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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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​Greetings from Pastor Ray

Dear Friends,

It's been almost seven weeks! since many of us gathered for Ash Wednesday. For some reason that is startling to me! I can remember being with you in the sanctuary on that evening as though it was just a few days ago. It lingers with me to this day in very meaningful ways.

This Thursday we find ourselves at a similar marker in God's time. Maundy Thursday commemorates the last time that Jesus will have supper with his disciples before the process of his execution begins. If you are able, please join us in the sanctuary at 8:00 PM as we recall  the last days of Jesus' corporal time on Earth. If you are unable to be with us, try to pause around the time we gather and remember us as we will intentionally remember you. Near or far, we are together.

On Good Friday, our sanctuary will be open from Noon - 3:00 PM. It will be a time for self-directed reflection, prayer and meditation. I will be available if you wish to talk for a bit; otherwise, you are invited to make this your time to be still in the sacred space of our sanctuary, as we continue to recall...

A seminary professor once told me, "Bagnuolo, remember! Light always follows darkness in the bible!" I have yet to prove that wise teacher wrong. Happily so. And the light will rise on Easter morning, with many of us atop a Sayville Ferry in the Great South Bay. Our youth will lead the worship service as the sun rises and you are invited to join us. Following our "Easter Sunday Sunrise Worship", we move to our Fellowship Hall where volunteers will have a breakfast prepared for all who wish to join us. 

Thank you to all at Sayville Ferry!

Following the early morning worship, Easter continues at 10:00 AM in our sanctuary for Easter Sunday Worship. It was just a week before that we worshipped and shared palms in celebration of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Now, we worship and celebrate the Risen Christ in our midst on this central day of our Christian faith. It is a day that calls us together as no other, and we look forward to being with all of you who are able to join us.

It is also the time that we honor and remember our friends and family members with the abundance of flowers that will grace our chancel. There is still time for you to add a name to our list, so that it appears in our bulletin. Please contact Heather in our office by noon on Thursday, if you have a name you would like to add.

And, then, a special time to gather in worship in agape!

On Sunday, April 23rd at 10:00 AM, Rev. Robert Pierce will lead us in worship and an Agape  in our vestry. In early Christian times, the Agape was also know as the "Love feast" - appropriate for this congregation, especially! It is a chance to gather in an informal way, leaning back a bit, considering the journey we have been on since March 1st and Ash Wednesday. A time to be together, to share stories, pray and relax in one another's company.


Bring a dish! Robert and his committee are asking for family's that are able to bring a dish - a simple Mediterranean style dish of one item, that includes foods such as mandarin oranges, figs, persimmons, pistachios, persimmon, pomegranate, pears, cheeses, olives, crackers and the like. Thank you Robert and all who will help to make this meal a fine way to begin our journey into the Post-Easter time.

Lastly, I ask you to keep in mind all those in our congregation and community who might welcome a call or visit from you. Sometimes just a quick, "Hello" can mean a great deal to a family member or friend. And, when that is not possible, a prayer in their direction can make a difference, as well. An invitation to join us in worship... also a nice way to say, "Hi!"

Our prayers, too, continue to be with all those who are experiencing the terrifying impact of violence and exclusion around the planet. If we all lift up the concerns we each have in our heart, together, I am sure, we will forget none.

​Thinking of you all,

With love,
Ray 631-827-8611


Easter Sunday
"Return from Sunrise Worship"
Breakfast is On!

Please join us in Fellowship Hall for a breakfast meal following our "Worship at Sunrise" on the Great South Bay. Our volunteers will be ready to serve us, and upon our return we will lift them up with the proper "Huzzahs!" and "Thank you's" as we enjoy what they have prepared for us. 

Remember! We depart for worship from Sayville Ferry at 6:00 AM Sharp! Boarding begins at 5:45 AM.
Dress warmly and please do join us!

Prayer Requests... Let us pray...

♦ "Prayers for our daughter Jessica (and baby-to-be) as she is experiencing medical
    complications in her pregnancy," Kimberley and Frank Reiser."
♦ For those participating in accompaniment  in immigration courts on Wednesday, April 12th.
♦ "For our grandchildren."
♦ "I pray for the safety of our troops serving in Southwest Asia and look forward to their
      return to the USA."
♦ "Prayers of all Syrians who are suffering."
"Prayers for all children who are hungry and neglected."
♦ "Prayers for peace in the world."


