October 31, 2017
Happy Tails of the Month!



Baja Dogs La Paz monthly stats at a glance
As most of you know, Baja Dogs La Paz does not operate a shelter. Instead, the dogs we list on our website have been rescued by a caring individual who is fostering them until the dog is adopted into a loving home. We assist these rescuers with food - and to the extent that funds are available - other vet care such as Bravecto, vaccines, sterilizations, etc. If you are supporting Baja Dogs in any way - you can be proud of the accomplishments we have all made this year alone. 

  • 149 dogs adopted since January
    • 41 to Canada
    • 36 to the US
    • 72 to La Paz and vicinity which includes:
      • ​45 by rescatistas alone*​
      • 27 via the Baja Dogs adoption program
  • ​63 days average to adoption
  • 66 dogs presently supported in foster homes​​​
​*Rescatistas (rescuers in Spanish) may find homes on their own. When this occurs, they notify us about a possible adoption so we can remove the dog from our roster. We wholly support this activity.

​Volunteer Spotlight
This work would not be possible without our wonderful team of volunteers!
And that is an understatement. The dedication of this team is amazing.
​So we want to keep introducing you one by one to those who make it happen!

This month - meet Lisa Wilson!
If you have ever inquired about a dog - you would have gotten a response from Lisa Wilson.

She answers all of our inquiries, microchips and registers dogs that are adopted, and she ensures we dot our i's and cross our t's.

​If that isn't enough, Lisa and her husband, Bruce, often transport dogs to the Cabo airport - a 6+ hour round trip drive. They were instrumental in getting Duna to southern California by driving her part-way north.

Lisa - thank you for all you do!!!!!!


In conclusion, 

  • To all of our volunteers, rescuers (rescatistas), fosters, pet escorts, and those who work tirelessly to help the abandoned and stray dogs of La Paz - Thank you for all you do!
  • To our donors and supporters - we couldn't do it without you! Thank you for your continued support and confidence in the work we do. 

Muchas Gracias!