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Video Relay Service (VRS)

What is it?
 A video relay service (VRS) is a video telecommunication service that allows deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to communicate over video telephones with hearing people in real-time, via a sign language interpreter.

How does it Work?
1.    An individual who communicates by American Sign Language (or other sign) uses a videophone or other video device, such as a webcam, to connect via Internet to a Video Relay Service.
2.    The caller is routed to a sign language interpreter, known as a Video Interpreter.  The Video Interpreter is in front of a camera or videophone.
3.    The caller gives the Video Interpreter a voice number to dial.
4.    The Video Interpreter places the call and interprets as a neutral, non-participating third party.  Anything that the audio user says is signed to the video user, and anything signed by the video user is spoken to the audio user.
5.    Once the call is over, the caller can make another call or hang up with the interpreter.
​Hearing people can also contact a deaf, hard-of-hearing via VRS. To initiate a call, a hearing person calls the deaf person’s phone number and it automatically connects to a video interpreter who then contacts the deaf user.


How do I get one?
See below for VRS providers and their contact information. Visit each of the sites or call and determine which is the best match for you.  Please note that Convo Relay provides the software only and you use your computer’s webcam or their Convo App on your mobile device (phone, tablet).  The remaining companies offer their hardware as well as their software.  The hardware would be the actual video phone that connects to your television or sometimes a mobile device. 
When you have decided on which company to go with, you will find an “Apply” or “Register” (each site may call it something different) and submit your application!  A representative from that company will be in touch with you shortly after that!

Who provides Video Relay Services?
Below is a list of the leading VRS services in the United States. 


ZVRS (Español)
(+1) 888-888-1116
(also for VPs)

Purple Communications, Inc. (English)
(+1) 877-467-4877

Sorenson VRS
(+1) 866-327-8877

A special THANK YOU! to Matthew Bezaire, Technology Teacher and Tech Coordinator at Delaware School for the Deaf for the information!

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