Tuesday, March 6th, 2018


Wednesday 4:45 PM Update

Prayer Request for Brenda 
​Please remember in your prayers Brenda Young, as she prepares for surgery at
the end of this month. Her cancer has returned and surgery is planned.
Our prayers and thoughts are with Brenda and Brian, Judie and Mike,
Heather, Meg and all their family.

Karl Hasselriis
​Karl is in rehabilitation at Nesconset Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
100 Southern Boulevard, Nesconset, NY 11767 Map

The performance of Journey at St. Lawrence the Martyr is on
Sunday, March 18 at 4 PM.

Choir Practice
Choir practice is on this evening at 6 PM for those able to make it.

Chris Calaitges, Former Custodian
A former member of our community who many of you know has asked for help.
We pass this on for your consideration, as we hold Chris and his family in our prayers.
Click Here

Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday, March 11 at 2:00 AM

​​Sayville Congregational United Church of Christ
131 Middle Road, Sayville, NY 11782-3158
Ray Bagnuolo, Pastor; 631-827-8611; ray@sayvilleucc.org 
Do you have an announcement for us to add? Email Heather Corcoran, Editor

Office Hours - Monday - Thursday for 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Heather is off this week. Call Ray if needed.


This week's choir practice WILL BE at its regular time on Wednesday 6 PM
Choir practice is on this evening for those able to make it.

Free performance on Sunday, March 18th at 4 PM at Saint Lawrence the Martyr
featuring Jason and Sam in the roles of Jesus and Soldier
​Gail Kieser, Troupe Coordinator

Thanks to Sylvia Ramsaywak for bringing Beat Box back!
Friday, March 23 4PM -7 PM; Saturday, March 24 11AM - 1PM
Hold the Dates!


Please send any changes or updates to Heather
Download the above list here


Muir Woods, Mill Valley, California
Dear Friends, 

I find myself taking pictures of paths. Doesn't matter where I go; when I review the pictures I've taken there are several that open up into a trail of one kind or another. In the photo above, I can see the light, see the path, but can't see beyond the curve. And it's around that curve that calls me. Call it curiosity, but it feels like more - like an invitation. For me, it's a "pull" not a "push." As we talk more and more about "souls" - I think that's what it is - "a soul thing." I wonder if my soul is an explorer, as well. It certainly continues to take me to interesting and wonderful places, especially here with you!

I think we all have "soul things." A pull, a draw, an inclination... I look forward to hearing more about what pulls you, draws you to the mystery here and beyond the curve.

And, I have some late-breaking good news to share: Karl Hasselriis, who has been at Stony Brook for over a week has been transferred into a rehab in Nesconsett and Ann Walker will be coming home late in March. Your prayers and calls are welcome...

By the way, we are starting to compile photos for an updated directory. So, in the weeks ahead, there will be a camera about in Hospitality...step up, smile and show your soul!

Lastly, what a wonderful weekend, as we welcomed Mike and Shane Fallacara and Brian to our worship and celebration. The glow of their souls and spirits and many years of service here and their recent visit lingers still. We wish Mike and Shane the very best and look forward to hearing about their new home in the days ahead. There are pictures from Sunday you can see on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sayvilleucc 

And, yes, around the curve is like the phone call you were just about to make, letting someone know you were thinking of them and even love them!

Love to you...


