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Watch the Fall
Autumn is considered by many as their favorite season to ride. The morning crisp air to start off a day that leads into comfortable riding conditions (for both rider & motorcycle) with the nature beauty of the colors and landscapes makes for some enjoyable journeys; yet it can also be a time of year with increased risks.

With the range of temperatures we experience during the fall, there is always an increased probability of morning dew, condensation and even frost. The possible morning moisture (especially in a frozen condition) can have a unwanted effect pertaining to loss of traction; whether for moving, stopping, turning, etc. If you head out in the early to even the late AM (depending on temps) you need to keep this in mind and adjust accordingly. With that you also need to include in your thoughts to consider road conditions which may be related to environmental/weather (if it hasn't rain in some time there could be an additional build up of slick debris from other vehicles), condition of your tires and always need to keep in mind your level of skill to adjust to things. Now add to the fact that the beauty of the colors only lasts for a short period before the leaves start dropping. Natures water absorbers and O2 generators (aka leaves) can also be major culprit when it comes to traction loss - especially when damp/wet (from that morning dew or previous rain). Again, something to ponder when rolling, stopping or leaning into those twisties; always keep a watchful eye ahead to fine tune for the conditions.

Following up with those range of temperatures, make sure you gear up accordingly. You may leave later in the morning when the temps are rising and dress for that, but once the sun goes down and you're still on the road you may wish you had something warmer to wear. Dress with layering as part of your plan to work with the temps and keep in your thoughts that if your body temp drops, hyperthermia can become a risk - which has several effects that aren't helpful for riding.

Also along the line of nature; if where you're riding is more rural with wildlife, remember that many of the creatures that live normally unseen from us have more of a tendency to show up unannounced when we may not enjoy seeing them. Various animals are starting their mating season (in heat, rutting, whatever you decide to call it) and because of this do unexpected and/or stupid things - if you look at that way, they're not a lot different than a lot of humans ;)

Finally, besides watching out for natural, weather, road conditions as well as our bike and ourselves - remember to always watch the "other guy". Fall peepers and lookers may be paying more attention to natures surroundings of color and beauty than what they're doing on the roadways. Watch for lane drifts from them as well as sudden stops because they just noticed a cute farm stand or end of year yard sale.

Yes there are risks to be aware of, no matter what time of year we ride; but keeping all those "what if's" in mind can certainly help prevent an enjoyable day of riding from becoming a bad memory. So go out an experience what many others enjoy before we need to bundle up and look like the Michelin Man to take a ride.

Keep it safe out there

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