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100 good ideas, great reading…
So much change in the world confirms we must have our heads and actions going the right way. A good review of what’s on the table will assist this. You certainly don’t need to be told but you may need to see the range of opportunities and their weaknesses to ensure that best global practice wins the discussion. This selection assists just that.
Have a read and see if you agree, with vested interests challenging opinions at all levels, we need to be well informed and level headed about the process, possibilities and the outcomes. The stakes are high and the final results may not be clear. Be welcomed to think beyond your usual position to recognise the potentials.
Aurecon: This eBook showcases thought-provoking and powerful arguments that we have published for the past two years surrounding business, leadership, engineering, technology, innovation, sustainability, and the future of our workforce. Free eBook

Breakthrough Business Models Explore how executives and entrepreneurs can harness an evolving set of business model features to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. Disruptive Technologies Explore how disruptive technologies can impact the Sustainable Development Goals. Developed in association with PA Consulting, this section will evolve over the next month to look across 12 technologies ranging from Robotics to Blockchain.
Breakthrough Innovation Challenges SDG focus:

Combining currency, awareness, simplicity and knowledge, these courses are a great start to increasing your awareness and capacity for action on a growing range of issues worthy of addressing.  UTS Open's curriculum is developed by expert academics with input from industry leaders. Most are free  Share these gems too.

  National Sustainable Development Goals Plan for Australia
by Young Australians’ Plan for the Planet

Review online or download 33MB   Free to view and share and No sign in required
Recently released. Share this link, talk about it with friends, family and colleagues and help make this groundbreaking project, proudly supported by SRD, to be a Global success.
Review the substantive efforts of 17 High Schools and 240 students from every State and Territory in Australia as they release this document as a very credible first effort. Feedback on its content and suggestions for implementation are welcome. (now available to the public). ​PS the Crowdfunding effort was appreciated & we're finding funding too.​  ​The program launched internationally in Mauritius in February and we want it to go much further.


Next Seminar: IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE: Cammeray 11 May 1-5pm $41.42
This professional development seminar is recommended for all involved in the design and construction of homes. Knowledgeable speakers will discuss the importance of performance, compliance and collaboration in Sydney's home building industry.    SRD is an Educate 1000 campaign supporter

​​​Thank you for your interest. There are many global issues that will only be advanced when Responsible Design is embodied into the ongoing change process. Ensuring tangible benefits for humanity and ecology are infused with our lifestyle is the simple message. Putting that into practice worldwide is understandably no simple task. The many ideas, directions and links above will assist.  

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