  • For Karl Hasselriis, admitted on Tuesday to rehab in Nesconsett
  • For Ron Bergmann, home from surgery and doing well.
  • Prayers of healing for Kari's brother in law, Les Endo, recovering from last week's surgery.
  • Prayers for a change of heart of those desiring to use guns.
  • For Nancy undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Strength and healing for Jenna Lund-Murphy as she undergoes continues chemotherapy. 
  • For Ray's friend Jean McFaddin preparing for chemo to treat her recent diagnosis.
  • For Rev. Bruce E Billman, retired PCUSA pastor in the hospital in Rochester, recovering from pneumonia and the flu.
  • For Ann B. Walker who completed her surgery and is recovering at Our Lady of Consolation.
  • For Fran Bergmann healing well from hand surgery. The bandage should be off by today!
  • For Janie Spahr who sends her love as she continues to recover from recent surgery.
  • For all those living in fear and uncertainty because of immigration issues...particularly those detained by ICE agents.
  • Laura, Karen and Hank Maust's granddaughter recovering from an head trauma accident.
  • Karen Maust's brother, Steven Rant, who underwent valve replacement surgery recently. All indications are that the surgery went well. 
  • Karen Maust's sister, Marilyn, as she continues chemotherapy treatment.
  • The mission of our troops serving in Southwest Asia is successful. Prayers for their safety.
  • Paul Lanchantin who continues to heal.
  • Susan Ryan's sister-in-law, Celia and her brother, Steven and their children, Christopher and Stephanie as Celia undergoes surgeries this week.
  • ​For warmth for those who lack shelter for the cold nights.
Please send your prayer requests to Heather and any pastoral care needs to Ray. If you can, please let us know how long you would like the prayers listed in eChimes. Also, thanks for letting us know of any information that should be updated.​


Dean W. Strong was born November 5, 1922 on Greeley Avenue in Sayville, L.I. As a young man he worked with his family at Nelson Strong and Sons Lumber Yard. He enlisted in the CCC after graduating from Sayville High School. He was drafted at age 20 and deployed to France and Germany where he set artillery at the bridge at Ramagen. Returning home he attended NYU and received a BS in Business and Finance. He married Sarah Louise Miller in 1951. He worked at Swezey’s, Fuller Brush and John Hancock, from which he retired after 28years. Myrtle Beach, Golf and listening to classical music were his passions. Dean is survived  by Sarah his wife of 66 years; his three sons; Craig, Keith and Dean H; and his grandchildren Amanda, Brandon and Rebecca.

Funeral arrangements were entrusted to:
Raynor & D’Andrea Funeral Home
683 Montauk Highway
Bayport, NY 11705
Visitation will be on Wednesday March 7th from 6-9:00 p.m. and a chapel service at 7:30 p.m. Private cremation to follow.

In lieu of flowers donations in Dean’s memory would be greatly appreciated to:

Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
1359 Broadway, Suite 1509
New York, NY 10018


Ragtime - A Great Show!
Noel Ruiz theater in Oakdale on Friday, March 23

There are still tickets available, but Tom Wolf must turn in any
unsold tickets to the theater this Thursday, March 8th.
If you'd like one or two tickets, Please call Tom at 631-472-0398 asap.

The ticket price is only  $32
and includes an hour of wine and cheese before the 8:00 show. 

If you have volunteered to donate a raffle basket for the upcoming fundraiser performance of Ragtime, please make sure that you bring it with you to church on Sunday, March 11th.

Sunday, March 11th Stewards

Setting of the Table ~ Pat Mahar
Liturgist ~ Kimberley Reiser
Music Director ~ James Higgins
Greeter/Ushers ~  Kathy Leis and Sue Lanchantin  
Projectionist ~
Projection Slides ~ Kimberley Reiser
Hospitality ~ Pews 12 & 14
Building Close ~ Kathy Leis

We will be joining each other at the table every Sunday during Lent and
our heartfelt thanks to Pat Mahar for signing on to set the table every Sunday!

Please Click Here to Sign Up for this weekend and future dates!

Sunday Stewards Needed!!
Please call Heather in the office if you need help
with the new online Sign Up tool 

Everyone can sign up. We will help you know what to do!


Confirmation Class has been scheduled for September 2018 - June 2019
and will follow the 2018-2019 Sayville Public School Year Calendar.

Please share with Ray anyone you think would be interested in joining this class. While the earliest age for attendance is thirteen, it has a lot to do with the individual and where they are in their interest and development. More to come!


Birthday Wishes!!

