A week like no other...
A volunteer's testimony
I was blessed with an amazing group of girls, yet there was something about one little girl in particular. She was a sweet soul that was hungry, that was shy, that was withdrawn, and that was able to come only through the STR sponsorship program. She was a child that was led to the Lord this week, the precious child that reached into my heart...the one of so many that touched me and brought me to my knees in prayer.

It was extremely hard Friday knowing I wouldn't see her or many of those children again. They had all made such an impact in my life. All of my girls were wonderful and I felt we had connected. But this one little girl, she went from being shy, keeping to herself, hardly smiling, dancing and singing, engaging and yet always by my side when she could. She confided in me and opened up her heart.

We had come so far, but on Friday I would have to say goodbye; and it was heart wrenching.

She was excited to win an award at our closing ceremony. Smiling ear to ear, taking pictures...a completely different child from Monday. 
After the ceremony everyone was excited, there was laughing, cheering, parents grabbing kids to go home, lots of good much going on.

All of a sudden I am gripped around the waist in the strongest of hugs. I look down, and this precious little girl is sobbing. Not the kind of tears that I could see others were shedding around me. This was a not wanting to let go sobbing. Through my own tear filled eyes, I told her that I would see her again. I promised. Even if it only meant I would see her again next year at camp.

I prayed for all of my girls that night, but for this little girl; I prayed that God would allow our paths to cross again. I didn't know how but I trusted in Him that if it was His would come to fruition.

Well, God answered my prayers! The very next day her mom called STR. She said her daughter really connected with me, was having a hard time and had a really wanted to stay in touch with me. She asked STR if they would pass along their information to me. God is good!

When I called, this little girl answered the phone, I could hear the joy in her voice. I cried. When I spoke to her mom she told me how much STR impacted her, how her daughter connected with me and wanted to see me again. Her mom opened up and shared with me a little about their life, her other daughter is being sent away and will not return, her other siblings have all  left as well, there is no dad in the picture, they are in subsidized housing, I could go on...such a disheartening situation. I am so incredibly thankful to God for answering my prayers. 

I shared how wonderful her daughter was and that I had prayed for our paths to cross again. I shared that my daughter was in the same group and had made a connection with her as well, and that we would love to meet with them.

Strong Tower Ranch, this camp, their horsemanship programs...they mean so much to these kids. It is humbling and made such a difference in my life as well. This ministry truly has God's hand on it.

If You Have the Time....Volunteer! 

If You Have the Means. ..Donate! 

It Will Forever Change Your Life...and Theirs.

God is good!


If you are interested in partnering with Strong Tower Ranch and would like more information on how you can help change the lives of hundreds of children that visit our ranch each year please visit our website or contact