Looking Ahead in 2018!
As we kick off 2018, CA4Health is continuing its resolve to be an active part of the movement for equity. This is a time of resistance, resilience, healing, and growth. It is vital for public health practitioners to understand that much of what we do is more complicated and nuanced than it may appear on the surface. This compels us to be introspective, have tough conversations, and commit to transformational change in our communities and our workplaces. The call to action is all around us.
CA4Health recognizes that, now more than ever, we have to practice collaboration and recognize intersectionality to create equitable communities. We need to come together to collectively push for necessary changes, connect with social movements, and recommit to the social justice underpinnings of public health. CA4Health is positioned to be part of the solution! In the coming year, CA4Health will continue to work towards creating spaces for authentic interactions and dialogues, sharing compelling stories and information, and supporting strides for health equity through capacity building and advocacy. We are excited for the possibilities with our members and partners to connect, share, and take action!


CA4Health is signing up members! Membership is FREE and open to both individuals and organizations alike. Members help inform CA4Health advocacy priorities and events spanning an array of prevention and equity issues; have access to a community of allies in CA through the CA4Health directory, and tailored events; have the opportunity to promote their own events, publications, and initiatives through the PULSE newsletter and CA4Health website; and are eligible for travel scholarships and discounts to CA4Health and partner events. We welcome you to Join us!

Member Opportunity

Members who sign up before January 29th have an opportunity to apply for scholarship funds to join the CA4Health delegation at the 2018 PolicyLink Equity Summit in Chicago (April 11-13). Contact us for more details. Already registered for the Summit? Not to worry, the delegation is open to anyone attending from California. Just let us know so we can keep you informed of any delegation activities. More details to come!


Join us in Sacramento for ENACT Day 2018 where Californians will come together to educate decisionmakers about the health equity issues most pressing in our communities. Registration will open Feb 1st. Stay up to date HERE.

Remember to check the CA4Health website for upcoming California events and new resources. Have something you want shared/promoted? Send it to


Understanding Marijuana Webinar Series

CA4Health's 3-part webinar series provided key understandings of the effects of marijuana on our health and how to address the long-term residual consequences of its criminalization in our communities. Click to view recordings:
Part 1:  Marijuana and Our Health
Part 2:  Marijuana and Communities
Part 3:  Marijuana and Public Health

Advancing Health Equity in Local Health Departments: Championing Transformative Change to Advance Health Equity
February 15, 2018  — 10:00am PST

Organized by Human Impact Partners, this 4-part webinar series features national experts and local health departments discussing their work to advance health equity. The webinars focus on a set of strategic practices that health departments can take to pursue a wall-to-wall transformation of how they work internally, with communities, and alongside other government agencies.Find more information and register HERE.



California Reducing Disparities Project: Advancing Mental Health Equity Statewide Conference
April 10, 2018, Los Angeles

Mental health and wellness is a critical issue for diverse communities, particularly in the current social and political climate. However, access to appropriate and effective services is limited for communities of color, limited English proficient communities, immigrants and refugees, and the LGBT community. This conference will provide an opportunity for advocates, providers, consumers, and other community partners to collaborate and develop strategies for change. Click HERE for more information.

Navigating the Election Process for Students & First Time Voters:  A Beginners Guide to Election Rights, Rules and Regulations

First-time voters are some of the most important Americans to show up on Election Day because they represent the newest voices making their wishes for government known. But learning about how the voting process works and getting registered can seem overwhelming – especially for students or other young people who already have enough on their plates. This guide simplifies what it takes to cast your first vote and offers helpful advice to prepare you for the polls HERE.


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