Strategic Business Solutions, Inc. is an advocate for success and has created an Executive Development Program to accelerate the progress of almost any person active in building business relationships and sales.
Early in my corporate career, we were encouraged to read self help books like "The One Minute Manager" and "Knock Your Socks Off Service". These books were pivotal in starting the process of Asking, Listening, Capturing and Simplifying a list of Best Practice concepts of my own.

List Becomes Local Marketing Leverage
In 1996, I wrote a book titled Local Marketing Leverage for Professionals, Family, Home & Small Businesses. This was a compilation of summarized Best Practices collected during an approximate 10yr period.

Using concepts from this list as a base outline, created visuals to go along with the narrative. So, each chapter has a summary illustration of the thought process.

Start Your Own List Today
It is a regular practice that continues today - and we encourage others to emulate.


Having your own personal reference resource is incredibly useful when you are making personal and professional decisions.


Professional Speaking & Teaching

Professional Speaking
During this period I also participated in a Professional Speakers Program run by the late-great Jerry Reckner which helped develop new skills and confidence.

Carroll College (now University) & University Lake School
In addition, spent some time as an adjunct instructor at the local college and private high school working with emerging business students and curious entrepreneurs.


2018 Executive Development Program

5 Base Sections + Custom
We offer companies hands on programs where we work directly with their emerging leaders to help accelerate their progress. The concepts are proven and waiting for new willing and able users.

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​Recently Published - Space Coast Business

Excerpts from our Executive Development Program were also recently published in Spacecoast Business magazine. (Click Image to View)


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