Have an Enjoyable & Safe Holiday Weekend
Please Remember All Those That Gave Everything For Us To Enjoy The Freedoms We Have Today

Crashes Happen
I know it may be odd to cover the topic of crashing after wishing everyone a safe holiday weekend, but a lot of us may be ready to roll some miles this weekend and will have to share the road with a ton of others, which always raises the risk factors. No rider ever likes to discuss this; beside there are plenty of folks, that when they hear you ride a motorcycle, will want to tell you of someone they know that had a horrific crash and want to make sure you get all the details, but like everything else in our motorsport - being better prepared can make a lot of differences with outcomes. As much as we may use our situational awareness to recognize possible conflicts and work to improve our skills, there can be always situations that allow us zero time to react or adjust and a crash happens
This is a subject that always has a negative outcome in some form, we must recognize the fact that there is a level of risk associated with the motorcycling we enjoy, and, whether an accident is due to the fault of others or ourselves, the threat is always there. This awareness shouldn't bring on paranoia every time we swing our leg over our machine to head out for a ride, but more of an alertness and readiness to prepare for any possible conflict.
When it comes to the what-ifs of an accident/crash occurring, a key point is how we set up ourselves in the event of one before it even happens, because, depending on the type or outcome of the accident, there may not be much we can do when it happens. A few points to mull over include knowing what your insurance will or will not cover in an accident - this means both your vehicle and medical insurance (especially with medical insurance). This may require a conversation with your insurers. Also, think about having the information accessible for someone you know (spouse, family member, or friend) to use in the event you can't do anything at the time of the incident.
A preparation tip I got from an EMT is to write down your emergency contact name and phone number, your blood type, and medical alert information and secure it to your license or ID with tape or a paper clip. In the event you are in an accident and cannot communicate, emergency personnel will check your license/ID for your info. If the additional information is connected, it could save some valuable time. For those that have a medical condition, there are also ID sticker tags available to place on your helmet noting you are wearing a medical ID of some type. There are also places you can get emergency cards that you can include all your information (Long Island ABATE is one organization that has these available).
So what if the worst happens and you're involved in an accident? I'll break things down into two basic categories. First is the accident where you are able to communicate and/or address the situation. Keep in mind that you will more than likely be dealing with an adrenaline rush, confusion, anger, and/or shock. Make sure you're not injured; if you aren't and if the accident involved another vehicle, check on those individuals, too. Make sure someone called 911 for emergency assistance, and, since almost everyone carries a cellphone with a camera, take a lot of pictures. Speaking of cell phones, the days of including an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact in your phone probably are over since most phones now require a password to get into.
When emergency personnel arrive, consider a medical evaluation; you may be fooling yourself into thinking that you're all right. Make sure there's an accident report generated, no matter how small the accident may be. It could be extremely helpful when dealing with an insurance company. To the best of your ability, explain what happened to the recording officer. Follow this up with writing down everything at your earliest opportunity, while it's still fresh, and keep it on file.
Once things at the accident site have been addressed, make sure to follow up with anyone you need to contact, such as the insurance company, towing service, and law enforcement. Staying on top of the information can be a major asset; don't trust that other people will address things properly. If your situation requires an attorney, and most do; make sure you secure on that is well versed in motorcycle accidents. We’ll use this opportunity to plug our Supporting Sponsor – New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyers. If your situation needs legal assistance, having a person/group that has well documented experience with motorcycle crashes is a major plus.  
What about an accident where the outcome is worse, one when you aren't able to communicate or do anything at the scene? Having a person follow up and gather all the information needed or contact the proper agencies is without a doubt vital for you. If you're involved in a serious accident, you can easily count on medical costs, more than likely legal costs, and more. The last thing anyone wants to deal with if severely injured is fighting about money. Granted, the most serious accidents that involve injury or damage may leave you not being able to do anything on your own, but any little step you can take to assist yourself while you're out of commission could have a positive payback. Situations like this really need good legal guidance to make sure you’re covered as well as take a lot of the self-work off your hands.
Crashes/accidents suck – plain & simple. No one likes to think of them or be involved in one. No matter what, there is usually something we can do to help ourselves, whether it's at the scene or in preparation, but there may be times when the outcome is not favorable. If we keep the risk associated with crashes in mind, remain educated, practice to become better riders, and use that uncommonly used common sense; we may have a better chance of avoiding or getting through these bad scenarios. It's no guarantee, but it's a start in the right direction and make sure you have all your information readily available no matter what the situation to help protect yourself.
Ride safe, ride smart, and be careful out there!


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