March 12th

Matthew Lypen


Have you watched our worship online? Karl has! And so have many others. Because of the generosity of many, including Priscilla Knapp and a grant in honor of her brother Kim Swezey, we have been broadcasting our worship since September 10, 2017. You can watch live or afterwards by following this link: www.echimestv.com  You do not need to subscribe, but if you do, you will get notices each week of the telecasts by email. It's a great way not to miss a telecast and have it to watch at a later time. Otherwise, just follow the link and explore! And send you ideas and suggestions on how we can improve the station! Spread the word!

Can you help?
You are invited to share in the ministry and mission of our church by:​
  • signing up for leadership responsibilities on Sunday
  • continuing to provide food in support of Sayville Food Pantry
  • volunteering to run our slides and video each Sunday
  • joining the choir
  • leading a children's message
  • volunteering for Sharing a Meal
  • participate in our Prayer Shawl Group
  • attend Bible Jam...
And there are more ways your help would be welcome. Looking for a chance to become involved and serve? Just let me know! I'm happy to help! :)



Tuesday, March 6th at 7:00 PM – Bible Study Discussion Group – Vestry
Wednesday, March 7th at 6:00 PM Choir Practice
​Thursday, March 8th at 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Prayer Shawl Ministry
Thursday, March 8th from 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM Seniors Exercise

Monday, March 12th at 7:00 PM ​ – Elders Meeting
Monday, March 19th at 7:00 PM ​ – Trustees Meeting

Weekly Events
-        Bible Talks! in the Vestry - Mondays at 11:45 AM & Tuesdays at 7:00 PM.
-        Having Friends Inn in Fellowship Hall – Mon. through Thurs. at 5:30 PM
-        NA Meetings in Fellowship Hall – Mon. at 7:30 PM; Sat. at 11:00 – 1:00 PM
-        SCA Meetings in Fellowship Hall – Wed. at 7:30 PM
-        Nar-Anon Meetings in Fellowship Hall – Thurs. at 6:45 PM
-        Prayer Shawl Ministry in the Vestry – Thurs. at 10:00 AM
-        Senior Exercise in the Vestry – Tues. at 9:00 AM & Thurs. at 12:15 PM

Be sure to visit our website at www.sayvilleucc.org 
and our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sayvilleucc
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eChimes Podcast for January 09, 2018

Living in the shadows of suicide

Thoughts following Sunday's Joys & Concerns
​ and reports of another person lost to suicide.
Click here for podcast


Preview of March 4th Worship

This is a Communion Sunday
Meditation:     Green Bottle and Lighted Shed Window from Portraits of Grace
                        Images and Words from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit (Adapted)
The sources for inspiration are many, and they are readily available. All it takes is a bit of time to open our eyes to what is beneath our feet, through a window, or in the life of someone whose tender heart contains a story waiting to be told.
Jesus saw remarkable things all around him. So, too, can we.
Call to Worship:                                                                      Ray Bagnuolo
Every table is filled with the Divine.
            Whoever the guests, whatever the meal,
                        wherever it may be, so too, is the Divine.
Come to worship and to the table;
            be made new, again;
                        at this table set with God’s Love for us.
Unison Prayer:                                                                        Ray Bagnuolo
You in-spiration, your breathing into us, God, of your Spirit, fills us with each breath.
If the world remembered each breath as a prayer of your love, there would be no violence, oppression, forgetfulness of the “Other.” Imagine…
It is why we breath. Why we gather. Why we pray.
It is why we are joyful even in the midst of difficult times, for our breath/your breath brings life and love to all humankind and the world whenever we remember.
Help us, please, to remember.
First Reading:              Jeremiah 31:31-34
“That’s right. The time is coming when I will make a brand-new covenant with Israel and Judah. It won’t be a repeat of the covenant I made with their ancestors when I took their hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt. They broke that covenant even though I did my part as their God. 
“This is the brand-new covenant that I will make with Israel when the time comes. I will put my law within them—write it on their hearts!—and be their God. And they will be my people. They will no longer go around setting up schools to teach each other about God. They’ll know me firsthand, regardless of intellect. I’ll wipe the slate clean for each of them. I’ll forget they ever sinned!” 
Second Reading:         Way of the Cross as Building Peoples’ Movements
                                    from The Executed God, The Way of the Cross in Lockdown America
                                    By Mark Lewis Taylor pp 128-129
“The mere fact that Jesus’ most dramatic encounter, his execution, occurred during a religious and political festival like the Passover, where he intentionally positioned himself in the last tumultuous week of his life, suggests the orientation of his person and work toward movements.
“… the message embodied in his person is part of what moved the crowds at the politicized tumult of the Jewish Passover.
“Jesus’ message was frequently about the building of new relations, laden with talk about problems of hatred, oppression, anxiety, as well as about love, justice and righteousness.
“He risked having his message acted upon…”
Gospel Reading: John 12:27-32          (Inclusive Bible)
“Right now I am storm-tossed. And what am I going to say? ‘Abba, get me out of this’? No, this is why I came in the first place. I’ll say, ‘Abba, put your glory on display.’”
A voice came out of the sky: “I have glorified it, and I’ll glorify it again.”
The listening crowd said, “Thunder!”
Others said, “An angel spoke to him!”
Jesus said, “The voice didn’t come for me but for you. At this moment the world is in crisis. Now The Tempter, the ruler of this world, will be thrown out. And I, as I am lifted up from the earth, will attract everyone to me and gather them around me.”

