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Photo Credit: Andersen Construction
Innovative use of wood products at Western Oregon University

The 6,000 students at Western Oregon University now have a new College of Education Building called the Richard Woodcock Education Center. The building is unique for several reasons…one of which includes the use of cross-laminated timber. The stand-alone two-story, 57,000 square-foot building houses 13 classrooms, 3 computer labs, meeting areas and 86 offices. The building opens to students in the fall of 2016.
The structure of the building uses a wide mix of wood products, and is the first completed multi-story building in Oregon to utilize cross-laminated timber. In fact, according to a Western Oregon University press release, the building received a designation from Oregon Governor Kitzhaber to promote “innovative use of wood products as a green building material, which encourages innovative uses of wood products and increases markets for Oregon wood products.”
“Following the Governor’s executive order, the Richard Woodcock Center is unique in utilizing nearly every kind of wood product on the market,” says Structural Engineer Ed Quesenberry of Equilibrium Engineers. “Working with Mahlum Architects, we developed a structural system that utilized cross-laminated timber (CLT) in wall and floor applications in the open ‘collaborative hubs’ at the two main entrances to the building, Lock Deck and exposed glulams in one large multi-purpose classroom, and more traditional joist and stud wood framing elsewhere.”
The Education Center primarily consists of classrooms and faculty offices. The classrooms are big, open spaces, while the offices are smaller. Quesenberry explains that this room layout required the use of open-web wood joists for the 30-36 foot-long spans over the first-floor classrooms and wood I joists over the smaller offices to maintain cost efficiency. Additionally, they needed to keep the floor-to-floor height to a minimum to provide economy for exterior cladding while allowing enough room for HVAC and other mechanical systems to be distributed throughout the building.
The final solution includes 7,752 lineal feet of RedBuilt™ Red-S™ open web trusses with laminated veneer lumber chords that span 31 to 36 feet over the classrooms, and 9,718 lineal feet of Red-I65 joists spanning up to 20 feet over the offices and corridors. The design team addressed the concern of noise transfer between the second and first floors by adding three inches of concrete on top of the second floor sheathing. No problem. The Red-S open web trusses and Red-I™ joists provided the load capacity to support the heavier floor weight, even with the longer spans.

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Project Name:
Richard Woodcock Educational Center – Western Oregon University,
Monmouth, Oregon

Mahlum Architects
Portland, OR

General Contractor
Andersen Construction
Portland, OR
Structural Engineer
Equilibrium Engineers LLC
Lake Oswego, OR

The Red Badger Award

Persistence in problem solving. Never giving up. Doing whatever it takes to service the needs of the customer. These are “Badger-like” behaviors that exemplify RedBuilt™ associates who win the annual Red Badger award.

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Photo Credit: Smith Structural Group
Long Span, Open-Web Trusses

Long-span, open-web trusses provide architects with design freedom and engineers with a choice in material selection. The trusses are custom designed, detailed, and manufactured to meet the structural needs and design intent for the specific application. They are economical and provide the added benefit of building with wood, which is considered a green alternative to steel or concrete.

RedBuilt™ Technical Sales Representative Dave Schubert, P.E., recently authored an article published in STRUCTURE magazine  explaining the aspects of building with long span, open-web trusses, including design implications, engineering considerations and much more.

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Bike Safety – Rules of the Road

At RedBuilt™, we recognize that bike riding is fun and a healthy way to get where you need to go. We also want our associates and customers to stay safe on the road, and help teach others about their own bicycle safety with these 10 tips:
  • Go with the traffic flow and ride in the same direction as vehicles
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Yield to traffic when appropriate
  • Be predictable
  • Stay alert at all times
  • Look before turning
  • Watch for parked cars
  • Adults ride on the street, kids on the sidewalk
  • Don’t ride at night
  • Wear a helmet, always

Parapet Assembly Detail

Finding ways to reduce labor costs? Here is one more option from RedBuilt™ for parapet wall assemblies. See our newest Technical Bulletin here:

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