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​  Impact of the $200 Billion China Tariffs:
10% Now and Increased to 25% January 1, 2019

It appears that each news cycle provides more information on the current and impending tariffs on imported goods.

We at Deco Products have been following these discussions and finally implemented measures. Please see the following links for more information about these tariffs affecting the parts that likely interest you and our whole economy.

According to

President Donald Trump kicked the trade war with China into high gear Monday, formally announcing the imposition of tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods.
The tariffs cover a wide array of goods, from minerals used in manufacturing, to vegetable juices, to leather handbags. All of the goods with face a 10% duty until the start of 2019, when the tariffs will jump to 25%. While the Trump administration is downplaying the effect of the tariffs, many economists expect prices for these goods will increase once the tariffs are officially imposed on September 24. 

Click here for viewing or downloading the official government document describing tariff.  Page 175 lists zinc and aluminum categories. 

As Dave Magner, Director of Sales/Marketing, states “As a Made in the USA manufacturer, our customers appreciate the value that we bring. Since 1960, Deco has been a reliable supplier of precision zinc die-castings and a valued partner of our customers. In today’s world, we provide less risky logistics, better lead-times, and ultimately great solutions to our partner/customers.  All that and now our quotes are not affected by tariffs and we can be
an even better value”.  

Regardless of the tariffs, for many years, we at Deco Products strive to be globally competitive for our zinc die-castings. These efforts for efficiency gains and investing in technology have been successful, but with further tariff penalties of offshore sourced parts Deco’s value is further elevated.  

Please know that our Sales Staff would like to review any parts that could be brought back to the USA and provide a great value and solution to you! 


​Deco Products are Made in the USA! 

Born out of the heartland and always Made in the USA, Deco Products is the largest stand-alone, dedicated zinc die caster in North America. Since 1960 we have focused on growing our business by focusing on an unwavering commitment to excellence and a dedication to the success of you - our customers!
So, why do we think it is so important to keep telling our customers that Deco Products are Made in the USA? It’s pretty simple really – we believe that our “partner community” – employees/suppliers/customers – deserves to be the beneficiary of our commitment and success.
In addition to new projects, if you are having difficulty with current castings or suppliers and feel it’s time to make a change, Deco Products can help with a seamless transfer of tooling. Today, many U.S. manufacturers are reevaluating their production and sourcing locations and are taking a closer look at the benefits of re-shoring. Deco Products is proud to say we have always been “Made in America”
Many factors affect your decision of where to source your product. If you are second-guessing past choices or questioning future options of where to place your next cast project, Deco can provide the solution you are looking for.  Not only can we help you overcome today’s issues and hassles of working with offshore vendors, but also we are investing in technology to continually improve quality and reduce costs for tomorrow.  We are your one-stop shop for domestic casting, trimming, tumbling, finishing, machining, powder coating and assembly. ​We also produce tooling and offer various functional and decorative finishes with our outside vendors.
Being in business this long speaks volumes for the value we offer customers; cost savings, exceptional quality, on-time delivery, friendly customer service, innovation, engineering collaboration and design support. And, because we have the resources to grow with you, partnering with Deco affords you the security of knowing we are able to supply your enterprise with the highest quality precision engineered cast parts for the life cycle of your products.
Deco Products is family owned and oriented and financially strong. Our ongoing capital investments and commitment to continuous improvement reflect our long-term perspective to produce the finest zinc castings and assemblies Made in the USA. As we continue to enhance our processes, we welcome opportunities to create partnerships with companies equally committed to excellence.
Contact us today if you would like to explore a Partner relationship with Deco!

​GlassBuild America 2018 – Sept 12-14

Deco Products just returned from exhibiting at GlassBuild America in Las Vegas this year. Deco’s booth had upgraded graphics to match our new brochures and “Think Zinc” logo.  


Attendees and exhibitors from 71 countries gathered at GlassBuild to see products, machinery, equipment and services up close and in person on the trade show floor.  We saw and met with many of our current customers during the show and, we were lucky enough to meet many new “potential’ customers.  We talked with many people about our “Made in America” products and how Deco can provide a great partnership for companies in the Window and Door industry.  Between the new knowledge bar, forums and the express learning sessions, there was something for everyone in the industry to see and/or learn about.While being both in the booth and on the show floor, we felt like the entire glass, window and door industries were in Las Vegas for GlassBuild America. The final registration count of just over 8,600 and an expanded exhibit floor footprint of 175,000-square-feet, made GlassBuild a busy place to be.




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Think you know everything there is to know about how zinc impacts our modern lives?  Take two minutes to click here and check out this video about zinc - we think you might just come away with a few new insights on how healthy zinc is for us all and our planet. 

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