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Message from Our Moderator Gail Kieser

As promised at our Annual Meeting in December, I will keep you updated on what has transpired at all of our monthly meetings with a brief synopsis. If you have any questions or concerns please ask me or any Deacon Trustee or Elder and we will be happy to address them. 

[Our thanks to Gail for this reporting. Ray]

Moderator's Synopsis of Trustees Meeting on Monday, February 19, 2018

Synopsis Trustees Meeting 2/19/18

The meeting was opened with prayer and a welcome to our new Trustee Hank Maust.

Treasurers Report

We have completed the first month of 2018 with our income slightly above budget, 1.6% so we are off to a stable start for the year. However, our expenses are 16.9% higher than our year to date plan due to increased heating, snow removal and other winter related causes. Our quarterly payments for Our Church Wider Mission, special Outreach offerings and disability payments have not yet been paid and are not reflected in our expenses. 

SAM - Sharing a Meal 

The Trustees voted to contribute 50% of the cost of materials to replace the floor in the kitchen in Fellowship Hall. All of the labor has been generously donated by an affiliate of SAM and the work will commence in the near future. SAM is still in need of volunteers so if you have any free time to help serve a population in need, your time would be greatly appreciated by our Mission Partner and those it serves. 

Fund Raiser

Tom Wolf who is coordinating our fund raiser at CM Performing Arts Center reported that 35 of the 50 tickets have been sold. He pointed out that the cost of the tickets is just $1 more than if they were purchased at the box office and provides a one hour wine and cheese reception before the show. So if you have not yet bought your ticket to join us and see Ragtime on March 23, please contact Tom or Heather in the office to get your ticket. All checks should be made out to the church. The deadline for purchasing tickets is March 8. There will be opportunities to purchase raffle tickets for baskets before the show. All proceeds from the raffle baskets go to the church. If you would like to help out with food, contact Connie Kaufman, raffle baskets, contact Susan Ryan.
We had lots of fun and saw an excellent production last year and hope that you will come and bring a friend this year. 

April 21 Event

Mark your calendar and look for more information to follow as we plan to host Bob Chase, a UCC Minister and author of “Beyond the Comma”. Discussion topics will include framing gun violence as a mental health issue. Given the most recent massacre and loss of life this is a very important topic. Each time an event occurs loud voices and protestors cry out for change but as time passes they become quieter until the next event. Though we all have different opinions on how to accomplish meaningful change surely we all agree that something needs to be done to stop the unnecessary loss of life. Come and listen and participate and let us focus on what we do agree on and how we might work together.

