December 2017

The Latest News from the Leading Designer and Producer of Zinc Die Casting Solutions


Year End Review and a Look Ahead

With the final days of 2017 upon us, we would like to summarize some of Deco’s highlights of the year and what to expect in 2018!
Deco, as with many of our friends and customers in business, had a great year; strong growth, record quality performance, and great accomplishments in continuous improvement!
Sales growth was fueled with strong economic winds and further supported by solid customer demand and program launches. Deco experienced significant growth in many of the industries to whom we supply products. Window and door, office furniture, transportation, fluid management equipment, fasteners, and military are just a few of the industries who relied on zinc products provided by Deco.  We are honored that so many customers and industries have confidence in Deco Products. 

The increase in sales over the past year, as well as our future success in 2018 and beyond is centered on  our absolute focus on and dedication to providing superior zinc die-casting capabilities. Deco will, as we have for almost 60 years, continue to focus on zinc
die-casting and the added value elements of secondary operations, finishes, and integrated assemblies. 

​In addition, Deco continues to be an industry leader in quality measures. Deco was approved in its initial audit and registration to the latest ISO-9001-2015 quality standard
and Deco’s PPM levels continue to be among the lowest in the industry.
Deco, as a USA zinc die-caster pillar in an increasingly competitive world, continually elevates our efficiencies to provide best value to our customers. Our annual continuous improvement activities are critical to this value proposition focus. Improvements in 2017 focused on our manufacturing plant as well as our office processes. We continue to blend best hiring practices with additional equipment purchases to balance efficiencies with increased demand for our services.  In 2017, we upgraded elements to our zinc die-casting and powder coating lines as well as updated our over-all computer systems to mesh our corporate data for quicker analysis and better data-based decision making.
In recent years, Deco Products has invested much time and capital in robotics and automation integration. In 2018, these efforts will continue with additional implementation of these systems to further support our valued manufacturing, technical, and professional human resources. As the picture below shows, another new robot is being integrated into Deco’s manufacturing processes.​


We continue to extol the importance of continuous improvement in all facets of Deco and we look forward to a great 2018 where we can further support our many strong and outstanding partnerships. We appreciate you as both friends and partners of Deco. All of us at Deco are here to assist you in accomplishing your future goals whatever they may be.

Dave Magner and the Entire Deco Team

What is the Deal with the Cost of Zinc Alloy?

The cost of zinc alloy is at a 10-year high and so we would like to address zinc material cost in this newsletter and in future newsletters, as well.
The Good News

New customers and new business success speak highly of Deco Products in two distinct ways. First, Deco Products is great to work with in designing products in zinc alloy. Second, Deco Products has the capacity and energy to bring on new customers and new business without sacrifice to quality and service with our existing loyal customers.

Almost without exception, every key customer of Deco Products grew in 2017. There is a high understanding of the value of zinc alloy and the characteristics that lead to advantages in part design and over-all customer value. As always, we are available to discuss material choices and when the properties of zinc alloy are best suited for particular designs and applications. 
The Not So Good News

Zinc is at a historical high and still provides a good value, but since it is a traded commodity, it is difficult to plan for fluctuations in the market. Certainly, it is challenging to predict and even understand the “futures” of any market. To address this, Deco has a program to “dollar cost average” zinc alloy so that costs reflect the market over time and risky long-term commitments are not needed. Please feel free to contact us for answers to any questions you have about this zinc adjustment program.

Lastly, the following link is to a recommended resource for tracking zinc as a commodity, which is indicative of the zinc alloy cost that we use in our production castings:



Deco will be exhibiting at
the following events in 2018

  Design 2 Part 2018 Shows
  • Schaumburg,IL - May 9 & 10
  • Minneapolis, MN - June 6-7
  • Akron,OH - Oct. 24-25
  • St. Charles, MO -Nov. 14 & 15
GlassBuild America
​September 12-14, 2018
Wednesday – Friday
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV​
Thank you to all that stopped by the Deco booth at
GlassBuild America 2017
​in Atlanta September 12-14!

Of course, the show attendance was down this year with the remnants of hurricane Irma impacting travel into the Atlanta Metro area, but Deco Products was there! 
Those that made it to the show were treated to less congestion and greater face-to-face time with booth personnel.  It was great to see those that made it to the show. Thanks again, and we’ll see you in Las Vegas in September. ​


Employee Focus
In this and future Deco newsletters we will be introducing you to Deco employees.

Have you ever spoken with someone in our exceptional Customer Sales Department and wished that you had a face to put with the name and voice?

Well, please meet Deco’s excellent Customer Sales Department:
Left to Right - Linda Gehling, Connie Gordon, Patricia Einwalter.


Going "Intern"ational at Deco

We take pleasure in introducing Joram Mutenge, Deco 2017 Sales Intern!

In his own words, Joram will tell you a little about himself and his experience at Deco.

"Coming from the U.K. to pursue my undergraduate degree has been an amazing experience. Of course, I had to adapt to new ways of doing things but I also looked forward to the many opportunities available in this country. Upon completing my sophomore year of college, I decided to experience the U.S. working environment.

In the summer of 2017, I worked with Deco Products Co LLP as a Sales Intern. The experience was not only educational, but also fun. I was amazed at how welcoming and peaceful Deco was. My supervisors; Dave, John and Jason were helpful from day one. They did not treat me as their worker but as their workmate. This made a very big difference because it allowed me to ask for their help whenever I needed it. They were open to new ideas and always encouraged me to figure out new ways performing tasks. This made me feel part of the team. Also, the friendly atmosphere they created sometimes made me forget that I was at work. I loved my summer experience at Deco so much that I decided to carry on with the internship until December. It really was a great opportunity to put into practice what I had been learning in class. I’d like to rejoin the team in 2018 simply because I feel like I can’t have enough of Deco’s wonderful experience."





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