As we close off another year, we look forward to an exciting new year ahead in 2018 with a Special Edition of the Gobi March in Mongolia, a return to the oldest desert in the world in Namibia and another group of competitors set to join the illusive few who have completed the 4 Deserts Grand Slam and the 4 Deserts Club at the final race of 2018 - The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2018. 

SAHARA RACE (NAMIBIA) - 29 April 2018

​First up in 2018 is a return to the oldest desert in the world in Namibia for another a true desert experience among the dunes and along the famed and remote Skeleton Coast!  The host town is the beautiful colonial town of Swakopmund
The line up includes 57-year-old grandmother and 4 Deserts Club member Sandy Suckling of Australia who is the favourite to win the women's division. 

A battle is expected between Ben Dame of Germany and Wong Ho Chung of Hong Kong for the top spot among the men. 

There are also at least three individuals returning for unfinished business having had to withdraw on previous editions of the race.  Our very own Zeana Haroun will also be competing - read her first blog.

We recommend a watch of the Sahara Race (Namibia) documentary.  Enjoy the photos; find out about the location culture and weather of Namibia; and see the course details with the map distances and elevations.


30 Sept 2018

23 Nov to 8 Dec
  • The Expedition Ship, Plancius, will set sail from Ushuaia, Argentina on 23 November for the 8th edition
  • This remains the only multi-stage race on the Antarctic Continent
  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • Just 60 places are available in the race
  • Have you qualified yet? 


29 July 2018
  • Follow the footsteps of Genghis Khan
  • Sleep in Gers!
  • Run among the nomadic people
  • Experience the famous Naadam Festival
  • The host town is Ulaanbaatar

  • The 4 Deserts Grand Slam means that you complete all 4 Deserts Races in one calendar year
  • Just 66 people have achieved this so far (and only 12 women)
  • A further 15 are set to attempt this feat in 2018 representing 11 countries 



Congratulations to RacingThePlanet: Patagonia competitors last monthRacingThePlanet: New Zealand has been announced as the next race in the series set for March 2019



  • Desert / Multi-Stage Training Camp in the UK - 6 & 7 January 2018!
  • Elite athlete Wong Ho Chung from Hong Kong is set to join the 4 Deserts Grand Slam 2018
  • Mr Camel Fung from Hong Kong is set to be the first person with a prosthetic leg to join the 4 Deserts Club when he completes The Last Desert (Antarctica) next year.
  • A Free to Run team from Afghanistan set to join the Gobi March (Mongolia) 2018.
  • "Lucha Atacama" the dog that adopted the Atacama Crossing for a few years in a row was herself adopted and has settled into her new home with Dr. Taylor Haston in Georgia, USA.
  • Watch Down But Not Out. Wanda Summers broke her back  and was told she wouldn't walk again - since then she has completed many 4 Deserts Races and other ultras. 

  • Emily (RacingThePlanet: Jordan & RacingThePlanet: Madagascar) and Alan ​Braithwaite (Atacama Crossing) welcome their third child to the world - son Joseph.
  • Ricky Paugh (attempted the Grand Slam in 2010) and his wife are enjoying life in the UK with their first child.
  • Samantha Gash (4 Deserts Grand Slam 2010) was a competitor on Australian Survivor and is now pregnant with her first child.
  • Lene Larson from Denmark (4 Deserts Club) welcomes her son Marcus to the world.
  • We are very sad to share the news that three-time Gobi March competitor Robert Hutchinson "Hutch" died earlier this year.

  • Wataru Iino from Japan (runner up in RacingThePlanet:  Madagascar and winner of the Sahara Race (Namibia))  2016 won BadWater!
  • Ryan Sandes (4 Deserts Race Series World Champion 2010, RacingThePlanet: Nepal & RacingThePlanet: Madagascar) won the Western States 100 Miler!
  • Janine Canham (4 Deserts Club) won a Hong Kong Trail Award - you can hear Janine talk about her multi-stage experience in Hong Kong in April
  • Five people from the RacingThePlanet and 4 Deserts Race Series medical team completed their first race as competitors in RacingThePlanet:  Patagonia - Dr. Patrick Burns, Dr. Dave Young, Dr. Lusana Schultz, Dr. Gregory Richardson and Dr. Andy Nyberg (plus Dr. Rebecca Walker in her 3rd race)
  • Rafael Fuchsgruber from Germany released his 2nd best seller book last month - look out for "Passion Laufen."