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What is God doing at Father's House? What is God doing in Israel? Welcome to the July Newsletter, packed with lots of answers for you! In this email you will find powerful videos that range from testimonials to apologetics completely in Hebrew (rest assured they have English subtitles)! Learn more about our upcoming journeys, and read up on recent blog posts. Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of the newsletter for our June Journey Spotlight! 



Apologetics Video Project
All about faith, science, philosophy and more, all in Hebrew, to reach those in Israel who do not yet believe in our wonderful Savior!


Jan Rosenberg
Jan had nightmares as a child that returned to torment him as a teenager. When Jan was a freshman in college a strange feeling returned while talking with his roommate about Jesus...


November Trip
The November journey has SOLD OUT!


Upcoming Trips
There is still space for the February journey


Latest Blog Post
The Antidote to
Anti-Semitism by
​Dr. J. Vernon McGee

June 2016 Journey Spotlight
"Walking where Jesus walked...tracing the path Moses took...exploring the City of David. How do you put a price on these kinds of experiences? When I signed up to attend the Father's House Educational Journey, I knew I would learn more about God. I have been absolutely floored, however, at how much the experience has changed me, and the way I understand the Bible. I walked it. I saw the landscape. And my heart will never be the same. Sign up! Don't wait! You will never regret it." 


-Jill Power

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Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Father's House we could not do what we do without all of your help!