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eChimes for the week of May 23 - 30, 2017

Office Schedule Changes

Wednesday, May 24th - Office Opens at 11:00 AM

​Monday, May 28th - Memorial Day - Office will be Closed

Regular Weekly Hours: Monday - Thursday, 10 AM - 2 PM

Call Ray for emergencies or when the office is closed and there is something you need:

Bible Talk & Study Schedule Change

​There will be no Bible Study on Monday, May 28th or Tuesday May 29th

Bible Talk & Study will resume on Monday June 5th an Tuesday June 6t at the regular times.

The Inner Self
Thoughts from Henri Nouwen
​The Modern Spirituality Series

"Today I imagined my inner self as a place crowded with pins and needles. How could I receive anyone in my prayer when there is no real place for them to be free and relaxed? When I am so full of preoccupations, jealousies, angry feelings, anyone who enters will get hurt. I had a very vivid realization that I must create some space in my innermost self so that I may indeed invite others to enter and be healed. To pray for others means to offer a hospitable place where I can really listen to their needs and pains. Compassion, therefore, calls for self-scrutiny that can lead to inner gentleness."
Good words to consider from a gentle soul of a man.

​​From Pastor Ray

Dear Friends,

A word of thanks, again, to the Refugee Action Committee and our guests Carmen Maquillon and Dot Beardslee (and her sister Debbie) for their timely and poignant presentation to those gathered. (And thanks to all who helped set-up and for a wonderful lunch!)

At the forum, it was easy to sense the way we are moving forward in understanding the needs of those who become refugees and are assigned to the our local communities and other locales in the USA. We look forward to future discussions and discernment in ways that we might lead in supporting these sisters and brothers of ours.

If you missed Sunday's presentation, we videotaped the forum and will have it on our website within the next few days at

Also, thanks to Hank Maust, who planned and organized our participation in the Sacred Spaces Open House this last weekend. With Don Gray, Hank was available to meet and greet visitors who came to learn about our congregation and the beautiful stained glass windows that enrich our sanctuary's beauty with a light all their own! This presentation will also be available on our website soon!

This Sunday, May 28th, we will remember those who have served and serve now in the military and in our communities as first responders. We extend our thanks to all the men and women and families and friends who know what it is to care for others who place themselves in harm's way on our behalf. 

And, today, as we pray and work and hope for peace and justice and an end to violence, we remember those who lost their lives in yet another terrorist act, this time in Great Britain. We hold all those there and around the world who know the unspeakable horror of the twin diseases of discrimination and hatred. Our arms and prayers around all...

In other news, it only took two days for a member of the congregation to find an apartment to rent for Billy Johnson! Thanks to everyone who reached out to Billy and helped in the search. You are all awesome!

On Sunday, we will be continuing our readings from Acts of the Apostles: Acts 1:6-16 and the Gospel of John 17:1-11. We look forward to seeing you, if you are able too join us. And, if you are among the many celebrating graduations of family and friends (or your own!), as well as traveling for the holiday weekend - congratulation and traveling mercies all around!

A Note: From time to time, the scriptures use the language of gender and power in ways that are not always easy to read. We are continually looking at ways to modify this - without losing the message of the scriptures, themselves. If at any time he language feels awkward to you or even oppressive, please let me know. I would love to gather an informal group to talk about how we can modify language in ways that carry the message of the scriptures without the distractions that can happen when we start calling God Abba instead of Father, and so forth. I appreciate your patience and understanding - and your help and comments.

I leave you with this from my latest read, a quote from last week in case you missed it: Thich Nat Hath, ​The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation:
“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness,
which unites your body to your thoughts.
Whenever your mind becomes scattered,
use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.” 

Breathe out the darkness and breathe in the light....and let go of the pins and needles​ of the mind!

With love,

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” ~Shannon L. Alder

We ask that you continue to keep Karl Hasselriis and Mike Fallacara in your prayers as they heal from recent illness and surgery. They both enhjoy hearing from folks in the congregation and would enjoy a call just to say, "Hello!" Karl Hasselriis 516-885-1651; Mike Fallacara 516-639-0001


Prayer Requests... Let us pray...

