REVOLUTION BE MINE Gardening Newsletter
March 2016


Is it time to start gardening in your area? Depending on your zone, it may be time to start your seeds indoors. If you are a new gardener, you may even feel overwhelmed about how to start your plants. I love helping new gardeners learn to grow. Click HERE for an easy and affordable way to start seeds.

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Cheryl Hughey

Eunephacia Joye is helping others learn to alternatively farm in the drought areas of Durban, South Africa with an innovative plastic bag planting system known as Umgibe (pictured below). Rather than plant vegetables in the ground or in pots, bags are hung to serve as the planters.

"Some of the value adds of Umgibe is that it is eco-friendly, less physical work, organic and it can be erected anywhere even on roof tops," said Joye.

This system makes farming accessible and food affordable. Kudos to this Community Development Manager for serving the needs of gardeners in her community.

To learn more about Umgibe, visit