Help Spread the Word!
Our organization would not exist without all of our volunteers. The many things we do for the students in our community are done with pride, dedication, and a love for art!

We are looking for new members to join us in the fall. Help spread the word and let other members of our community know about the wonderful things the Art Docents do. Invite a friend to save the date and join us at our Open House in September. You can give them a sneak peak of what we do by sharing the link to our Volunteer Video. 

Art Docents of Los Gatos - Volunteer with Us

Save the date 
Volunteer Open House Thursday, September 13th 

Classroom Sign Ups
What Can Art Docents Sign Up for Right Now?
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Kindergarten Foil Sculpture 

Guest Artist: Paula Lucia at VM

End of Year Party Potluck



​Important Reminders

  • May 15 - End of Year Party 
  • May 28 - AD Office Closed: Memorial Day
  • June 8- Aug 9 - Ad Office closed: Summer Break 
President's Letter


Volunteers are the
key to our Success!

At this time of the year, when we are
winding things up here at Art Docents,

it's time to say thank you to our most
important and vital assets....our Volunteers!

With our Volunteers
~ we can personally reach out to over 3000 students ~
~inspire those who want to be creative or who
just need to find a passion that suits them ~

~help students to be critical thinkers~
~provide involvement in the arts which is
associated with gains in
math, reading, cognitive ability,
critical thinking, and
verbal skills. ~
~improve motivation, concentration, confidence,
and teamwork.~

connect people more deeply to the world
and open them to new ways of seeing,
creating the foundation to forge social bonds
and community cohesion." (

We have enjoyed so many new things this year
along with some dealing with changes as well. 

Our docents have experienced loss of loved ones,
health concerns, new grandchildren,

new family members, remodels,
​caring for parents, changing jobs,

children involved sports, plays and school work. 


This is life...
both good and difficult 

things happen in our everyday lives and yet 

we still make time to give back and share our time and

appreciate all the dedication of time and energy 


put into our community and our program.




New Logo for Fall 2018!
Just wanted to let you all know that at our last meeting we voted in to move forward with our new logo for Fall of 2018.  

Thanks to all those that helped make this happen.  Over the summer we will be updating our website and any other items with our new logo. More details to come in the Fall when we celebrate our
​45th Anniversary.


Have a Great Summer...and see you in the Fall!

​Julie Ferrario
President of Art Docents of Los Gatos

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Committee Updates
Art Show  
Another Successful Art Show
in the books! 

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with set-up, tear down and everything in-between!

​Teachers, students and all who visit are always impressed with the artwork and love coming to the Art Show. 


There are several ways your child can become involved in
the Art Docents of Los Gatos!

Click Here for More Information
Email Art Docents

  • May 2018 – Annual Student Art Show
  • Opportunities for High School Students - Form a club:  The Art Docents of Los Gatos will assist you with material for Club Day at LGHS, including table set up materials, sign up sheets, marketing material, balloons, etc.