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Whether you consider yourself a biker, rider, motorcyclist, enthusiast, or something else; we are truly a unique breed of individuals. Just look at what we do for our pleasure; we ride a machine that requires more than normal balance and coordination, basically sit on top of a hot engine with gallons of flammable fuel between our legs and is more or less hard to see by others (especially car drivers) - so it seems.  I have heard a ton of reasons why we ride; from the statement that only a dog hanging its head out of the window of a moving car understands us, to the expression of freedom of the open road to even some folks saying it's that risk that thrills us. While the motorsport we choose has the exceptional capabilities to allow us to be lost while finding ourselves at the same time, I am really not too sure how many folks really developed their passion for riding because it was dangerous; yet we should never forget the risks we have to deal with each time we ride.

When it comes to acknowledging the risks of motorcycling and especially doing something about it, this is definitely a tough topic to get across. The people that attend riding education programs, seminars, watch instruction videos or read on the topic, including those of you that are members with ESMSEP, are not the ones we really need to reach out to. It is obvious motorcyclists that recognize we can do & learn more are ahead of the pack, but what about the rest of the riding community? If you were to look up national numbers or state statistics you will easily find that the number of us that attend a riding program beyond a basic or licensing course will be a low amount.

Why are we as an overall group so resistant to rider education? While I could easily state that the prime factor is EGO; the infamous responses of “I know how to ride, I’ve been riding XX years and never had an accident” or “it’s always the other guy (car) you have to watch out for” and even “I know someone that needs programs like you offer” yet never considers classes for themselves, certainly express that but it has to be more than ego. Could it be that we as a community are not educated enough to realize that training and education can benefit us. Have we become so complacent with our riding that after some duration we feel “We Got This.”  Perhaps we need more of a campaign as to the benefits of improved skills and situational awareness to enlighten the masses of rider education, but with funding barely available for even a comprehensive motorcycle study to get and government organizations believing the first step to protecting motorcyclists is enforcing helmets laws; where do we start or how do we do it?

Maybe, like everything else that is important to us, we take control of it ourselves.  How many of you have ridden with someone or a group of people and see them do something that made you go Oh My God or a similar gasp of expression? Did you mention it to them when you had the chance or opted not to say anything for fear of an uncomfortable situation to develop or did you consider not riding with them anymore or keeping you distance next time? Unfortunately we live in a time where political correctness or fear of offending someone has taken possibly too much precedent in our lives and we’re afraid to say something even if it could maybe save one’s life in the future.  We need to start evaluating this to recognize what is really important and what’s not.   

Is there a chance a person would become offended if you discussed with them something they did improperly? Sure there is. Besides them telling you where to go, they may write it off with some nonsense reason or even ask you when you became such an expert. We as riders need to be able to accept criticism that may be to our benefit. Just like I try to explain to riders that we need to take back control and not let others (car drivers) dictate our futures or expect them to consider us, we should also start taking the steps to point out to our fellow riders that we can learn so much more that would keep us safer. We all have the right to enjoy our riding and we should be able to go home to do it again another day, spreading the word among ourselves that WE need to more proficient riders starts with us. I believe it is much better to have a fellow rider tell me they noticed an issue with my riding than an emergency medical tech telling me the issues I have because of a crash - one that I could have possibly avoided if I were made aware of what I may have not being doing correctly before it happened.  I think we can do better and we have to, the numbers associated with crashes and fatalities are scary and if we dig deep into who was at fault and/or percentage of responsibility related to those crashes – it gets scarier.

While we may be crazy enough to swing our leg over a machine that has so many physical aspects to make it dangerous, it may not be the machine that makes it dangerous and we shouldn’t be crazy not to realize we can become safer through education; so let’s start our own mission to spread the word.  Motorcycling is fun, but the fun is over when the crash happens, we shouldn’t wait till then to realize that we could have done something differently or better. 

Granted there are a lot of crashes that are due to the fault of others and we do need to watch out for everyone on the road, but we can also reduce the risks that we can control by becoming better educated on the mental processing and skills development. As a community, and a small one overall, we to protect ourselves by taking the steps to reduce the risks we can and acknowledge that we all can improve to be safer. Besides, how bad can it be to learn something enhance our fun? Seems like a no brainer. Let’s do what we can to make motorcycling safer and help spread the word that we ALL can do more – We Got This!     


Empire State Motorcycle Safety Education Program
Upcoming Seminars

Motorcyclists Tune Up

With a new riding season for motorcyclists; we will be hosting a riders Spring Tune Up of information for motorcyclists to refresh themselves of skills and awareness needed to have a safer riding season. This will be a non riding course (information only) that will review topics such as proper cornering, braking, general riding skills, group riding, street strategies, road awareness and more.

Whether you have been dormant for the long winter break or just would like to gain some refresher and new information to review to hopefully make your riding safer, these seminars are essential to help reduce the risks associated with your motorcycle riding. The classes are also open to all drivers so they can become better informed on the needs of motorcyclists for awareness with Sharing the Road.

ALL Our Informational Seminars are FREE

Program presented by - Empire State Motorcycle Safety Education Program, Inc
Course Presenter - Don Gomo; Safety Skills Columnist for American Iron Magazine and NYS MSF RiderCoach

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Saturday May 12th 1-4pm North Babylon Public Library 

Monday May 21st 6-8:45pm Freeport Memorial Library

Americade Touring Rally 2018

MSF SeasonedRider Program - Tuesday 6/5 @ 9am

Education Is For Everyone - Wednesday 6/6 @ 9am

Dainese Store NYC

May 22nd @ 5:pm - Closing
ESMSEP will be presenting Safety Information on Every 4th Tuesday

More Seminar Locations & Dates to be Posted Soon

If your Dealership or Organization would like to host an Seminar Event, Please contact us at Admin@motorcyclesafetyprogram.org


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CYCLE GEAR of Hicksville is having Bike Nights on the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month from 5pm till closing.

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Long Island ABATE
is now having meetings in Nassau & Suffolk Counties. The Nassau meeting will be informational only and the Suffolk meeting will remain the primary meeting time.

NEXT MEETING IS Tuesday May 14th at the Lake Ronkonkoma Fire District Meeting Hall Corner of Hawkins Ave & Portion Road Ronkonkoma, NY
BBQ Dinner is at 6:30pm . Meeting starts at 7:30pm

Nassau Meeting (informal) will be Tuesday May 21st at the Marine Corps League 99 New York Ave Massapequa NY @ 7:30pm

Empire State Motorcycle Safety Education Program, Inc(ESMSEP) is a not for profit, 501(c)3 outreach education organization group of like minded motorcycle safety enthusiasts working towards the goal of promoting motorcycle awareness and the benefits of rider education through FREE informational seminars at libraries, adult continuing ed programs, dealerships, club/group meetings, rallies, etc. Our primary goal is to present the information to licensed motorcycle operators as to the importance of continuing rider education, but our information can also be extremely useful for newer riders as well. To date, there is no one in NYS that presently addresses what we do..

ESMSEP has a Member Benefit Program that includes discounted offers from our Sponsoring Partners. ESMSEP currently has 80+ Sponsoring Partners listed on our website that have joined our team with many of them offering a benefit offer for our membership that have pledge to support this new exciting venture. All of them are extremely supportive of our task and recognize the value of it for the motorcycling community plus the potential for future customers that appreciate their support of motorcycle safety. We have more sponsors than any other not for profit motorcycle organization in the country.
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