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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

 Easter Flowers - Order by Thursday Noon!

We will be accepting your remembrances and donations for Easter Flowers until this Thursday Noon! Please call Heather!
​She is ready to hear from you. 631-589-1519


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​Greetings from Pastor Ray

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all having a good week. If that is ever not the case, I hope you will contact me or one of the folks in the congregation. There are not always answers to what is going on, but invitations for prayer and for listening or a short chat - can often make a difference all around. 

And, here we are approaching Palm Sunday! Our service on Sunday begins at 10:00 AM, with palms distributed at the end of worship by our youth members. Please invite friends and family who may be visiting or looking for a welcoming place to worship to join us. Our first reading will center on part of Psalm 118:

    Give thanks to God, for God is good;
        God’s steadfast love endures forever!
    Let us all say,
        “God’s steadfast love endures forever.”
    Out of our distress we call on God;
        God answers us and sets us in a broad place.
    With God on our side we do not fear.
        What can mortals do to us?
        God is on our side to help us.
    Let us all say,
        “God’s steadfast love endures forever.”

It is God’s steadfast love that endures forever and more. A powerful refrain to repeat and remember, especially today and as we approach Passion Week. 

The Gospel Reading will be Matthew 21:1-11, the well-know verses describing Jesus’ entry in Jerusalem. You can read an online version here, as we prepare for the days ahead.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon, and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

And, if you have a moment, that person you just thought of might love to hear from you! That’s how it works, you know. 

Ray 631-827-8611

Got Pancakes??
Think "Tradition" from Fiddler

Around 7:00am on Easter morning, many of us look forward to having breakfast in the Fellowship Hall, along with the 50 or so others who have just witnessed the rising of the Easter morning sun from the deck of a ferry in the middle of the Great South Bay. Breakfast  has been, traditionally, pancakes or French toast and bacon, lovingly made by such famous cooks as Bob Taylor, Burt or Mark Redlein, and, most recently, Jerry Maler (or even Cheryl), with the aid of a small but mighty committee. None of these people live around here anymore. So, we are in a dilemma. If there is someone who knows their way around a grill, and would enjoy making such a breakfast for the stalwart sunrise attendees, we can provide an awesome committee. Or, we can create another plan, i.e., bagels/potluck/cater-it-for-a-fee. Please let us know what you think. Yes, it has occurred to me to invite Jerry up from Tennessee. Heck, we make Cheryl come back for the Victorian Tea!!
Looking forward to your ideas - feel free to send them via email!

Thank you to Sister Sanaa Nadim, Chaplain


We are very grateful to Sister Sanaa for joining us on Sunday and for a warm and informative conversation about the Muslim Faith and our many ways to minister and work together in the challenging climate we all face.

You can watch the forums from start to finish at The actual conference begins at 15:45, so fast forward to that point, sit back and enjoy!

We also live-streamed the forum and had more than forty viewers for all or part of the presentation. That matched the number who joined us in the sanctuary! Thanks to all who're with us and to Mike Jayne, Robert Pierce and the Social Action Committee for bringing this all together.
Meditation Times…

We are working on a schedule for the sanctuary to be open during the week, so that it can be a place for meditation, prayer or just to sit quietly in the welcoming of the space. If you are in the area and wish to stop in, please do so! If it happens to be closed, come on over to the office and we will open the doors!




​Sunday Stewards for April 9th, Palm Sunday

Liturgist  Karen Maust

Music Director  Sean Cameron

Greeters & Ushers  Kathy Leis and Sue Lanchantin

Projectionist  Casey Cunningham

Projection Slides  Kimberley Reiser

Hospitality The Maust Family

Building Close  Kathy Leis


Lenten, Passion Week and Easter Worship

April 9         Palm Sunday                  Psalm 118; Matthew  21:1 – 11
April 13       Maundy Thursday          8:00 PM
April 14       Good Friday                   Sanctuary Open 11 AM – 4:00 PM
April 16       Easter Sunday               Colossians 3:1-4; Matthew 28:1-10
                   Sunrise Service              Depart Sayville Ferry at 6:00 AM; Board 5:45 AM
                   Morning Service             10:00 AM - Sanctuary
Upcoming Calendar Dates
Tuesday      April 4th                9:00 AM     Senior Exercise in the Vestry
Tuesday      April 4th                5:30 PM    Having Friends Inn Outreach
Tuesday      April 4th                7:00 PM     Bible Talk in Vestry - Palm Sunday
Wednesday  April 5th              6:00 PM      Choir Practice
Wednesday  April 5th              5:30 PM      Having Friends Inn Outreach
Wednesday  April 5th              7:30 PM      Narcotics Anonymous Meeting, Fellowship Hall
Thursday     April 6th             10:00 AM     Prayer Shawl Ministry in the Vestry
Thursday     April 6th             12:15 PM     Senior Exercise in the Vestry
Thursday     April 6th               5:30 PM     Having Friends Inn Outreach
Saturday      April 8th             11:00 AM     Twelve Step Meeting, Fellowship Hall

Monday       April 10th              11:45AM   Bible Talk in Vestry - Resurrection
Monday       April 10th              5:30 PM    Having Friends Inn Outreach, Fellowship Hall
Monday       April 10th              7:00 PM    Sayville Congregational UCC Elders Meeting
Monday       April 10th              7:30 PM    Narcotics Anonymous Meeting, Fellowship Hall

Tuesday      April 4th                9:00 AM      Senior Exercise in the Vestry
Tuesday      April 4th                5:30 PM      Having Friends Inn Outreach
Tuesday      April 4th                7:00 PM      Bible Talk in Vestry - Resurrection      

Monday     April 10th              7:00 PM    Sayville Congregational UCC Elders Meeting
Monday     April 17th              7:00 PM    Sayville Congregational UCC Trustees Meeting

Stop & Shop Cards are available at coffee hour each week.
They make great gifts and are great way to purchase your groceries
while supporting Sayville Congregational United Church of Christ..

Family Table Food Ministries
Family Table Ordering is available for April!
Orders are being taken in the church office or
visit and find Sayville UCC as the Host Site.

Due to the upcoming holiday week, orders must be submitted to the office by April 6 at NOON. Otherwise, online orders may be placed via the website ( until Tuesday, April 11th at Noon.

Find hard copies on the menu and order form on the Resource Table in the Vestry...or print the order form below by right-clicking your computer mouse and choosing View Image or Print Image.  It's that easy!!

As always, you can call Heather Corcoran,
our Church Administrator, at the church office for help at 631-589-1519.
Happy Shopping!



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