Property Issues

Our Spring clean up day will be April 14, one week before we host Bob Chase, so our church and grounds are spiffy for guests and visitors from the community that we expect to attend the event. Please volunteer a few hours to help out at this Bi Annual event, fall and spring cleaning. A light breakfast will be served. Specific times will be posted as we get closer to the event

There was some discussion on the condition of the windows in the bell tower. They are deteriorating rapidly and are desperately in need of repair. Since they are historic windows and we are on the Historical Buildings registry we just cannot pull out the windows and replace them. They must be the original windows. Therefore, it has been suggested that the windows could be removed one at a time, the space temporarily boarded up, and they could be hand renovated with love by church members. This would entail gentle scraping, caulk removal and replacement and repainting. If anyone has experience with this type of work or wants to give it a try contact Hank Maust.

Technology Update

The new projectors will be installed shortly. A trial run has shown the image to be far superior to what we are seeing now. We hope to get them in before Easter. Some extras like cables and fittings need to be purchased so that the projectors can be linked and used as monitors as well as for displaying the order of the service. In addition we should be able to become interactive where those that are not able to physically attend a service or event may be able to participate as a reader with their image and voice visible on the screen. This would also allow for long distance guest preachers or speakers on timely topics. The possibilities are endless and mind boggling to me.  The Swezey Knapp monies donated in memoriam have been exhausted so if anyone is interested in donating to the completion of this project donations will be gratefully accepted. The additional expense is estimated at $1500.

Looking Ahead

There was discussion on ways to utilize the church property to produce income while at the same time meeting some of the needs of the community. Many seniors in our community would love to stay in the community and enjoy the amenities that downtown Sayville has to offer without the burden of taking care of a too large house.  The possibility of how to create senior apartments on our land while maintaining the integrity of our space and mission partner relationships was discussed. Don’t panic. It was only a discussion looking at feasibility and possibilities. Lots of investigating has to be done before we are even close to such a project. Similar projects have been undertaken by other organizations which have led to positive outcomes for both the church and the community. 

Vestry Ceiling

There has been some discussion over the last few months of removing the drop ceiling and returning it to its original beautiful dark wood. Many do not know that in the 1960’s the drop ceiling was installed and there is actually the same ceiling in the vestry as in the sanctuary. It has been suggested that we contact local architectural schools to see if any students would like to take on the designing of this project as their senior project. Hank Maust has had some experience with this process and will be writing letters to local schools to see if there is any interest by students in designing this restoration of an historical building. Again do not panic. Both of these projects are being investigated and no decisions have been made as to whether they will be done or not, BUT if we do not at least get the information, we will not know what can or cannot be done.

It was pointed out this evening when I was at Bible Jam, after looking at some pictures of Hank and Karen’s granddaughter’s Baptism, that the wallpaper in the vestry is the same as it was 30 years ago. Uh oh. Another project in the making?

The Trustees welcome your input and help as they strive to both bring our building up to date and embrace modern technology, while remembering and keeping it’s history intact.


​Moderator's Synopis of Elders Meeting on Monday, February 12, 2018

After church this past Sunday, February 11, a brief Congregational Meeting was held to elect 1.5 new trustees. 1 Hank Maust and .5 Linda David. Hank filled a one year term vacancy and Linda was elected to share a position with Kari Kazmarek. Kari is a summer bird and Linda is a snowbird, meaning Kari is down south in the summer and Linda in the winter so together they fill one Deacon Trustee position. I wish to thank the Nominating Team, chaired by Susan Ryan, for their continued work in keeping our Deacon positions filled and to welcome Hank and Linda.

In addition to this ,the Congregation voted to have Roger Kaufmann and Sue Lanchantin represent them on the Constitution Revision Committee which will begin meeting shortly. The Constitution is available on line and I encourage you to read it and present any suggestions or changes that you would like to see to your representatives. The proposed constitutional changes will be presented to the congregation for a vote at or before the next Annual Congregational meeting next fall.

