically attentive at any time and in any place! They show their love and affection for loved ones, friends, and co-workers spontaneously and with zeal! They demonstrate  love and affection for others with excitement and playfulness.

Each Brain Color Personality needs
different degrees of 
that lovin' feeling and touch
​throughout our lives! 


Your "AAAA" Romantic
Relationship Road Map  
In a romantic relationship, a variety of personal characteristics and talents attract us to our partner. Think of your “AAAA” Romantic Relationship Road map as a solution to dilemmas that can dampen your romantic relationship.

The following is your "AAAA" Romantic Relationship Road Map: 
Recognize what Attracted you to each other.
Understand why different idiosyncrasies have become an Annoyance.
Accept your loved one for who he or she is and what he or she values, even if his or her ideas differ from yours.
Then you can Appreciate why you were attracted to each other and keep the spark that ignited your Positive Attraction to another Brain Color from fizzling into a Negative Reaction!

Yellow Brainer are attracted to Orange Brainers who contribute spontaneity and adventure to their organized and planned routines.

Blue Brainers are attracted to Green Brainers who give them a logical perspective
about their emotional reactions.

Green Brainers are attracted to Blue Brainers who encourage their innovative ideas and count on them to be objective in emotional situations.

Orange Brainers are attracted to Yellow Brainers who are responsible and dependable to help them organize the details of their life.

Happy Valentine's Day!

You can learn more about your
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Quote of the Month
"If you want to be loved,
be lovable."


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William Shakespeare
This year will mark the 400th Anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, on April 23, 2016. 

There are many celebrations in
England and I am thrilled that Wauconda Library near my home has also been hosting many celebratory events. Our Wauconda Library Non-fiction Book Club enjoyed an evening with author Andrea Mays, who is the author of The Millionaire and the Bard on February 1st.

Ms. Mays' books is a fascinating and informative read. I could not put the book down! You will enjoy learning about William Shakespeare and enjoy the process more than you did in high school and college. You will also learn about A. Henry Folger, who was the president of Standard Oil and his obsession to collect Shakespearean plays, poems, and artwork that is now housed in the
 Folger Library in Washington, DC.
The most exciting event that I am looking forward to enjoying is the special First Folio display at the Lake County Discovery Museum in Wauconda! 

The Folger Library is sponsoring a National Tour of the First Folio, which is the book that gave us Shakespeare. The tour will comprise of 52 stops throughout the United States. Check out the link to see if the First Folio will be in a city near you.

Shakespearean Trivia
William Shakespeare was 
born on April 23, 1564
died on April 23, 1616.   


More Brain Color Quizzes
If you want to discover more about your Yellow Brain, Blue Brain, Green Brain, or Orange Brain Personality, you will be able to with the new quizzes that I am adding to my website next month.

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