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3rd Grade Abstract Drawing Workshop
4th Grade Face and Figure Drawing Workshop

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​Important Reminders

  • Jan. 15th - AD Office closed in observance of MLK Day    
  • Jan. 16th - General Meeting: Guest Speaker Kelly Martin, "Tips for better classroom management"
  • Jan. 16th - Town Council Meeting 7pm: Small Business Big Applause goes to Art Docents 
  • February 8th - The Love of Art & Friendship Luncheon at Nick's (see details here)
President's Letter


Happy New Year - 2018!
Mayor Rob Rennie has selected the Art Docents as a  
Small Business Big Applause recipient.
Please Join the Art Docents
Tuesday, January 16 at 7 p.m.
during the Town Council meeting

The Mayor and Town Council  would like to honor our organization on
Tuesday, January 16 at 7 p.m. during the Town Council meeting.
Each month they recognize one small business/organization that is selected
by the Mayor.  This takes place right after the Pledge and are typically
done by 7:15 p.m., with no expectation to stay for the entire meeting.
Every volunteer is what makes this organization great,
therefore we want to extend an invitation to all of our
Docents, Board Members and Supporters of the Docents.
We hope you will be able to attend the meeting on
January 16 at 7 p.m. as we accept the commendation.  
We look forward to seeing there!

The Art Docents are 45 years strong and still going!
45 years ago, in 1973….due to funding cuts in the Los Gatos School District, two volunteers, Ema Rau and Emma Hopp, founded the Art Docent Program.  They felt that Art Education was just too important to simply not teach to our students.

The mission of the Art Docents of Los Gatos is to provide high quality visual arts curriculum to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade in the Los Gatos Union School District, with the goal of fostering the development of flexible, innovative and creative individuals.
  1. The Art Docents serve students in the Los Gatos elementary schools (Blossom Hill, Daves Avenue, Lexington, Louise Van Meter) and R.J. Fisher Middle School.
  2. The curriculum is led by staff and trained volunteers who teach students the elements of art through sequential lessons and hands-on STEAM workshops, including foil sculpture, collage, printmaking, digital photography and scientific illustration.
  3. Our program consists of four major components, Print presentations, Hands-on Workshops, Guest Artist Program and finally our Annual Student Art Show where we showcase artwork from each student in the district grades K-5 and some Fisher students.  
  4. As we move forward, we have continued to update our curriculum to stay current.  We are the "A" in S.T.E.A.M.….putting Art into the mix of important subjects all students need for a more complete education.  We emphasize the basic principles of art with Color, Line, Composition, Design Elements, and Art History.  Our lessons focus on Critical thinking skills and vocabulary to discuss and contemplate what makes something art.  The A in S.T.E.A.M. is represented in some of the workshops we teach where we cover:
    1. Proportions and Leonardo Da Vinci’s "Vitruvian Man" drawing - we have 4th graders measure their own proportions with string and then practice drawing the human figure more accurately.
    2. Science: in the 7th grade we use preserved real spiders & bugs to teach students how to draw more accurately what they see when they study science.
    3. Online Digital Photography manipulation: is taught in the 5th grade based upon a lesson where we describe abstract photographic compositions
    4. Math: we are currently developing a 6th grade lesson that will introduce math students to the concept of BIG DATA ART and what it is to be a data scientist and using big data as an interesting art medium.
Who are we….we are the community who cares about
​Art Education
  1. We currently have 63 Active Volunteers and 22 Sustaining Members
  2. Executive Board (Volunteers)
    1. Julie Ferrario - President
    2. Stacey Closser - VP Programs A
    3. Theresa Bricker - VP Programs B
    4. Stephanie Draca - VP of PR
    5. Sue Nystrom Walsh - VP of Membership
    6. Sue Ward - VP of Fundraising
    7. Jenny Gifford - Treasurer
    8. Michelle Abene - Parliamentarian (past president)
    9. Judith Fishwick - Secretary (past president)
    10. Stefanie Johnston - Program Coordinator (paid position)
  3. Board of Directors (Local Business people and artists)
    1. Bonnie Westman
    2. Julie Jenkins
    3. Darrell Monda
    4. Elizabeth Reigal
    5. Marie Cameron
  4. Supporters of Art Docents
    1. Los Gatos Union School District Superintendent - Diana Abbati
    2. LGEF President - Ryan Rosenberg,  & Executive Director - Deborah Weinstein
    3. Home and School Clubs - Blossom Hill, Daves Ave, Fisher, Lexington, & Van Meter
    4. Town of Los Gatos
    5. City of Monte Sereno
    6. Los Gatos Community Foundation
    7. AM Rotary of Los Gatos
    8. PM Rotary of Los Gatos
    9. Silicon Valley Creates
    10. Los Gatos Community Foundation
  5.  Thank you to our Friends of Art Docents.
History Club of Los Gatos
Los Gatos Morning Rotary
The Rotary Club of Los Gatos
Michael Rosenthal Gallery
JCO’s Place
Agilent Technologies
Los Gatos Music in the Park
Alain Pinel c/o Jeff Barnett
Diana & Edward Abbati
Abene Family
Maureen Cappon-Javey
Elaine Cardinale (in memory of Marge Brown and Patty Baker)
Dr. James and Maxine Carroll
Ros Edmonds
Fishwick Family
Friends of Patty Baker 
Candace and Douglas Grady
Hakkarainen-Marselli Family
Patti Hansen
Julie Jenkins
Donna Jensen-Madier
Mary Leonardis
Mary Martin
Louise Millman
Natalie Jo Nelson ( in memory of Jean and Larry Nelson)
Maureen Oates
Sue Nystrom Walsh
Dora Piccoli
Allison Redington (in memory of Marge Brown)
Elizabeth Riegel
Carol Tinsley
Mark Vantress
Carol Webb and Philip Chen
Bonnie and Dean Westman
It does take a village to make it all come together for the students - Thank you all for supporting the Art Docents Program!  

