Wet Paint  
When your Brain Color is "Shadowed" and intensifies, compatibility can be problematic. Yellow is the most intense color of the color spectrum and can be the most intense personality to work with. However, I think the following advice from my friend’s mother, who was a Yellow Brainer, is intensely wise—when you’re in the midst of conflict, tell yourself or others, “I’m Wet Paint. I need time to dry." It is much easier to use the “Wet Paint” phase instead of having to explain your behavior or feelings when you are upset and do not feel like talking.
A Yellow Brainer may not feel like being responsible for taking charge and organizing a family holiday celebration. No explanation needed. She just needs to say, “I’m Yellow Wet Paint! I need time to dry!”

A Blue Brainer has been up all night taking care of her sick child and comes to work not wanting to chit-chat with her colleagues. No explanation needed. She just needs to say, “I’m Blue Wet Paint! I need time to dry!”

A Green Brainer is struggling with a new computer program because it has wreaked havoc with all the other programs on his computer. No explanation needed. He just needs to say, “I’m Green Wet Paint! I need time to dry!”

An Orange Brainer is finding it difficult and feeling overwhelmed with all of the new procedures and policies in at his new job. No explanation needed. He just needs to say, “I’m Orange Wet Paint! I need time to dry!”


 "AAAA" Romantic
Relationship Road Map  
In a romantic relationship, a variety of personal characteristics and talents attracts us to our partner. Think of your “AAAA” Romantic Relationship Journey as a solution to dilemmas that can dampen your Romantic Relationship.

The following is your "AAAA" Romantic Relationship Road Map: 
Recognize what Attracted you to each other.
Understand why different idiosyncrasies have become an Annoyance.
Accept your loved one for who he or she is and what he or she values, even if his or her ideas differ from yours.
Then you can Appreciate why you were attracted to each other and keep the spark that ignited your Positive Attraction another Brain Color from fizzling into a Negative Reaction!

Yellow Brainer are attracted to Orange Brainers who contribute spontaneity and adventure to their organized and planned routines.

Blue Brainers are attracted to Green Brainers who give them a logical perspective
about their emotional reactions.

Green Brainers are attracted to Blue Brainers who encourage their innovative ideas and count on them to be objective in emotional situations.

Orange Brainers are attracted to Yellow Brainers who are responsible and dependable to help them organize the details of their life.




Quote of the Month
An Optimist: "Someone who figures that taking a step backward after
taking a step forward is not a disaster,
it's more like a Cha-Cha."

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Dealing with Change
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