Father's House wishes you a New Year so full of joy and happiness, you'll never miss the old one!


Dear Friends of the Father’s House,
Tammy and I say thank you to our Lord and to all of our friends as you have supported us during many transitions and changes in our lives and ministry in 2015. We hope your family enjoyed the Christmas holidays, were blessed to spend time worshiping the Lord of Lords, and that you are at peace and ready to see an amazing 2016! Speaking of changes, in 2015 we welcomed Joe and Holli Ragon into the family at Father’s House. Joe is serving as our Executive Director. Holli is Joe's extremely talented and faithful wife. Holli is also a very good friend to Tammy and me. 
We invite all prayer warriors to be thinking of Isaac, Tammy, and me as we travel with one of the largest Father’s House groups we have ever taken to Israel.  During our time in Israel we will spend 3 days in Jordan.  Please put our travels on your calendar from January 27th to February 18th (the group returns on February 9).   
Some will ask, how should we pray?
Everyone is aware of the turmoil that always surrounds Israel. In fact, right now, with the Syrian war, the advance of ISIS, and continued suicide knife missions of young Palestinian terrorists, all the news sounds horrible. Please understand that it is the intention of our enemy to stop us from going. The enemy does not want us joining and supporting our Jewish brothers in the land. The enemy is the prince of the air and that includes all media sources! So remember that the stories we see are often overblown or distorted. If we are not careful, what the news focuses on can also become the focus of our prayers. That is not the focus of our prayer request. It is not a concern to Tammy or to me.
We know for sure that we will be safe and secure with this group, and we will have a wonderful time, as always, while we are in Israel. If it were not so, we would not take this group and/or our son Isaac on our journeys.  What we do ask prayer for, however, is continued revelation -- for ourselves and for all the members of our group (who will experience the Lord on a level that few can imagine). We also desire fresh revelation to the Jewish believers in Christ that live in Israel. They are seeing an explosion of belief in Yeshua, as the Jewish Messiah is starting to be clearly seen and hoped for in Israel. The Fathers of our faith in the land of the Bible need our continued prayer and support. These are the things that Paul spoke of as the mystery of God. They are world changing!  So, our prayer request is that God will bring revelation to believers and that we will bring honor to our King! 
The word of the Lord tells us, "Do not fear," for He is God alone and He is in control. That is true in Israel and it is true in the U.S. Be brave, be strong, be at peace. Above all, let us all love the Lord and love one another.    Amen.  
Byron and Tammy Stinson
PS. Star Wars, the movie, has nothing on this real life journey! 


John Turner Welcomes Our New Executive Director, Joe Ragon
Greetings everyone! Roxie and I continue to be amazed with all that the Lord does in and through Father’s House Educational Foundation. Those of you who know me, know at least a couple of things: 1) you know that my primary calling and gifting is as a pastor-teacher and 2) you know that, in the Lord’s providence, this calling has led us to a variety of ministry expressions and venues. Every week, I still wear three hats. I serve bi-vocationally as pastor of New Prospect Church in Nemo, TX, just outside of Glen Rose. In addition, I serve as Coordinator of Family Ministries for the National Association of University-Model® Schools ( And since Byron and Tammy Stinson founded Father’s House in 2008, I have served as Executive Director with primary focus on managing our journeys to the Holy Land and developing the Living Lessons that flow out of those educational adventures.
Now, it is my joy to announce a new addition to the Father’s House family, Mr. Joe Ragon!
Byron is in the process of mentoring Joe Ragon in the oversight and management of ALL his corporations, Glen Rose Transportation Management, National Fleet Tracking, and the non-profit in the family, Father’s House. By virtue of this new and forward-moving development, Joe is now Executive Director of Father’s House, freeing me to focus entirely on the areas I mentioned above. My new title is Director of Education and Holy Land Journeys.
I would be delighted to visit your congregation and/or small group to teach any portion of Living Lessons from the Land series – whatever best fits your needs. For more information, click this link,, or email me,

Dr. John Turner
Director of Education and Holy Land Journeys


And Now a Word From Our Executive Director

Holli and I are very excited to be a part of what God is doing through Father's House. We're beginning work on a new video series entitled " Living Lessons from the Land" which we believe God will use in a significant way. The initial video footage of Dr. Turner teaching on location will be taken during our upcoming journey in February. We're also making strides toward increasing the scope and impact of our annual charity golf tournament coming up in May. We sincerely appreciate your prayers and support and look forward to a new year full of God's blessing.

Joe and Holli Ragon

Father's House Pathway To Israel Journey

January 27 - February 9, 2016


Many of you know Father's House has another journey to Israel scheduled to depart on January 27, 2016.  What you may not know is how much a visit to Israel has the power to encourage and strengthen those in the Body of Christ!  One of our previous trip participants had this to say about his recent experience there:  "This trip was a transformation for me...Going to Israel brought me the revelation of the fullness of the Bible.  Not a morning has passed that my thoughts haven't turned to Israel and the tremendous story God is still unfolding in that incredible land.  It is truly the land of His promise..."

Father's House is currently organizing aMay 31 - June 13, 2016 to the Holy Land!  We would like to extend an invitation to you, or anyone you may know that would be interested in traveling to Israel with us as we help the scriptures come alive with on-site learning experiences at historic biblical locations.  Those interested in making the trip with us can view all of the details on our website:  and go to the 'Holy Land Trips' link.  All of the information is right there, including a sample itinerary and description of the locations. You can also contact Claryssa Medina at the Father's House office at (254) 898-3437 and have information provided to you over the phone.

In closing, all of the staff at Father's House:  Byron, Joe, John, and Claryssa wish to express our immense gratitude for your continued support for our ministry.  We could not minister in the ways we minister without our faithful friends - YOU - that make our work possible.  Stay in touch with us this year.  We have many exciting events on the horizon.

We love you!  God bless each of you with His highest blessings!