Winter 2017 Newsletter


Productive 2017 Underway at The Bernie Scholarship Awards Program (BSAP)

BSAP has adopted a revised Mission Statement
BSAP has created an Online Application
BSAP has established a Mentoring Program

Mission Statement

Revised Mission Statement

The Mission of The Bernie Scholarship Awards Program is to provide financial assistance for college or training programs to graduating high school seniors and other adults who are low-income and live in subsidized housing in
Montgomery County, Maryland.

While quite similar to the previous statement, the revised one makes it clearer that the BSAP  serves both young students entering college and other adults—this informs potential donors/applicants that we serve both populations and clarifies that adults may be entering or continuing studies, indicating  that we serve adults in various levels of studies

Our Application Form’s income caps are based on low-income figures from  HUD’s Section 8 low-income housing eligibility—i.e., we do not serve moderate-income students 

The New Mission statement indicates that we serve only those who live specifically in subsidized housing in Montgomery County, not those living in various “affordable” housing.


New for 2017, The Bernie Scholarship Awards Program
​Online Application

Having an online application will help eliminate the issue of incomplete applications and will allow us to have data readily available for analysis. The online application will also allow the application review process to run more efficiently.  After an application is submitted an online record is immediately generated.
BSAP wants to be sure that applicants who lack computer/internet skills or access not be discouraged by the online application.  Referring agencies and rental companies will assist applicants with the online application (once they have all information & materials ready) or they may refer their applicants to Montgomery College's Educational Opportunity Center.
​(240) 567-5644
We have worked hard to make sure the application is clear and user friendly.

Click on CANDIDATES to complete the Application Form

IMPORTANT DATES in 2017 – Mark your calendars:
  • Deadline for applications to be submitted online: Monday, March 20
  • Applicant interviews: Saturday, May 6 in the morning
  • Scholarship awards event: Thursday, May 18 in the evening

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

BSAP has established a two-part Mentoring Program that will provide ongoing supportive relationships, encouragement and referral to resources to current and past awardees as they make their way through their education and training. 

The Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) at Montgomery College will serve as a key player in providing application assistance to both new applicants and prior awardees who wish to apply for additional scholarship(s).  The EOC provides workshops and one-on-one appointments about college admissions,    career services, and academic services such as assistance with registration and completing the FAFSA (The Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  EOC serves all Montgomery County residents regardless of enrollment at Montgomery College.
In addition, Bernie Board and Advisory Board members will  check with individual awardees and inquire as to what their needs are moving forward.  If there are needs mentors will refer the student to EOC for resources for counseling, financial aid, internships, employment, career development, to WorkSource Montgomery or other resources available to Montgomery County residents  The Board members will continue to reach out on a regular basis to awardees.


Why be a BSAP Donor

One Bernie Scholarship Awards Program donor donated  investments and provided the following rationale:
“I am interested in investments that expand human capital, i.e., make investments promoting or facilitating the ability of recipients or beneficiaries to expand or develop skills and/or knowledge so that they can help others and so that some day they might be able to make similar investments on behalf of their families and communities.  The Bernie (Scholarships Awards Program) fits that goal to a tee."


 Save the Date
Spring 2017 Awards Event

May 18, 2017

County Office Building Cafeteria
100 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, Maryland


New Board Member

Rhonda Friedman is retired from a 40-year career in medical research and has served on a number of corporate boards related to her work.  Her community work includes 10 years (four as Chair) on the Board of Girls Inc. of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, which provides after-school mentoring for girls at risk, the County Commission for Children and Youth, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Dean’s Advisory Committee, and the Suburban Hospital Foundation.  Dr. Friedman currently serves on the Research Review Committee at Suburban Hospital-Johns Hopkins and on the
Boards of the Olney Theater Corporation and the Montana Academy Foundation.


Chevonne Mansfield: Three Time Awardee Now Director of Communication at the American Athletic Conference

It Takes Dedication and Hard Work. Moving is always a disruptive event even for adults. But for a young girl in school it can be especially traumatic. One day you’re in a comfortable place, in a familiar school with friends who know and like you; the next, everything’s different and you have to start over again. Definitely not something you want to do often. In Chevonne Mansfield’s young life, though, moves were all too common.



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