Dealing with Change
Change can be one of the most difficult challenges adults and children experience because of their Brain Color. Life experiences and maturity offer us new opportunities to change our Brain Colors and not be AFRAID OF CHANGE.

Yellow Brainers can become more Orange. They do not have to be as responsible to their family, careers, or community as they did when they were younger. With their children grown, they feel it’s their time to have new adventures. They have the resources and the time to do “crazy” things and become risk-takers.

Blue Brainers can become more Green. They no longer have to nurture others. They can be self-caring and focus on themselves. They take good care of themselves by going back to school, focusing on a new career, or delving into a hobby that earlier required too much time or money.

Greenb Brainers can become more Blue. They do not have to be focused on solving business or family problems. They have amassed a lifetime of knowledge and experience, but no longer need to impart it to others. They have opportunities to show the sensitive Blue facet of their personality.

Orange Brainers can become more Yellow. They actually become tired of taking risks and want more security. They are comfortable not being the “crazies” in their family or circle of friends. While they still like to march to a different drummer, they change their brisk tempo to a slower pace.

Whenever I have been challenged and look back on the experience, I remember: 
"It was gruesome and I grew some.
In fact, I should be 10 feet tall by now!"



 Tween/Teens Brain Colors 
 On March 7th, I had the pleasure of presenting a What Color Is Your "Tween/Teen" Brain?® at the annual South Jersey JDRF TypeOneNation Summit. Fourteen youngsters who have Type One Diabetes (T1D) and their siblings attended the program. We had a grand time together determining their Brain Colors and practicing yoga breathing and poses to help them reduce their stress.

I loved observing the Tweens and Teens as they discovered their Brain Colors, "Praiseworthy Gifts," and collaborated during their Brain Color Group Activities. One of the activities each group had to share was Writing about words that describe "Living with Type 1 Diabetes."

The following are their wise and candid responses that we all can learn from, whether we live with the challenges of diabetes or live with other health challenges.

Yellow Brainers: Frustrating, challenging, stressful, OK sometimes.

Blue Brainers: Concerned, careful, education, precise, logs, PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager), stressful, life/health shift, change future, want to be more independent.

Green Brainers: Annoying, unpredictable, adventurous, challenging.

Orange Brainers: Stressful, hard, interesting, frustrating.

Each group also had fun creating their own relaxing and fun-filled Brain Color Resort, which also included a diabetes care center with Diabetes Health Specialists, Carb Counting Assistance, Robots, and Fitness Facilities

The Yellow Brainers'  Florida resort was laid-back with spas, swimming, shopping, exotic spicy foods, an amusement park, and concerts.
The Blue Brainers welcomed us to Blue Hawaii, where we could swim with dolphins, explore the rainforest, and enjoy exotic beaches and spas.

The Green Brainers created a "4 Season" resort with roller and ice skating, snowboarding, laser tag, go-carts, rock concerts, and a health spa.

The Orange Brainers invited us to Angel's Lagoon in Fiji with tropical waterfalls, spas, roller coasters, and aquatic sports. 

 I will be printing out the all activities and sending them back to each Tween and Teen to use as a Brain Color resource and an acknowledgement of their creativity!
Bravo to all the Terrific
Tween and Teens!


Heart-felt Thanks
A Huge Blue Heart-felt Thank You
toDr. Matthew Cocoran, MD, CDE,
ACSM Exercise Specialist and his lovely wife, Jody, for helping to promote
Purr-fect Pals on their

Website & Facebook Page

100% of the proceeds from the sale of Purr-fect Pals is donated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)!

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Quote of the Month
"I ask for not a lighter burden,
but for broader shoulders."

This Jewish Proverb was taken from my copy of Joe Fermano's book, Quotes for Life and Words to Live By.


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March 28th - 10:30am & 12:45pm 
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