If you...

Kept the Books
Placed a Call
Mowed a Field
Mucked a Stall

Sent a Check
Gave a Ride 
Planted Flowers
Walked Beside

Taught a Lesson
Served a Meal
Swung a Hammer
Helped to Heal

Stopped a Leak
Drilled a Hole
Fixed a Fence
Reached a Soul

Mopped a Floor
Pulled a Weed
Gave the Truth
To One in Need

Made a Friend
Said a Prayer
Loved a Child
Chose to Care

YOU touched a life at Strong Tower Ranch.


(Summer Camps, GATES, Remnants, and SPURS) is behind us. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, God sent us some precious kids who have incredible challenges. We don’t share their stories publicly, but God knows, and our program volunteers know, that this is a greatly needed place of healing and restoration. All glory to our dear Shepherd who guides what happens here. There are so many moments we couldn’t plan but He obviously does. 

End of year gifts would be greatly appreciated. This is our season to do extra maintenance, replenish the rock on the roads, and many admin tasks such as training to address the increasingly complex world we are living in. Please pray that we will continue to desperately seek the Lord’s face as everything truly depends on it, and that our faith will remain strong, because without faith, it’s impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Join us Saturday, January 13th and help us celebrate all of our four-legged friends’ birthdays at one big party! We will be serving hot dogs, chips, birthday cupcakes, and hot cocoa, and we will have a few fire pits outside (weather permitting) with some s’mores fixin’s. What party would be complete without face painting, door prizes and games? We’ll have those, too! 11am - 1pm, cake cutting at noon.

Save the date for March 3, 2018!  Join us for an evening of fun and inspiration! Learn about the work and vision of Strong Tower Ranch through stories of hope and healing. There will be delicious BBQ dinner, live entertainment, and lots of laughs with Comedy Central’s David Graham! Click below for more information. ​Doors open at 4:00 pm for boutique shopping and silent auction. Dinner is served at 5:00.