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Sustainable Living Festival goes National. Following a theme based on the protests of a Swedish student ... it’s time to ensure positive change is made & some DisRUPtion maybe required as well. All February 2019, Big weekend 8-9-10 February in Melbourne, Vic. plus many events around the country or even join in and start your own...

Very successful International Conference in Mauritius for​ Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet starts its first global plan
to be released later 2019. Over 29Nov to 01 Dec. 2018,  students, teachers and organisers were thrilled with the conference connections, talks, plans and results.  For now, the  2018 Young Ma uritians’ Plan for the Planet has been published and perfectly complements the first Australian plan.  Here's the PDF link to  Review the Young Mauritians' Plan online or download  Free to view / share No sign in required.   This project  proudly supported by SRD, to help it be a Global success.  Look for and follow the LinkedIn YPPP group

Circular Economy explained shows #ResponsibleDesign ideals throughout
(The Linear Economy is outdated and basically dangerous for long term usage.  The  circular economy is far more logical and embodies many design opportunities. Here is a well structured report from Victoria. SRD-ed) Source: Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO)
Circular Economy explained shows #ResponsibleDesign ideals throughout
Related current articles    Squaring the world's waste circle will take more than many imagine
Source: SMH   Ross Gittins 19jan19
A coalition of giant brands aims to change how we shop forever, with a new zero-waste platform  Source Fast Company 26jan19 (Great concept as long as it’s not just selling rubbish products - ed)
David Attenborough tells Davos: ‘The Garden of Eden is no more’ he warns that human activity has taken the world into a new era, threatening to undermine civilisation. Source: The Guardian 22jan19
" How Plastic Production Pollutes Small Towns ” Source:  Story of Stuff 12sep18

​​​Thank you for your interest. There are many global issues that will only be advanced when #ResponsibleDesign is embodied into the ongoing change process. Ensuring tangible benefits for humanity and ecology are infused with our lifestyle is the simple message. Putting that into practice worldwide is understandably no simple task. The many ideas, directions and links above will assist.  

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