Lenten, Passion Week and Easter Worship

April 13       Maundy Thursday     8:00 PM in the Sanctuary
April 14       Good Friday              Sanctuary Open Noon – 3:00 PM for Meditation & Prayer
April 16       Easter Sunday          Colossians 3:1-4; Matthew 28:1-10
                   Sunrise Service         Depart Sayville Ferry at 6:00 AM; Board 5:45 AM
                   Morning Service        10:00 AM - Sanctuary
Upcoming Calendar Dates

Wednesday  April 12      6:00 PM      Choir Practice
Wednesday  April 12      5:30 PM      Having Friends Inn Outreach
Wednesday  April 12      7:30 PM      Narcotics Anonymous Meeting, Fellowship Hall
Wednesday  April 12      8:00 PM      Maundy Thursday Service in the Sanctuary
Thursday     April 13     10:00 AM     Prayer Shawl Ministry in the Vestry
Thursday     April 13     12:15 PM     Senior Exercise in the Vestry
Thursday     April 13       5:30 PM     Having Friends Inn Outreach

Friday          April 14    Noon - 3PM  Sanctuary Open

Saturday      April 15     11:00 AM     Twelve Step Meeting, Fellowship Hall

Sunday        April 16       5:45 AM     Sayville Ferry for Easter Morning Service
                                       7:00 AM     Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall
                                     10:00 AM     Easter Sunday Worship in the Sanctuary

Monday        April 17      7:00 PM     Sayville Congregational UCC Trustees Meeting

Monday       April 17      11:45AM     Bible Talk in Vestry - To Believe - John 20:19-31
Monday       April 17       5:30 PM     Having Friends Inn Outreach, Fellowship Hall
Monday       April 17       7:00 PM     Sayville Congregational UCC Elders Meeting
Monday       April 17       7:30 PM     Narcotics Anonymous Meeting, Fellowship Hall

Tuesday      April 18       9:00 AM    Senior Exercise in the Vestry
Tuesday      April 18       5:30 PM    Having Friends Inn Outreach
Tuesday      April 18       7:00 PM    Bible Talk in Vestry - To Believe - John 20:19-31

Saturday     April 22              AM    Family Table Food Ministries Distribution

Sunday       April 23     10:00 AM    Agape & Worship in the Vestry

Monday       April 24      7:00 PM    Sayville Congregational UCC Full Board Meeting

Our sanctuary will be open on Good Friday from Noon - 3:00 PM

Our sanctuary will be open to all on Good Friday afternoon. Come as you wish: to meditate, pray, reflect or join with others in observing this day when Jesus Christ was executed by those who just couldn't or wouldn't understand. Ray will be available if you wish to have some time to chat. Come and be with, or from wherever you are on Friday.


Paint and Pasta Party Fundraiser for Having Friends In
Please join us on Thursday, May 18, 2017 as we enjoy a night out for a good cause!

We’ll gather at Bluestone Tavern in Sayville at 6 pm for pasta and salad. Wine, beer and a summer cocktail will be available for $4. From 7-9 pm, artist Lisa will lead us step by step to paint the pictured design on a tote bag. A basket raffle and coffee and dessert are part of the fun as well. Tickets are $45 and 50% will be donated to the soup kitchen.

Contact Jerry or Gini for tickets at 631-363-6696 until 4/29. After 4/29, tickets will be available at the Bluestone hostess station or by contacting Jen Brown 631-356-5418 or


Stewards for April 16th, Easter Sunday

Liturgist  Gail Kieser

Music Director  Sean Cameron

Greeters & Ushers  Gail and Ted Heyse

Projectionist  Casey Cunningham

Projection Slides  Kimberley Reiser

Hospitality Could be you!

Building Close  Probably will be me!

Stop & Shop Cards are available at coffee hour each week.
They make great gifts and are great way to purchase your groceries
while supporting Sayville Congregational United Church of Christ.

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