RedBuilt - November 2016


Photo Credit: Andie Petkus Photography
X-Shaped School Creates Unique Framing Challenges

School is in session for the Oregon Episcopal Church's new Lower School in Portland, Oregon. The school – home to 350 students – has a unique design that created a variety of framing challenges.

Read more of how RedBuilt was able to save Oregon-based Carpentry Plus time and money: X-Shaped School Creates Unique Framing Challenges



Project Name:
Oregon Episcopal School's Lower School, Portland, Oregon

Hacker Architects
Portland, OR

Structural Engineer
ABHT Structural Engineers
Portland, OR
General Contractor
Portland, OR
Framing Contractor
Carpentry Plus
Boring, OR

Science + Kids = Fun
RedBuilt is fostering the love of science through a recent grant to Desert Sage Elementary School. Read here to learn the details of the grant.
Beyond the grant, RedBuilt associates are volunteering in the classroom. Last month, RedBuilt associates participated in a second grade science experiment where kids examined the properties of materials, ranking items made from plastic, wood, and metal, in relative hardness and flexibility. Because the items they examined were kitchen tools like spoons, strainers and spatulas, students also discussed the relationship of form and function—a classical design concept.




Green Building with RedBuilt

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are now available for our Red-I™ I-Joists and RedLam™ LVL. EPDs are Type III eco-labels derived from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). They disclose environmental impacts, energy use and efficiency, material ingredients, carbon footprint, and other information about a building product, similar to a nutrition label for food. RedBuilt’s EPDs are Product-specific Type III with third-party certification and external verification. EPDs are recognized by LEED v4, 2015 International Green Construction Code® (IgCC) and Green Globes® for New Construction.
View or download our EPDs here.
Floor System Savings for Petra Construction

Petra Construction of Nampa, Idaho saved nearly $25,000 in the floor system of a Holiday Inn Express by changing residential series I-joists to RedBuilt’s Red-I90/90H in 22-foot lengths. The change was seamless and the order was delivered on time and in full thanks to their RedBuilt technical representative.

Check out the drone video footage here to see the construction of Nampa’s newest Holiday Inn Express.

Wood Construction Reaches New Heights

Wood construction is pushing to new structural heights. According to Michael Green, a Vancouver-based architect, the tallest wood structure is in Vancouver, BC and reaches 18 stories high. Minneapolis and Portland also have new tall wood structures under construction. Hear more from Mr. Green as he explains the structural and environmental benefits of building with wood in this NPR interview.

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