for a life transforming adventure

MARCH 3rd - 5th
at the Hilltop Women's Unit in Gatesville, TX
MARCH 17th - 18th
at the Marlin Women's Unit in Marlin, TX
The Captivating Experience

Come join us as we traverse deep waters and confront a fierce enemy to recapture the hearts of God's glorious daughters behind bars. Whether it's your first time or your 99th, this mission's event is certain to transform the life of the women attending and touch the heart of a volunteer like none other.

Over the course of these two adventures we will use worship, film clips, teaching segments, guided reflection, and journaling to pull back the veil that hides Beauty.

Male or female, as a volunteer you will play an irreplaceable role. Whether joining us behind bars or praying for & during this event, you share in an Epic tale!

A life transformed. Families restored. Communities healed.

If you can't make either of these events, but are interested in learning more, we encourage you to join us for one of our 1-Day Follow Ups! Our Teams return to each unit within 45-60 days to provide support. Typically on a Saturday, these Follow Ups are a great time to oberve. For more information email
A Brief Ministry Update & Additional Opportunities



Our ministry Team is so excited to be returning once again to the Mountain View Unit this year.

June 9th - 11th, 2016 we will host an Alumni Advance for both the 2014 & 2015 Captivating graduates!  That's 112 ladies ... minus the ones who have gone home, praise God!

For more information about this event and to learn how you can be a part, email us at



Here at C2C we are excited about the many opportunities being presented to our Team. This year we have added two new women's prisons to our calendar, are working on adding a third, and looking to go into Mexico!

What does that mean? Well first of all it means we are doing what God has asked us too, and He is multiplying it! 

Next it means we have just tripled the number of prison mission trips. Each Captivating event requires two dates. The initial 2-3 day Experience and the 1-day Follow Up.

Then there are the ministries we join behind bars,
i.e. MIA Ministries (Wild at Heart); WVIW marriage seminars; MBM; and Preparing the Way Ministries in Mexico.
Praise be to God!

Finally it means change ... after all we can't lead others where we haven't been ourselves!

From the very beginning we have walked by faith & seen no ministry need go unmet. In 2015 we expanded our faith to believe for a ministry vehicle, and God provided a 2010 Honda Odyssey! We can now transport 6-7 volunteers who couldn't attend otherwise.

As conduits of change, we are committed to a life of personal transformation before ever extending the invitation to others ... as we receive, we freely give.  

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us
to see lives transformed for the glory of God?

Whether considering making a one time gift, or contributing regularly to support the mission, every dollar is tax deductible and 100% is used ... to see lives transformed, families restored, and communities healed.

Thank you!
Chandra Adams

Called to Change, Prison Ministry