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Recently there has been an increased amount of crashes reported in our region between cars and motorcycles, especially the Long Island area. Most of the news reports indicate that the vehicle made a left turn in front of the motorcyclists right of way; as we know, this is the number one risk for a crash we face as riders every day. Beyond the media or press reports, we do not know all the details and to make any assumptions would be an incorrect thing to do, but we always wonder if there was anything the rider could have or not have done to possibly avoid this or at the least maybe minimize the impact/collision/outcome. We unfortunately do not own sole ownership of these conflicts, reported crashes of motorcycles and other vehicles have been on the rise nationwide; but is there anything we can do about this major nemesis of our sport? The answer is YES; though, like everything in life, there is no real guarantee.

Motorcycle Rights Organizations (MRO) have been doing what they can to constantly be on the fore front to bring awareness to drivers of motorcycles and motorcyclists, but after decades of the numbers not changing much (percentage wise) it seems their campaign doesn’t gain any ground. Watch for Motorcycles bumper sticks and ad promotions only seem to get the attention of motorcycles. Do I have the same bumper stickers on my cars/trucks - Yes and again the only ones that ever acknowledge them are passing motorcyclists (I always have hope a driver will start to actually watch for us). Granted some drivers recognize our plight and do what they can to be aware of us, but overall the numbers reflected each year tells us that the driving community may not be listening to our plea for safety. I am not saying we should give up or forget about supporting MRO’s with this vital charge; we should never do that, but perhaps there is more we can do to protect ourselves.

As riders, we should know what situations can become a conflict for us. Congested area streets, intersections, and so much more, yet many do not consider this information while riding and may become complacent. We should never give up control and put it into the hands of others – we know that outcome all too well. So why, as a community of riders, do we do it? We need to become more vigilant with being proactive and take the responsibility into our hands. One of the best ways to do that is to honestly evaluate our riding capabilities, skills, knowledge and overall riding strategy. While we (ESMSEP) may promote rider education and skills improvement, our biggest point of education is becoming more aware of situational awareness/development and the actions to better adjust for them. There is so much information out there for us to assess and use to help to protect ourselves  while rolling down the road. We are responsible for our own safety and should start taking hold of that thought and raising it to a higher level.

Granted, there are plenty of times that there is absolutely nothing we can do, yet we should be in the position to do all we can. This is something motorcyclists do not want to hear; it infringes on our egos of our ability to ride. Well sorry about that, but if one takes a deep look into the numbers posted year after year, they indicate that it is far more than the “other guy” causing the brunt of the issues. Bottom line is as a community of riders, we are all too often the source of the crash (whether fully or partially responsible) and as much as we need to always watch out for the other guy, it seems our first step is to watch out for ourselves. Again this is something we and our egos do not want to hear, but we have to do more to safeguard ourselves and egos will only increase our risk factors.

Whether you have been riding for a few years or decades, there is probably a level of education that you can use to minimize those risks. If your thought process is that I know how to ride, well you just might be bumping up those risks with thoughts like that. For some, it may just be a refresher of information that has been forgotten or put to the side, while for others it could be a whole new world of mental processing they may never have considered.

Education isn’t just improving or learning skills, though becoming more proficient of a rider is extremely helpful and rewarding, but the mental aspect of recognizing things before they may happen is key to our survival. Having a strategy plus a thought process to keep learning can benefit us in so many ways that would reduce those yearly statistics.

So keep supporting those that support us, hopefully one day things will turn with driver’s awareness of us – instead of them turning in front of us. Start taking the steps to learn how to do more to protect yourself and keep riding educated. What's happening out on our roadways isn't working, we need to switch things to our favor and take the first step towards that change. We can do this - our lives depend on it!

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