Forward Global Women
December 2015


Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your interest in and support for our efforts to promote women in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region as Peacebuilders! We had a very successful Fourth Global Women’s Convening last August in Minneapolis. After missing the Berlin convening (2014), our Palestinian team leader, Dr. Lily Feidy, returned. We also had a very strong Moroccan team.  Additions included Fatima Outlet, director of a prominent Moroccan feminist NGO, and Dr. Fatima Sadiqi, a published academic and a Woodrow Wilson fellow in DC for this year. We are continuing our Security Project, led by Dr. Pnina Steinberg, which completed a pilot in Jordan and Israel and will now add Morocco: women telling stories of what security means to them.  Our new project advocated by Dr. Feidy from Palestine is an action of 1,000 Israeli women meeting 1,000 Palestinian women to demand a restart of the peace process.  We are excited about the year ahead. More to come in our January newsletter. 
We wish you a happy and peaceful New Year from FGW!
From Israel, Sandy 
​Sandy Pappas, President, Forward Global Women



The 2015 convening participants with Congresswoman Betty McCollum, Minnesota 4th Congressional District

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“I think peace is not only the absence of violence or conflict, peace means: respecting justice, dignity, equality, freedom and living together in harmony and accepting differences, making this difference as a source of enrichment. In this way, people can live in peaceful, stable societies.”  
​- ​2015 Convening participant


"Peace for me is the ability to reach out to people across the boundaries of religion, gender and political orientation. It is an exquisite sense of freedom that gives meaning to life and to what we do as women.” ​2015 Convening participant


We were so grateful and happy to be joined by Farah Siraj and her beautiful music at our fundraiser in October in celebration of Forward Global Women!  Farah is known as Jordan’s “Musical Ambassadress.”
Congratulations Fatima Sadiqi
2015 Forward Global Women
​Convening Participant 


Fatima was selected by UNESCO as one of 70 best worldwide public speakers on MENA Women's issues. Fatima is a Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies at the University of Fez, Morocco.

Manal Omar from the US Institute for Peace, kicked off the 2015 convening with a speech at the Humphrey Center, University of Minnesota. Manal is the Acting Vice President for the Center for Middle East and Africa.