Elders Meeting Monday, Feb 12

Bible Jam
The Elders would like to invite Congregants to the Bible Jam sessions led by Ray and held on Mondays from 11:45 to 1 and Tuesdays from 7 to 8:15. The same material is presented for discussion at each group but the conversations are often quite different. The Bible is not taken literally, or dissected as such, but themes and topics are pondered and how they might apply to our daily living today. It is not so much a literal Bible Study, hence the name Bible Jam, a “jam session” of sorts, but using the Bible as a starting point for investigating themes and messages so prevalent through the development of Christianity and our lives today. Stop in some Monday or Tuesday and give it a try. You will not be disappointed and you may actually be surprised at how much you like it. I know I was.

Refugee Committee
The Refugee Committee is planning a meeting the first week in March to discuss their next activity to be held in May. They will be discussing hosting a community event where groups that interact with immigrants and refugees come together along with legislators and other government officials to each present their role in aiding and working with refugees and immigrants. The goal is to get a better holistic picture of how each entity is working with this population, how they are interrelated  and a handle on what is being done and what yet needs to be done. 

Youth Group
Our next Youth Group Activity is scheduled for this Friday, February 16 at 6:30 and is an all ages welcome, pizza, ice cream and technology awareness activity. Most of us are aware that “the kids” can teach us a lot when it comes to the how to’s of our tech devices so bring your tech devices, cell phone, tablet, lap top to this intergenerational learning exchange. All are welcome. Following this, on March 23 and 24 our second Beat Boxing youth seminar will be held culminating with the participants creating a video demonstrating what they have learned and showcasing their new found talents. It will be available for all to see at coffee hour after the Easter Service. In addition, discussion was held on forming a focus group of youth and young adults to evaluate our church services and gain their input into whether the services are relevant to them and if not, how this might be accomplished.

Projection, live streaming and sound continue to be tweaked with some minor changes that make a big difference. A volunteer is needed to learn the art of working the media and how they are interrelated and used. Right now Ray is the only person that “gets it” and more are needed in the event that there is a glitch when he is not available. If you are interested, or talented in that area, please let Ray know. And no, this does not mean you will be asked to be the projectionist each Sunday :)

In case you have not noticed, the scrim around the organ pipes is tearing away from the wall and needs to be replaced. Karl Hasselriis and Paul Elesener are investigating what materials might be used to fix this eyesore and give optimum sound and performance of our beautiful pipe organ. Thank you Karl and Paul. 

Thank you to our church administrator, Heather Corcoran, for creating the Ash Wednesday announcement banner and to Kathy Leis and Mark Conrad for always getting the banners up at the right time. After Ash Wednesday look for another Heather creation with Lenten and Easter services information.

Easter Plans
The Elders discussed the upcoming Easter Services and made plans for the “after the boat ride” breakfast. Karin Conrad is chairing that activity along with a committee of Joe Cunningham, Roger Kaufman, Don Gray, Susan Ryan and Karl Hasselriis. If you would like to help with the pancake breakfast contact Karin Conrad.  Last year, Karin coordinated the service for the Sunrise Service boat ride. Someone is needed to fill that position and help out, since she will not be going on the boat but preparing pancakes and hot beverages to warm up with on the group’s return to church. Anybody interested and willing to help out with the boat service please contact Ray. Holy Week and Easter plans will be finalized at the next meeting on Monday, March 12.

At their January meeting the Elders agreed to have every Sunday in Lent be a communion Sunday. Pat Mahar will be coordinating the communion services with Ray. The Elders discussed presenting communion in different ways each of the seven Sundays in order to bring it into relationship to our lives today and make communion a part of who we are and not just a “ritual”. They wish to recapture the aspect of love, caring and Jesus teachings that are lost when communion is thought to be only a representation of body and blood through bread and wine. The table means so much more. This is the same table for us as it was when Jesus and his disciples sat at it. 

The Elders discussed the recently attended Enneagram workshop, how it applies to working together and understanding each other and what the next step should be. They agreed that this is a program that would be of benefit to both the Congregation and the wider Community and will be discussing plans for future workshops with Will Donovan, the presenter.  

Future Plans
The Elders approved moving forward on hosting another H.Y.M.N.S concert in our sanctuary, probably in late April or early May and hosting a workshop by Rev Bob Chase a UCC Minister, author of Beyond The Comma with a discussion and book signing, available dates and format are being looked at.

