I am excited to share with you the first edition of the CA4Health Pulse! We will regularly be using the Pulse to share updates, resources, and promote the good work that is happening in California communities.
What is CA4Health, you ask? It is a statewide network of leaders advancing efforts to prevent chronic disease and improve health equity in California. We have been busy getting pieces of the puzzle sorted out and are now gearing up to start regional meetings. We will be looking to you to help us co-create this community of practice in your region so that together we can create impactful, lasting change in California.
Check out our new website to learn more about CA4Health, and don't miss the new videos that highlight local efforts that utilized federal prevention dollars to make real changes in their communities.
We want to hear from you! Let us know how you might use these videos to advance your efforts and email us if you have a story you'd like CA4Health to promote.
I hope you enjoy this first issue of the CA4Health Pulse!
Sue Watson
Director, CA4Health



CA4HEALTH @ the Equity Summit!  
PolicyLink’s Equity Summit is happening in Los Angeles, CA on Oct. 27th-29th.
CA4Health will be hosting a session for summit attendees from California. Come join us!

CA4Health:  Advancing Prevention and Equity Together
@PolicyLink Equity Summit – The L.A. Hotel Downtown
Tentatively in meeting room Melrose/Olvera
 Wed Oct 28th from 4:30pm-6pm

This will be a session open to our delegates and other interested California attendees. We will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss what they are learning at the Summit, explore how it relates to healthy communities, and identify activities/conversations they would like to continue when they return home. Participants will also learn more about CA4Health and how it can support their local efforts around prevention and health equity.

For more information about PolicyLink's 2015 Equity Summit Click Here.

CA4HEALTH Delegation

The CA4Health team is also bringing a delegation of 26 leaders from across California! One of our delegates is Jacob Asare from the California Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA) in Stockton, CA. We spoke with Jacob about the upcoming summit:

CA4Health: What excites you about the Equity Summit?
Jacob: I’m excited to meet and connect with leaders from all across the country to discuss how we can best contribute to the social justice movement in the US.


I expect to become even more inspired about learning new ways and developing solutions as a (part of the) delegation. It is essential that we come together over a common goal that truly focuses on health disparities within low-income communities of color. Often times, the connections between health equity, economic, and social inequality isn’t conveyed in a manner that realizes that there is a problem; which deserves immediate attention. I believe this conference serves as the conduit to connect with leaders in reaching our goal of solving racial and economic injustice; through collective action, collaboration, and forming strong partnerships. I cannot wait to hear the remarkable success stories that have turned into greater victories around these issues.
CA4Health: What is something your look forward to working on with CA4Health?
I strongly look forward to finding ways to work with CA4Health on CCPHA’s initiative to advocate for Health Warning Labels on Sugary Drinks and touching on health equity in areas where people live in poverty. Forming community partnerships and connecting with state and local officials, is a fundamental route used to address the needs of the community to educate and ultimately create policy that best serves the people in that community. I’m also motivated to do better work, by meeting with and hearing from so many talented and successful people in this work.
Look out for tweets and posts from our CA4Health Delegation at the Equity Summit.

@CA4Health, @Policylink #EquitySummit


Welcome to the CA4Health Policy Corner! Kristania De Leon here – I am excited to build this feature as a space to highlight your stories, our collective successes, and key action and policy opportunities for prevention and equity efforts across California. In this edition, we will look at actions we can take to support prevention investments across the state.
Protect investments in California: The Prevention Fund at Risk!
On the tails of August recess where CA4Health partners shared their successes and efforts with their representatives to build a case for continued prevention funding, The Prevention Fund is at risk once again. Members of Congress need to hear from you about the work that has been accomplished with Prevention funding, and through PICH and REACH awards as they finalize FY2016 spending decisions. Trust for America’s Health has also prepared materials that can help your outreach here and provided an easy link for you to add your organization’s name to the Fund Supporters list. Don’t forget to visit our site for videos and stories that you can use to show prevention in action! #SavethePreventionFund
Key California Legislation awaits Governor’s Signature. After a long year of advocacy, a number of health and equity bills await approval by the Governor. In the coming weeks, we will look forward to celebrating our successes as some bills are chaptered. We will also share opportunities to keep our momentum moving into 2016 as we resume and renew our efforts.

Are there bills or issues you are tracking? Are there things you want to see discussed in the 2016 session? Let us know – email me at

International Walk to School Day is a global event that involves communities from more than 40 countries walking and biking to school on the same day.
Walk to School Day 2015 is scheduled for October 7, 2015

Click Here to learn more



Join the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research in the second series of Healthy Planning Leadership: What’s New, What Matters, What’s Next
Wednesday, October 21 11:00am-12:00pm
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Food Day! October 24, 2015 is a day to resolve to make changes in our own diets and to take action to solve food-related problems in our communities at the local, state, and national level. In 2015, Food Day has the theme "Toward a Greener Diet.

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