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South Pole hosts Sydney Climate Leaders Forum at EnergyLab. Thomas Schroder and Jay van Rijn, heard from seasoned experts in the climate and sustainability space sharing their knowledge and professional challenges. Andrew Petersen, Sustainable Business Australia “Cost of Climate Change is likely more than we think”; Greg Campbell, SRD convenor “the Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet has proved the concept locally and Internationally, now to scale it to reach 10+ countries in 2019; Genevieve Mortimer, Climate KIC, “financing climate adaption projects”; Thu-Ba Huynh, WWF Tiger Project, "want to see wild tigers x 2"; Glen Klatovsky, “we need to rebuild people power”. Rapid-round workshops helped speakers with their challenges! A great connecting event.

SRD AGM is scheduled for  7pm Tuesday 30th October   Hear of the great progress this year and the start of plans for more. Some may attend via Zoom video connection. Light  Tea & nibbles supplied.   Venue is at a private  address in Freshwater, Sydney & you are welcome. Your  RSVP is requested for the full address (or SRD members may email their proxy form in Word, PDF or email text being sent separately soon) SRD Membership form

The Climatorium, Denmark’s big bet on tackling climate change .  The Danes are turning climate change solutions into a business. Some people are realising that not only is climate change a peril to the survival of humanity, it’s also a great business and design opportunity. At least that’s what  The World Bank is saying : Climate change is a threat and an opportunity for the private sector. Denmark’s Central Region is building a new international climate centre, facing the North Sea. The $7.9 million building is a key part of the region’s Coast to Coast Climate Challenge, a six-year-long climate awareness initiative that’s being carried by the region’s government and several private and public organisations... Source: fastcompany:

Very successful International pilot in Mauritius confirms
Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet conference is all go...

Scheduled for 29Nov to 01 Dec. 2018,  students and organisers are excited.  The  2018 Young Mauritians’ Plan for the Planet has been published and reviewed. It’s well structured & presented that perfectly complements the first Australian plan.  We hope to give a link to the PDF in the  Next Newsletter. Until then, Review the Australian Plan online or download 33MB   Free to view / share No sign in required The feature of the Conference will be the development of the very first Global SDGs Plan by Youth .  
This project is proudly supported by SRD, to help it become a Global success.

Great Circular Economy example with solid Responsible Design ideals start to finish :
Amsterdam, Netherlands based company with many good aspects of product and supply chain Coco Pallet International.  Sustainable ° Affordable ° Bio-based ° 100% Wood-free  ° Made from Coconut Waste  A sustainable and cost competitive Export Pallet made from Coconut Waste that are 100% bio-based and fully circular. Replacing Timber Pallets stops logging and transportation of millions of trees. 1.7 billion Timber Pallets are produced annually for Asian exporters, causing the unnecessary use of approx. 200 million trees per year. These trees can better stay in the forest or can be used for long lasting uses such as construction or furniture.  CocoPallet doesn’t require harmful and costly pest-treatments such as Methyl-Bromide Fumigation. CocoPallet® export pallets only contain natural fibres and lignin, whilst alternatives such as Press Wood Pallets are more expensive and not fully bio-based as they contain synthetic resins. CocoPallet® export pallets are produced close to the Coco Husk source, creates extra income for local farmers.  Customisable ° flame retardant ° ISPM15 Compliant ° nested space-saving ° moisture resistant ° food grade
(Ed, ok well it’s very near to circular economy but not quite)

Introduction to the Wayfinder guide  (just launched) Achieving a more sustainable, safe and just future for all poses one of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities of our time. By synthesizing the frontiers in resilience and sustainability science into a clear, coherent and hands on approach for assessment, planning and action in social-ecological systems Wayfinder represents a new generation of resilience practice & guides development practitioners, policymakers & other changemakers navigating towards better futures. Created by Stockholm Resilience Centre, Resilience Alliance and Australian Resilience Centre  

​​​Thank you for your interest. There are many global issues that will only be advanced when Responsible Design is embodied into the ongoing change process. Ensuring tangible benefits for humanity and ecology are infused with our lifestyle is the simple message. Putting that into practice worldwide is understandably no simple task. The many ideas, directions and links above will assist.  

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Back in Sydney and still completing ‘EarthLap’ greener conversation tour encouraging the positive change transition.
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