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TCCTC has been blessed with two new board members this summer. This month's spotlight focuses on Ray Bardill.
Donald R. "Ray" Bardill, Ph.D., also joins the faculty of TCCTC, offering a seminar on The Reformation. 
He brings the experience of a full career in teaching, research and oversight of social work as a discipline and clinical practice in social work services to individuals, couples, families, and groups. He is professor emeritus in the School of Social Work at Florida State University, where he also served as dean for 15 years.
Dr. Bardill's long history of service to the community is capped by his appointment to the National Commission on Child and Family Welfare by the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Interspersed among his extensive academic writings on family are those in faith-based publications: "Basic Values for Family Living," in The Lutheran Woman's Quarterly, "Christ-Centered Fathering"  and "Father as Spiritual Leader" in Reconnections, and his book Thank God I'm a Teenager for Augsburg Press.
Ray has been married to his childhood sweetheart, Joyce, for over 60 years. They have been blessed with two children and five grandchildren. He fondly remembers his idyllic childhood in Wartburg, Tennessee — where he could roam the mountains without fear and come home when he got hungry. Coincidentally (or not?), Wartburg is named for the castle in which Martin Luther translated the Bible into German.

Ray says that being a board member at TCCTC "fulfills the third of his three lifetime ambitions." The first was to be in the military; he served for 20 years. The second was to be in academia; FSU benefited from that. The third is to be involved in Christian study. It looks as though TCCTC will be his crowning achievement!

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