Holiday Greetings from the CA4Health Team!

We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and learned in the past year and what’s ahead. It has been quite a ride since we started the CA4Health community of practice. We have hosted 11 in person convenings, 7 web forums, and reached over 500 people through these activities! This includes helping to coordinate and engage participants in ENACT Day, bringing California’s CDC awardees together multiple times on a variety of topics and advocating for continued funding, organizing a broad statewide delegation to attend the PolicyLink Equity Summit, promoting your California success stories on our website HERE and in our monthly newsletters HERE, and convening stakeholders in 3 regions. From all of this, we’ve learned that there needs to be more safe spaces to explore how social justice and inequities impact our work, there is a desire amongst stakeholders statewide to connect, people want real opportunities to take action, and that there is an ongoing need to reach across silos to discuss community health.

Here’s some of what you’ve had to say about CA4Health: 


“CA4Health provided me more ways to network and gain more knowledge about health equity.”

 “This was a much needed check-in and perspective adjustment. It’s so easy to be in our day-to-day that it was good to be reminded of the bigger picture and our network of support.”

 “…three Santa Ana residents, two of which were high school youth, and one of our promotoras were able to experience advocacy at the state level for the very first time. They all had a great experience learning about the process, practicing their public speaking skills. For [one], it was her first time outside of Orange County, and she came back inspired and with a new perspective on her community and what she can do to improve it. [Another], recently working more on community engagement learned about the power that we all have to make a difference. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to have this experience.”
​“Networking and inspiring me to create change from everyone’s ideas—thinking more about sustainability and evidence.”
As 2017 approaches, we acknowledge the new forces of uncertainty that are looming, which only furthers our resolve for CA4Health to keep momentum going by growing participation and providing more opportunities for active engagement regionally and statewide. We are excited to continue finding ways to help forge new alliances, build collective power, take risks, and push upstream conversations on chronic disease prevention and equity.
To get or stay involved: share your stories with us to be posted on our website and/or in the PULSE newsletter, invite others to participate and receive the newsletter email our team HERE to join, follow us on social media (@CA4Health), and join the variety of activities that will be happening in 2017. We truly look forward to engaging and mobilizing with you in the coming year! 


or more information or to share important news from your local efforts or region, contact us: 


Have a happy and safe holidays and New Year!

CA4Health, a Public Health Institute Program, made possible
with funding from The California Endowment