July 2017

Happy Tails of the Month



Dog Food Program
We continue to average between 40 and 50 dogs a month.

Even though traumatic cases capture the most attention, food remains our highest expense. For 2017 we project an annual food cost of $48,680.00 (USD) and this allows us to save 160 dogs. You can help us with this by becoming one of our monthly donors. Even a small donation can help. For example:


Other key metrics:
  • 108 dogs adopted since January 1 of this year. Most adoptions to the US or Canada occur during the winter months when there are frequent visitors who choose to escort one or more dogs to the Pacific Northwest. If you or anyone you know is visiting and flying out of Cabo San Lucas, escorting a dog is rewarding and we cover all logistics and costs for the dog. Let us know if you think you can help be a Pet Escort -
    • ​45 dogs adopted to local in the state of Baja California Sur;
    • 24 dogs adopted to the US;
    • 39 dogs adopted to Canada

  • Average time to adopt is 58 days. We have some dogs that take much longer and some that are adopted much quicker. The key is the socialization and friendliness of the dog, leash training, housetraining, etc. You will find that we take many videos of our dogs to help potential adopters see each dog interact with children, other dogs, the elderly, a crowded walk on the Malecon, and even cats.
New Programs!!!



We have initiated the first step of our Wellness Program - the distribution of Bravecto.

This means we can treat the common disease of Erlichiosis/Anaplasma earlier in the rescue process without fear of reinfestation.
Partnership with PetLink!

Aligned with our ongoing commitment to follow our rescues for the entirety of their lives, we are pleased to announce our partnership with PetLink, a Microchipping company based in the USA and providing International Microchips that can be read by microchip readers World wide! 
By partnering with PetLink, Baja Dogs is sent a sequence of microchips that have us preregistered as the “guardian” – something the pet owner cannot edit. This means Baja Dogs is a permanent contact in case the pet is ever found and its family cannot be reached. 
>>>Read more here!


In conclusion,

  • To all of our volunteers, rescuers (rescatistas), fosters, pet escorts, and those who work tirelessly to help the abandoned and stray dogs of La Paz - Thank you for all you do!

  • To our donors and supporters - we couldn't do it without you! Thank you for your continued support and confidence in the work we do. 

Muchas Gracias!