Total Access Urgent Care Grant Award at Strong Tower Ranch. In attendance were: Rhonda Coker, Lori Brooks, Dr. Matt Bruckel of TAUC, Krystal Forster, Kristie Breisch, and Lydia Kaiser

For Immediate Release:
December 11, 2017
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Patty Mund
​Public Relations Specialist
Strong Tower Ranch
(314) 504-2360

Wright City, MO (December 2017). Strong Tower Ranch (STR), a nonprofit organization that offers hope and mentoring to at-risk youth through horsemanship and day camp programs was presented with a $2,500 grant from Total Access Urgent Care by Dr. Matt Bruckel on December 8.
Strong Tower Ranch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality Horsemanship and Day Camp programs that are Christ-centered, entertaining, character building, and rehabilitating. Strong Tower Ranch programs reach more than 600+ children and teens annually reaching across several counties and are continually growing. Their priority is helping those who are at risk or less fortunate.   
STR’s passion is to reach those children and teens in our communities that are hurting and offer them hope, healing, and refuge from a harsh world and the circumstances in their lives. They offer both full and partial sponsorship to their Horsemanship and Day Camp programs so children without means can attend. Abuse, neglect, learning disorders, divorce, incarcerated parent, addiction, bullying…the list goes on and the needs are not always visible from the outside. STR realizes that all are at risk and anyone could be suffering - that is why they never want to turn anyone away.
The heart of our ranch is really to make people feel safe when they come here. They are not going to have any pressures on themselves to perform, to compete, or to be something that they are not. A lot of times when they first arrive they have kind of a wall put up and it is really cool to see that after a few weeks that wall just totally disappears.” Lori Brooks, Strong Tower Ranch Director and Horsemanship Program Manager
“We love the idea of kids running into this place and horses running into this place to find safety. It goes with the verse Proverbs 18:10: The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.”
Programs such as their Remnants horsemanship program are making strides in offering hope in a harsh world to young people who might not seem to find it on their own. Youth ages 6 to 17 are paired with one leader and a horse. They do work projects, take care of “their” horse, and learn basic equine skills and care. Success is built on the beginning foundation of God’s grace through the example of loving adults who set appropriate, safe boundaries in a goal-centered environment. Time spent with the horse will also reinforce acceptance and forgiveness, peace, and understanding. Horses do not put limits on their love, they are extremely forgiving, and can be wonderful teachers for these concepts.
“Everywhere the children go on the property there are people here planting seeds in their lives. We are here to either plants seeds, water those seeds or harvest those seeds.” Michele Emge, Day Camp Team Leader
Strong Tower Ranch equips children, teens and adults with valuable life lessons that can be carried over into everyday experiences. They empower individuals by providing teachable moments of trust, relationship building, and leadership skills. Many of the children that attend STR programs return year after year and often come back to be a camp counselor as well. STR is building into the youth and into our communities. For more information, contact 636-333-0212 or visit their website at www.strongtowerranch.org
About Strong Tower Ranch
Strong Tower Ranch features horsemanship and day camps with the goal of providing quality, Christ-centered programs that are entertaining, character building, and rehabilitating. “Strong Tower” reminds us that we have a mighty fortress in Christ. We want children, teens and adults who come here to find love and refuge from a harsh world. Our priority is to help those who are at risk or less fortunate. Strong Tower Ranch is a Christian, 501(c)3 (not-for-profit) organization. We are not affiliated with any church or denomination. True to our Mission Statement we strive to incorporate Christian principles and encourage Christian character through all of our program activities. Some of our programs run year-round;
each one is geared toward a specific age group and circumstance. We serve more than 600 underserved and at-risk children and teens each year and our programs are growing.  We meet them where they are and offer them hope, healing, understanding and redemption.
HORSEMANSHIP Programs - We want all who visit to be encouraged with the hope and love found in Jesus. Teachable moments of trust, relationship building, and leadership skills are built upon during the time spent with the horses.  Our goal in the STR Horsemanship Program is to equip children, teens, and adults with valuable life lessons that can be carried over into every day experiences. We aspire to empower individuals with the confidence of who they are in Christ through our mentoring and discipleship programs.
DAY CAMP Programs - Our mission is to provide a high quality, Christ-centered day camp experience for children and youth ages 8-14. During their week of day camp, we surround your kids with the love of Christ in an atmosphere of safety, fun and learning. Your children will experience the great outdoors, make friends, and come home with a new appreciation of their loving Heavenly Father. Activities include but are not limited to swimming, boating, horseback riding, games, singing, Bible lessons, crafts, archery, boating, outdoor cooking, obstacle course, hay rides, hiking, fishing, and more.

STR does provide full and/or partial sponsorship, based on need, for those children that could not otherwise afford to attend. Learn more about Strong Tower Ranch at www.strongtowerranch.org  follow them on  Facebook and view A Special Place video.
About Total Access Urgent Care
In early 2008, Dr. Matt Bruckel founded Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC®) with the goal of fundamentally improving the broken emergency medicine system. Dr. Bruckel rejected the status quo of the ER—long wait times, needlessly expensive bills and impersonal care—by creating a 365-day-per-year practice that fills the service gap between a typical urgent care and the ER while providing fast, compassionate, and affordable care. The people of St. Louis are increasingly turning to TAUC for the excellent, affordable, and immediately available health care they have historically lacked and rightfully deserve. As we grow TAUC’s ability to serve our communities increases through TAUC’s Charitable Donations and Community Involvement (CDCI) programs.