Scientists Create World's Lightest 3D Printed Materials - Graphene Aerogel!
The graphene aerogel (0.5 mg/cm3) they printed is the world's lightest 3D printed materials,  only 1/32 of previous results. It is also the first truly 3D truss with overhang structures. They eliminated the boundaries between printed layers with a newly developed 3d printing technique.  Our Single Layer Graphene Oxide was used in this work!


Scientists 3D print graphene-based inks for ultralight supercapacitors!

Researchers have created the first ever 3D printed supercapacitors using an ultra-lightweight graphene aerogel. Additively manufactured 3D architectures for energy storage will improve energy and power characteristics for supercapacitors, enabling lightweight, miniaturized power sources. Our Single Layer Graphene Oxide was used in this work!


Scientists build the most sensitive carbon nanotube based photodetector to date!

EPFL built the device and overlaid it with perovskite (CN3NH3PbI3) nanowires to sensitize its light-detection capacity. The unprecedented high performance is a result of the two materials working together. The device performs three-state logic operations, which can be used in digital optoelectronics, allowing multiple circuits to share the same output line or lines.


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