It was a long meeting with lively discussion and as you can see a lot was accomplished. There is a lot to look forward to this Easter season and Spring. If you cannot join us in person be sure to catch us at echimestv.org 


Moderator’s Elder’s and Full Board of Deacon’s Meeting Synopsis, Monday, January 22, 2018

The Elder’s meeting was held Monday, January 22 at 6:30 followed by the Full Board meeting at 7:30. This is not our normal pattern but as I said in my last message, it was necessary to reschedule the Elder’s meeting this month and to hold it before the Full Board meeting.

The Elders, responsible for worship in conjunction with Ray, planned for this Lenten season beginning Ash Wednesday, February 14 at 7:30 pm with the Imposition of Ashes and ending on Easter Sunday, April 1 with our much loved sunrise service on the bay, followed by a pancake breakfast and then our traditional 10:00 am communion service. The Seven Sunday’s will all be communion Sunday’s. Our Maundy Thursday service will be a traditional tennebrae service ending with the darkening of the church in preparation for Good Friday when the church will be open from 12 noon to 3 PM for those wishing to pray or meditate. There will be no formal service on Good Friday.

For those of you who like to plan ahead a confirmation class will commence in September 2018 and be open to those Middle and High School students who wish to receive Confirmation whether church members or not. It will be held online and in person following an academic year calendar with confirmation in June 2019. Know anyone that might be interested? Spread the word. Christmas Eve 2018 falls on a Monday. The family service will be held at 5pm followed by Lessons and Carols at 11pm AND yes we are going to have another much loved Victorian Tea in 2018, November 30, December 1 and 2. Thank you to the hard working committee and volunteers for their willingness to do it once again.

Our youth had several activities together during the fall, stemming from the refugee program, and have expressed a desire for a “Youth Group”. Many of you may have fond memories of such a group and how important it was to you in your formative teenage years. The next youth activity is scheduled for Friday, February 16th at 6:30 details to be announced soon. If anyone would like to help or get involved in the activities of our newly forming youth group please let Ray know. 

Tech update:  Our services can be found on our internet websites eChimes.org and eChimesTV.org. Missed church, you can find the service there, wanted to hear that sermon or reading again, you can find them there, loved that hymn or song, you can find it there. Please note when you are either at church or watching on the internet that all of the music for each service follows the theme of the readings and the sermon. Special thanks to the Music Selection Committee, James and Ray for their cooperative effort in making this happen for us.

Since our full board is made up of the Board of Trustees, dealing with the financial and property issues or secular issues, and the Board of Elders, dealing with spiritual issues, there is often an overlap and exchange of information. For example, tech information is updated at each meeting. The treasurer’s report presented tonight was the same as that presented to the Trustees last week and to you in the Trustees synopsis with the additional information that the accounting system is being updated with the help of Charlene Apsel from the Parish Resource Center. This update will provide us with an easier more functional program for accounting and posting purposes streamlining the process and making both Karen’s and Heather’s job easier.

Because this was our first joint meeting this year we discussed some goals and changes that we would like to work on in 2018. Creating an accurate, updated directory, updating all personal contact information for those that join us in any capacity in case of emergency, mapping the congregation into Caring Zones so that no one would be forgotten or left out, the possibility of Emmanuel once again gracing our chancel and sanctuary, more musicians at worship, forming a youth group, and increasing membership by spreading the word and letting others  know who and what we are ; similar to “build it and they will come”.

We discussed having speakers such as Robert Chase, the author of Beyond the Comma, a book on presenting gun violence as a public health issue, and opening the presentations to the wider community. We want to continue our role in community outreach and education of issues that affect us all regardless of our religious affiliation or background or practices but just as human beings. We hope to have several opportunities for education and discussion of common issues in the coming year. Any topics you would like or people you would like to hear from, let us know.

