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1st Grade Printmaking Workshop 
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7th Grade Scientific Illustration Workshop 

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​Important Reminders

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President's Letter
October Art Fun!

For the Art Docents....October brings new trainees, 1st grade printmaking workshops, and 7th grade Scientific Illustration Workshops. It is the beginning of teaching in all the LGUSD classrooms. Starting the year off right with terrific lessons about critical thinking skills, elements of art and principles of design, while using famous art as our subject matter.

For most of us....costumes, candy, chilly nights are all things that come to mind in October.  Try something different this year by celebrating with your kids and incorporate art.

Here are 7 ideas that might be fun and inspiring for you and your family!  
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Committee Updates
Dues & Directory

We have 46 members who have paid their annual dues as of Thursday. 
As a gentle reminder please pay your dues via our website. Once you have renewed your membership your name will be added to our directory. A hard copy of the directory
​will be passed around at the next General Meeting for everyone to proof. 

We are excited for another successful year with the Art Docents.

Sue Nystrom Walsh
​VP of Membership 
Meet our 2017-18 Trainees!


Cheryl S.
Cheryl, originally from Bristol, in Southeastern Wisconsin, is now a resident of Los Gatos. She attended Columbia College in Chicago and earned her degree in Graphic Arts.  She currently works as a volunteer restoring carousel horses at Oak Meadow Carousel. Today she is a stay-at-home mom busy with four children. The oldest child attends Foothill, the second attends RJ Fisher Middle School, and the third and fourth attend Daves Elementary. Her interests and hobbies are stained glass, gardening, and volunteering.  Cheryl joined the Art Docents because of her life-long passion for art and her love for working with children.


Lori D.
Lori is a resident of Los Gatos. She has a BS Degree in Animal Science, pre-vet concentration from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. She left biotech to pursue fashion, and is a jewelry designer and personal stylist. She has three boys. Two are in high school and one is in 7th grade at RJ Fisher Middle School. She homeschooled her boys for many years and taught public speaking in a Charter School as a volunteer.  Her interests and hobbies include traveling, codling her chickens, interior decorating, and volunteering at her church. 


Patrice P.
Patrice and her family live in Los Gatos. She attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA and Cal State Long Beach and has a Masters Degree in Corporate Fitness, with a Minor in Art.  She has worked in the tech business and as a Physical Therapist.  She currently works at a creative camp for children and is a Mom to four children.  She has a freshman and junior at Los Gatos High School, a 21 year old Marine, and a 23 year old graduate from Berkeley. Her hobbies are art, yoga, running and travel. She joined the Art Docents because of her exposure to art, interaction with kids, and meeting parents in the community.


Ilse F.
Ilse grew up in South Africa and moved to London after college.  She lived there until February 2014 when she moved to Los Gatos with her family.  Her two boys are in first and fourth grades at Blossom Hill.  Her hobbies and interests are painting furniture with chalk paint, gardening, learning to play the piano, and she recently joined a pottery class..


Sue E.
Sue and her family moved to Los Gatos from Toronto, Canada in August 2017. She is a Physician and minored in Art History in college. She has three children, ages 20, 18, and 15. Her hobbies and interests are Hockey, gardening, tennis and just being in nature. She was recommended by a friend to join the Art Docents.


Jingmin Z. (Jimmy) 
Jimmy recently moved from Cupertino to Los Gatos. He works as a Software Engineer for VMware. He has two children, Franklin in second grade at Daves Elementary, and Charlie in sixth grade at RJ Fisher Middle School. His wife is a part time teacher for Chemistry at UC Berkeley Extension.  His interests and hobbies are landscape, family photography, classic music, and travel. Jimmy joined the Art Docents to get more exposure to the art world, and to meet the kids and parents in the community.


Nicole M.
Nicole lives with her family in Los Gatos. She has a BA in English and International Relations from Whittier College in CA and a law degree from Santa Clara University. She is a stay-at-home Mom with three boys, one at Van Meter Elementary, one at RJ Fisher Middle school, and one at Los Gatos High School.  Her hobbies and interests are volunteering, gardening, hiking, and going to museums. Nicole studied Art History in college and joined the Art Docents to spend time with children and her interest in art.

We are excited to announce that Tanya K. has offered
her home once again for the end of the year Christmas Party. 
Thank you Tanya!

Art Docent Holiday Luncheon!!

As your Hospitality Committee, we are sending you
A "save the date" notice!
December 12, 2017

Where: Tanya Kurland's Home, Los Gatos
More details to follow,
including an online sign up for
Lunch side dishes.

Yours Truly,
Harla, Rafaella and Rene
Hospitality Committee
Continuing Education  
October is a fun filled month for Docent Events!
Fri., October 13th, ART CIRCLE:   Join us for the first gathering of "The Art Circle", a place for Docents to create and discuss art together; focused on our own ongoing personal projects.  
The Art Circle: Docent Sign up 


Tues., October 17, SJ ICA :   Enjoy a free tour of the San Jose ICA's current exhibition "Connect & Collect" lead by the curator.  Feel free to invite non-art docent friends!   
SJICA: Docent Sign up 


Tues., October 24th, BEACH DAY:   Enjoy a day of yoga, exercise, dance , art and a walk on the beach in Santa Cruz!   Come to the General Meeting for more info and sign up!


Thurs., October 26th, SJMOA:   Join us for a docent-led tour of the San Jose Museum of Art special exhibit “This Is Not a Selfie: Photographic Self-Portraits from the Audrey and Sydney Irmas Collection.”  There will be a $10 fee. 
  This Is Not a Selfie: Docent Sign up


Guest Artist


Do you know a talented, engaging, interesting and fun artist?

The Art Docents of Los Gatos are pleased to announce that the 2017-2018 Visiting Guest Artist Program is coming soon!  The Guest Artist Committee is seeking nominations for this year’s Spring visiting artists!  We are looking for 2-3 artists to present to the different grade levels (K-8) and welcome your input---the artists must be talented (obviously), engaging to the children, present an artistic form that fits into the grade level curriculum, and who are excited to present to our kids!  

Please contact:  Mary Lucia  or Marisa D’Amico 
A Student's Space to be Creative!

The bookmarks are back by popular demand! They will be in the porfolios with the October print presentations and can be given to the teacher after your lesson. So keep an eye out for them!

On the front side - is a place for the students to draw on to make them more personalized.

On the back side - are the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.


The Holiday Art And Home Extravaganza 
Save the date: November 30th 4-7 pm

Mark your calendars for The Holiday Art And Home Extravaganza hosted by SummerHill Homes and The Art Docents of Los Gatos. Tour the design home at Sorellas in Los Gatos featuring selected artworks by JCO’s Art Haus and the Whitney Modern. Details to follow.


There are several ways your child can become involved in
the Art Docents of Los Gatos!

Click Here for More Information
Email Art Docents

  • May 2018 – Annual Student Art Show
  • Opportunities for High School Students - Form a club:  The Art Docents of Los Gatos will assist you with material for Club Day at LGHS, including table set up materials, sign up sheets, marketing material, balloons, etc.