January 2019


As we usher in 2019, the Year of the Boar, LTSC wishes health and good fortune to all of our friends and supporters.

In many ways, 2018 was a tumultuous year—with our headlines dominated by various crises in U.S. and world politics. Now more than ever, it is important to focus on the compelling stories that show the strength and character of everyday people and the positive change we can create when we work together.

Next month, the LTSCene will launch a year-long “Inspiring Stories” series with some of our favorite stories from LTSC programs. We hope you will find them as uplifting as we do.

Stay tuned,
Dean Matsubayashi
LTSC Executive Director


LTSC Celebrates the Holidays

LTSC believes everyone deserves the chance to celebrate the holidays and feel valued...


Budokan Campaign Thanks 2018 Donors

Terasaki Budokan will be a wonderful community asset for future generations...


JA Community Foundation Supports South Bay Office

With a generous grant, LTSC will be able to expand its services at its South Bay office..


Through the Seasons: Secrets to a Happy Life

After 78 years of happy married life, Yonezo and Hatsuko share their secrets...


Ceramacist Featured at LTSC's 341 FSN

In January, our small business incubator program will feature Shoshi’s General Store by ceramacist Shoshi Watanabe...



Jan. 8-29 – Shoshi’s General Store at LTSC’s 341 FSN

Jan. 15 - Application Deadline for 2019 +LAB Artist Residency Program

Jan. 25 – 5 Wishes Workshop at Gardena Valley JCI

Thank you to all our supporters for your contributions last month!

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