We discussed the much needed formation of a Constitutional Revision Committee. The committee will consist of, the Pastor, the Moderator, one Elder, one Trustee, and two congregants. The Elders and Trustees will each submit their representative after their February meeting. The congregation will select their representatives by vote. If you would like to serve on this committee, or submit the name of someone you would like to represent the congregation, please forward this information to me at moderator@sayvilleucc.org. I will prepare a slate to be voted on Sunday, February 25 immediately after church. Copies of both the profile and Constitution can be found at www.sayvilleucc.org

The Board will be attending an Enneagram Workshop this Friday and Saturday, presented by our friend and neighbor Will Donovan. The Enneagram is a tool for personal and collective transformation which fosters greater understanding through a universal language that transcends gender, religion, nationality and culture. More simply put, each personality type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that comes from a deeper inner motivation and worldview. If we understand this and come to see where each of us works from, or how we process information, or deal with differing opinions, or controversy it becomes easier to interact as a group sharing ideas, learning from each other while striving to reach a common goal. I will let you know how it goes.

I am optimistic that as we begin working together for another year with lofty goals and plans that we will, as a congregation, reach those goals as we continue to care for each other and spread the message of love to all that we meet and whose lives we touch. May it be so.


Trustees Meeting Monday, January 15, 2018

The meeting was opened with prayer followed by approval of the agenda and minutes of the last meeting. The treasurers report shows that we are in a good position to begin the new year with tithes and offerings 9.6% over what was budgeted for 2017, which provides us with a carryover. This carryover is fortuitous because the caretaker's apartment is in desperate need of updating, including the bathroom, all carpeting, and minor repairs to the kitchen before complete repainting.  Two detailed bids for the bathroom update were reviewed and the lower bid was accepted and approved.

The Trustee's voted to add $10,000 from the carryover to the approved 2018 budget to facilitate updating the apartment and preparing it for our new caretaker Laura Weyant. This transfer allows us to maintain the $15,000 budgeted in our capital budget for other much needed repairs to other parts of our property and the parsonage. We are thankful that Laura has been working since December, while not yet living in the apartment, so that the necessary repairs and updates can be made. I hope you have noticed what a great job Laura has been doing both inside and out and that if you see her you take a moment to introduce yourself, say hello, welcome and thank her. 

Our new relationship with Sharing A Meal, better known as SAM, is working nicely. SAM has asked permission to replace the kitchen floor in Fellowship Hall which has been down since before 1985. They have provided us with a sample for approval, will be responsible for getting the work done and will assume most of the expense. They have asked us to share in the expense, as we are able, and we are waiting for estimates before financial approval. We are happy to work with them to get this also, much needed upgrade, completed.

In other maintenance areas you will be happy to know (and hear) that the alarm system has been repaired so there will no longer be any unnecessary beeping. Also, the new projectors, purchased within the live streaming budget,  which will provide for clearer and easier to read slides in the sanctuary, will be installed within the next few weeks. 

The Trustees have approved the use of the property by an Indie film company on Thursday, January 25, to shoot scenes for a film that deals with depression and suicide. The film is the project of a young man, who at 8 years old, discovered that his father, a NYC Police Officer, had committed suicide after bouts of depression. The company found our church while researching sites on the Internet and, after reading about our interest in suicide prevention, contacted Ray to explore the possibility of using our site. We may even get to see Ray with a small part in this worthwhile, timely film. I will keep you updated on this :)

I know how much we all enjoyed our last CM Performing Arts fundraiser and Tom is looking into arranging another for the end of February for us to see Rag Time. More information to follow. Look for it.

Since this is my first “Board” synopsis let me know if you found it informational and helpful. I will provide a synopsis for Elders, Trustees and Full Board meetings. Elders meet the second Monday of every month, Trustees, every third Monday and the Full Board on the fourth Monday quarterly, beginning in January. Some months, such as this one, weeks are changed to accommodate holidays or Ray’s schedule, but the meetings are always held on Monday. The Elders meeting will be held next week, the 22nd, with the Full Board immediately following it. There will be a synopsis of both in the following e Chimes.

Happy 2018 and I look forward to keeping you updated on Board activities, discussions and decisions.