April 2017 NEWS

  • Celebrate EARTH DAY 2017
  • Abandoned Buildings Program Success Stories 
  • More Trees in McIntosh County now...
  • Join the Great American Cleanup 2017
  • Coastal WIldscapes Native Plants and Shellman Bluff St Patricks Day Parade
  • Adopt-A Program and Summer Quarterly Pickup
  • COMING Events and Activities

Celebrate EARTH DAY 2017
April 22 at Ashantilly Center

On Saturday, April 22, 1:30 p.m., Keep McIntosh Beautiful is co-sponsoring an Earth Day program about Solar Energy with Ashantilly Center, in Darien. The Earth Day 2017 theme is Climate Change Literacy.  Join us Saturday to learn more about this important renewable energy source, its potential in Georgia and what's happening now, along with how you can make use of it to power your home or business.  With Coastal Electric Cooperative.


Have some items to recycle?  Also on April 22, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful is having its annual ELECTRONICS AND MORE Recycling Event in the JC Penney parking lot at Glynn Place Mall in Brunswick, from 9 am - 1 pm.  Drop off, get some lunch, and head on over to Ashantilly Center!  KMB will hold its Community Recycling Event in November.


Abandoned Building Program – two more success stories  
In February, the remains of a burned mobile home on Hwy 99 (below top) were removed and in March, a mobile home in downtown Darien(bottom) was demolished and removed through KMB’s Abandoned Buildings Program. The metal frames were salvaged for recycling. Not only are these eyesores gone, but owners can now put this land to good use.  BEFORE and AFTER photos are below.  Our new site banner (photo right) lets people know KMB is at work on behalf of our county.  






Tree Planting and Seedling Giveaway Event
KMB teamed up with the Georgia Forestry Commission on Feb. 28 for a tree seedling giveaway and tree planting event to celebrate Georgia Arbor Day and honor Darien’s designation as a Tree City USA.  Two live oak trees were planted at Columbus Square in Darien to replace trees lost in recent years to storms.  The trees were donated by Bob Monroe with the Ga. Soil and Water Commission and KMB donated the other.  Forester Mark McClellan presented a short talk on coastal tree care and supervised the planting by KMB Board members and volunteers who included Darien’s new City Manager Tim Sweezey and Public Works director Wayne Johnson.  Tree seedlings donated by the Georgia Forestry Commission were given away at the event and afterward at City Hall and other locations by KMB.  In all, more than 350 seedlings were taken by individuals and groups and planted in our county.  Thanks to all who participated!




​The KMB GREEN THUMB AWARD is presented to a different business, residence or institution each month, “for going above and beyond in keeping their outside premises clean and attractive” and their contribution to a clean, green and beautiful McIntosh County. Nominations from the community are welcomed.  For more info and photos visit www.keepmcintoshbeautiful.com  



McIntosh Manor Bed and Breakfast
hasn’t changed all that much in the 100 years plus that it’s been a guest house – and that accounts for much of its charm.  Live oaks, a white rail fence, and green hedge create a pleasing buffer from traffic on Hwy 17.  Elsewhere on the grounds, a magnolia and camellias have grown large and full, as they do after many decades.  For its well-tended (but not over manicured) old-fashioned exterior McIntosh Manor earned the January 2017 Green Thumb Award.  Congratulations to owner Sharon Townsend, who grew up in the house, for maintaining much of the property’s look and feel from an earlier time.
Maggie and Leotis Palmer yard
No matter what time of year, the Palmers' yard is always meticulously maintained, clean, neat, the shrubs pruned and mulched just so, and the grass never too long or too short. It's Leotis Palmer's pride and joy.  For its consistent attractiveness and the dedicated care and pride it reflects, the Palmers’ yard earns the March 2017 Keep McIntosh Beautiful Green Thumb Award.  Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, and thank you for your contribution to a clean, green and beautiful McIntosh County.


KMB at Coastal Wildscapes Native Plant Sale
KMB took part in Coastal Wildscapes’ Spring Native Plant Sale April 1 at Ashantilly Center, recruiting members, giving out literature on composting and stream management, along with free flower and vegetable seeds donated by Home Depot.  Thanks to KMB board members Mary Stimmel and Sallie Ann Marsh for helping out.   Learn about the many benefits of planting natives in your yard at www.coastalwildscapes.org

Clean up your neighborhood during Keep America Beautiful's
Great American Cleanup
Organize a project in your neighborhood or place of work to make it cleaner, greener and more beautiful.  Learn more at www.keepmcintoshbeautiful.com 


​SPRING Quarterly Cleanup date for Adopt-A-Highway is JUNE 3 

AAH groups need to be scheduling a spring cleanup date for your area in June.
Please submit March pickup reports at


More AAH volunteers are needed to keep our roadsides looking clean, green and beautiful!
Volunteers can now adopt parks and other recreational and beauty spots in Darien and McIntosh County in addition to sections of roads.   A green, clean McIntosh County begins with YOU and this is a great way to have an impact. A big thanks to all current AAH volunteers!  You are appreciated!  

To request cleanup supplies or to learn more about volunteering, contact Julie at director@keepmcintoshbeautiful.com

  • ​Member and volunteer appreciation Event in early June
  • Volunteer Cleanup Projects 
  • Litter Enforcement Workshop for public officials
Details soon!