Happy New Year 2018!
Julie Ferrario
President of Art Docents of Los Gatos


Committee Updates


Please join us at
Nick's Next Door on
February 8th, 11:30am

Seating is limited so reserve your seat today - $55.00
All proceeds benefit the Art Docents of Los Gatos.

More details and RSVP Here: The Art of Love and Friendship

Guest Artist  
Guest Artist for Elementary Schools:  Paula Lucia

We are happy to announce our Elementary School Guest Artist this year will be Paula Lucia.  Paula is a native of Los Gatos, attended Daves Avenue, Fisher, and Los Gatos High (2009). Graduated with a BFA in Art and Design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (2013).  After college she began teaching at Marvegos Fine Art School, the Los Gatos studio.  Over the past two years she has been teaching and managing their San Mateo location. Paula lives in San Francisco and is a studio artist at Root Division, a non-profit organization that she is very involved in helping their cause.  Currently she has two art practices - creating geometric abstract paintings and unique handmade snapback caps.

Learn more about the artist at

Artist interview at

Elementary Guest Artist Presentation Dates:
Blossom Hill       Monday, January 22, 2018
Lexington            Monday, February 5, 2018
Daves Avenue    Monday, February 12, 2018
Van Meter           Monday, May 14, 2018

Stay tuned to hear more about our Fisher Middle School Artist presenting in March!



Continuing Education/Events  
Continuing Education: Art Circle 
Please join us for another session of The Art Circle.  Its a time for Docents to create and discuss art together; focused on our own ongoing personal projects.  The next meeting will be on Wednesday Jan. 24th at the home of Jenny G.  Drop in any time between 9:00 am and noon.  For more details and to sign up, click here:  The Art Circle Sign Up


Daves Ave Request for Artists Help
Daves Avenue school installed a
​Native & Sensory Garden on Earth Day 2017.
As part of that, the school’s Green Team would like to create art that would enhance the garden. We would like to build something that is from recycled products and can be permanent outdoors in all weather. The thought is to do something with metal or rocks or recycled plastic. Lisa Hanson leads the Daves Green Team and hopes for artistic input for possible projects. One project could involve many students creating one small part each, or another may be just something that the Green Team (22 student members) builds during one of their after school meetings. 

If you are interested in helping Lisa Hanson
dream up a project and how to create it,
​and how to source materials and install it,
please contact her at


Here was the space before and after on Earth Day 2017. Note that the stumps on their sides in this photo have since been fixed into the grown on their ends, creating an outdoor classroom of 24 stump stools. Note also that we are getting a donation of 6x 5-gallon native plants to go into the ground, and assorted succulents that we are planting into the 6x colorfully painted barrels. 

The art project would be to increase the color, texture, and height of the “sensory garden”.

There are several ways your child can become involved in
the Art Docents of Los Gatos!

Click Here for More Information
Email Art Docents

  • May 2018 – Annual Student Art Show
  • Opportunities for High School Students - Form a club:  The Art Docents of Los Gatos will assist you with material for Club Day at LGHS, including table set up materials, sign up sheets, marketing material, balloons, etc.