♦ I pray for the safe return of those in uniform serving in Southwest Asia. ~ Ron Bergmann.
Prayers for all who have lost loved ones through war.
Prayers for peace in the world, all the world.
Prayers for Jamir and his family.
Please keep Jean Newcombe and family in your prayers as they grieve the passing of her first cousins Maxwell Robertson and Douglas Anderson. 
Prayers for Mike and Judie Jayne in the loss of their nephew, Talan.
Prayers for Jim Batura on the passing of his father.
Prayers of healing for Helen Maloney who continues her recovery in Rehab in Riverhead.
Please pray for Karen Maust's sister, Marilyn, as she starts treatment for lung cancer.
Prayers for the family of Charlie Schlener who passed away on May 4th.  Charlie worked in the Sayville Schools in his retirement for many years.
Please pray for my brother Fred Sauter V (the Fifth) from San Diego, suffering from oral cancer. ~ Diane Nowicki
♦ Prayers for all immigrants facing deportation.
♦ Prayers for displaced children in the world.
♦ Prayers for the United States of America on the path before us. 
♦ Prayers for all babies around the world impacted by the Zika virus.

Upcoming Calendar Dates

Tuesday        May 23      7:00 PM         Bible Talk in Vestry

Wednesday   May 24       6:00 PM        Choir practice

Thursday       May 25      10:00 AM      Prayer Shawl Ministry in the Vestry
Thursday       May 25      12:15 PM      Senior Exercise in Vestry

Monday         May 29       11:00 PM     Sayville Memorial Day Parade

​Monday         May 29                            Office Closed - Memorial Day

Tuesday        May 30       9:00 AM        Senior Exercise in Vestry
Tuesday        May 30       7:00 PM        Bible Talk in Vestry

Wednesday   May 31       6:00 PM        Choir practice
Thursday       June 1       10:00 AM       Prayer Shawl Ministry in the Vestry
Thursday       June 1       12:15 PM       Senior Exercise in Vestry

Monday         June 5        11:45AM        Bible Talk in Vestry
​Tuesday        June 6         7:00 PM        Bible Talk in Vestry

Monday - Thursday        5:30 PM      Sharing a Meal (Formerly Having Friends In)

Weekly Support Meetings:
Mondays         7:30 PM      Courage to Change (NA), Fellowship Hall
Wednesdays   7:30 PM      SCA Meeting, Fellowship Hall
Thursdays       6:45 PM      Nar-Anon Recovery Group, Fellowship Hall
Saturdays       11:00 AM     Serenity in Sayville (NA), Fellowship Hall

Sunday, May 28th Stewards

Liturgist  Karen Maust

Music Director  James Higgins, Guest Music Director

Greeters & Ushers  Ann Walker and Jean Gill

Projectionist  Casey Cunningham

Projection Slides   Kimberley Reiser

Hospitality  Vacant

Building Close  Karen Maust

Help Wanted
Sunday Stewards Needed!
Check the Sign-up Sheets in The Vestry Hallway!
Many hands make light work!



Picture This!

Summer’s coming! Our sanctuary’s east wall “gallery” has been graced by artistic creations of our church family during several summers. This year we would like to tap the photographic talents of our members and friends.
Most of us have several (hundred) favorite photographs we have taken. Please consider choosing, enlarging and framing one or two of your photos so you can be a part of what could be an exceptional display this summer.
There will soon be paperwork in the vestry with further information and a mid-June due date. We look forward to seeing your great shots in our Members and Friends Summer Photography Showcase!!


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Weekly Events:
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Bible Talks! in the Vestry - Mondays at 11:45 AM & Tuesdays at 7:00 PM
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Choir Practice in the Vestry - Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
Having Friends Inn in Fellowship Hall - Mondays through Thursdays at 5:30 PM
NA Meetings in Fellowship Hall – Mon at 7:30 PM; Sat. at 11:00 AM
SCA Meetings in Fellowship Hall – Wed. at 7:30 PM
Naranon Meetings in Fellowship Hall – Thurs. at 6:45 PM

Prayer Shawl Ministry in the Vestry - Thursdays at 10:00 AM
Senior Exercise in the Vestry - Tuesdays at 9:00 AM & Thursdays at 12:15 PM

United Church of Christ congregations pays its own bills, hires its own staff, and maintains its own facilities from the voluntary gifts of members and friends. Donations are accepted in the basket on Sundays, as well as through our online giving program or through direct payments. Please call Heather in the office to answer any questions you may have about how we can best to accommodate your gifts.  And, please consider buying Stop & Shop Gift Cards to support the church. Available at coffee hour each week, a portion of their cost goes to Sayville Congregational United Church of Christ.

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