Weekly E-news from First United Methodist Church
in downtown Hampton, VA


October 15, 2017

8:30 and 11:00 am

What Are You Wearing?

Matthew 22:1-14
(Common English Bible)

Treasures In Heaven
The Chancel Choir


William Milholen (8:30)
Judy Rushton (11:00)
Wayne Barfoot
Ron & Sylvia Rumsey

Brad Allsbrook
JoAnn Walberg


The chancel flowers
are given to the Glory of God
by UMW Circle 1
in honor of 
Sarah Kilgore.

Next week’s flowers:
Carolyn Knight


Stewardship Corner – Oct 8
Worship: Total: 59
8:30 –  18  11:00 - 41
Sunday School: 33
Offering Received last week:
General Fund                    3,363.57
Designated Funds             1,135.00 

2017 Budget Status

Amount needed                   6,315.00
Amount received                  3,363.57
Amount over/(under)         (2,951.43)

Amount needed                  12,630.00
Amount received                  8,662.57
Amount over/(under)         (3,967.43)


Halloween Party
Saturday, October 21
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Calling all kids and “kids at heart”!
Join us for some old fashioned
Halloween hilarity and fun!
Open to all ages!!
There will be hot dogs and
a chili cook-off,
costume contest
for adults and children,
games, crafts
AND a haunted house
for those who dare!
Come on out and
Bags of individually wrapped candy

Please mark donations for “Halloween Party” and leave in the kitchen.
If you have questions or
​would like to enter the chili cook-off ,
please contact Nancy Eason.


Please remember in prayer those

From our own congregation:

Lil’ Bit Brown  
Nell Writtenberry
Jane Roberts        
Robert Kilgore    
Richard Mundie
Eleanor Woodward
Cecelia Short       
Ed Kilgore           
Allen Langford
Mike & Tami Langford
Barbara Cubbage
Bob Lawson
Doris Diggs
Marty Baker is in York Convalescent Ctr
Candee Martin and her family
Winnie & Gale Barnes
​Rick Allison

Carolyn Crozier(former member);
Baby Lyle (Wilson’s preemie grandson);
Z’amir (Pastor Candee’s grandnephew); Eloise (friend of Jane Miller);
William Lucke (Jane Miller’s cousin)
          in Kabul returns to the states 10/3/17;
Courtney (friend of Amanda Hooten);
Jerry Berkseed;
David Roberts (Carl & Jane’s son);
Ernesto Bridges' mom;
(Carol Gardner's friend);
Phil Suazo (Rich Foley’s friend);
David Hearne (Rich Foley’s friend);
Kevin Kittrell (friend of Michele Benson); Kim Dulaney (Cheryl Baker’s daughter); Mark McDaniel (friend of Milholen’s);
Harry & Audrey Slye (sister-in-law);
Carol & Mike Thomas (friend of the Slyes); Michaela Burkholder’s father;
Jennifer (Jane Miller’s friend);
Bobby Sherman 
          (Jo & Ralph White’s son-in-law);
Audrey Wade (Allen Langford’s sister);
the Cross Family;
(Candee’s spiritual friend);
Clyde Castle;
Chad Sayers
(Winnie Barnes’ grandson)

the hungry,
the unemployed, 
those suffering with loneliness 
and depression,
healing for all cancer patients,
members of our armed forces    
​       & 
first responders,
state and national leaders,
the homebound and the homeless,
our UM Bishop and District Superintendent,
our Pastor, church leaders & staff,
discernment, wisdom, clarity & unity for our church,
our children’s Sunday school program,
areas of conflict,
those traveling,
those suffering,

volunteers for God's work,
the community surrounding our church,
the Lord's guidance in how our church will move forward,
CALE and Prayer Triplets,
and many others….


Thursday, Oct 12
6:15 pm       Handbell Choir (CR)
7:15 pm       Chancel Choir (S)
Friday, Oct 13
No scheduled activities
Saturday, Oct 14
8:00 am        Men’s Breakfast and Study
8:00 am       UMW Circle 9
                    (Cheryl Baker’s home)

4:00 -12:00 pm      Parking lot reserved
                               for HPO
Sunday, Oct 15
8:30 am        Worship (S)
9:30 am        R&F (FH)
9:45 am        SS/BS
11:00 am      Worship (S)

Monday, Oct 16
6:00 pm       Education Committee
                    Decorating for Halloween
Tuesday, Oct 17
10:00 am      Nifty Crafters
Wednesday, Oct 18
7:00 pm       Church Council
Thursday, Oct 19
9:00 am – 3:00 pm   5 Talent Academy
                                 (Williamsburg UMC)
6:15 pm       Handbell Choir (CR)
7:15 pm       Chancel Choir (S)
Friday, Oct 20
No scheduled activities
Saturday, Oct 21
6:00 – 8:00 pm      Chili Cook-off and
                               Halloween Party

Sunday, Oct 22 - Laity Sunday
​William Milholen preaching

8:30 am        Worship with handbells (S)
9:30 am        R&F(FH)
9:45 am        SS/BS
11:00 am      Worship with handbells (S)

R&F - Refreshments &Fellowship
SS/BS - Sunday School/Bible Stufy
FH-Fellowship Hall               HP-Happy People’s Class
CR –Choir Room                   S-Sanctuary
CFR-Craft Room                   Kit-Kitchen
UP-Upstairs                            C-Crouse Room​


To our Wonderful Loving Church,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers, cards, flowers, calls, visits food and most of all your love during the last couple of weeks surrounding the death of Winnie’s daughter, Cheryl. We would not have had the strength to hold up without you.  We give a special thank you to our pastor for giving us so much courage to see peace will shine where shadows are now. We cannot thank our wonderful friends who worked so hard to make all the delicious food. Whoa!

All of our family from Williamsburg, Richmond, South Carolina and North Carolina all want to thank our church.  What a witness for God’s love.  Please know if Winnie and Gale Barnes can help you in any way please let us know, if only to show how much we appreciate you and your love.  God Bless all of You!
                          Gale & Winnie Barnes


Red Room Update
We had a very successful sale at the Bay Day Celebration!  Thank you for everyone who contributed. Our Candy Cane Lane Bazaar is coming up, November 18.  We could use some more “stuff”, especially Christmas items. So clean out your closets and get your Christmas decorations down early and donate those you don’t have room for!!


5 Things You Can Do

1. Please continue to pray for those whose lives will be impacted by current disasters. 

2. Make relief kits, send complete kits to our relief-supply depots or an affiliate warehouse. Download the packing list and shipping label.

3. Partner with UMCOR in responding to the needs of communities and individuals impacted by the recent hurricanes/disasters.
To support U.S. Disaster Response, 
give to Advance #901670.

To support to non-U.S. territories
and international disaster response, 
donate to Advance #982450

To give by mail:
Advance GCFA
P.O. Box 9068 
New York, NY 10087-9068
·      If you are giving to U.S. Disaster Response,
please note in the memo line: 
U.S. Disaster Response Advance 901670 
·      If you are giving to International Disaster Response,
please note in the memo line: 
International Disaster Response Advance #982450

4. Donate only those items requested. 

5. Please wait for an invitation to volunteer.

To keep relief supplies in stock,
 give to Material Resources Advance #901440.

UMCOR - United Methodist Committee On Relief
is grateful for your relentless prayers and support.