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Technology & Safety

In today’s world, technology seems to have been a key partner for safety with vehicles; especially in automobiles. These days back up alerts, advance braking backward or forward, blind spot indicators, alarms if drifting from sleep, backup cameras and a plethora of airbags sure have made cars safer for their drivers and passengers. It appears easier to build a car to have all this technology to keep people safer that to expect them to become safer drivers. With all the electronic pulses available for safety, when it comes to motorcycles it look as if the techo stuff is more incorporated into designs for faster speeds or to hide certain aspects of the motorcycle (e.g. wiring harnesses and control items), basically items we do not see yet help our rides each day.
Granted motorcycles have enjoyed safety upgrades such as ABS brakes, some have gained the advantages of traction control and there is even a model that has an airbag (personally I’m still not totally convinced that is one that really is worth the money spent to design), but why hasn’t the motorcycle industry encompassed some of the science that the 4 wheeled world has been slowly becoming accustomed to? I imagine it is due to several reasons; cost probably being a big one. The available space on a motorcycle compared to a car to install computer generated devices is certainly limited – especially if you want to hide it. Also, though the auto industry has spent a lot of money developing their safety doodads, even if somewhat replicated it would still cost a lot of R&D funding for the manufacturers to design with a motorcycle application. Another reason could be that we as riders haven’t been demanding items like this enough for companies to consider installing or that manufacturers have already done some research and found several ideas may become more of a distraction which offsets the safety aspect of the devices.
Now if we shift gears to the “personal” side of technology, the distraction factor is a big one to consider and I have to admit that I have faulted with this myself on occasion. High tech has also entered motorcycling as an accessory level in many different ways. We have Bluetooth for our cell phones and other devices, GPS’s that help with maneuvering around also can add a level of musical additions, IPod’s, MP players, High Definition video cameras and more. While these devices may add a more personal touch to your riding or riding memories, they also add a level of distraction that can easily be translated into increasing ones risk of an unwanted situation to develop. I have used GoPro Cameras to record details from my ride, but have learned to pretty much just set them up and turn them on before rolling, this way I do not need to be distracted if they need adjustments – they just record until I stop at the next location. I also enjoy listening to music while cruising around, I normally do that via the bikes speakers and at volumes that the area of riding dictates; many times it is not on in congested or new surrounding areas; I prefer to have my full concentration on riding then instead of rocking out.
As for talking on phones while riding, I cannot see the reason for it while riding. To keep ourselves safe, we need to be able to concentrate on the road and conditions ahead of us as well as all around. Engaging in a conversation on the phone also unknowingly takes a level of focus that may take away from the needs to ride safely; I can’t see any phone call worth risking an accident with possible negative outcomes.
While these days more of us use a GPS in lieu of paper maps or studying the directions so we know where we’re heading; as much as they may some convenience they can also add some threat. Granted this technology is very helpful, if not for the fact that we no longer have to ponder the decision to ask for directions. GPS systems can also have a degree of disruption to our mental aspect to riding. While most GPS’s have an audio output (whether internal speaker, bike speakers or headset), I would make an assumption that most of us when we hear the directions being “spoken” will automatically look at the device to get a visual confirmation of the upcoming direction change. Something to keep in mind; if we’re using a GPS we may not familiar with the area we’re riding in (hence it’s use), wouldn’t you think the combination of riding on unknown roads and taking your eyes off of them to look at a device may be a poor decision? It could very well be; once again, that’s something we’d be better off not having to deal with. Sometimes the hassle of a U-turn may be a safer choice.
While technology may seem unstoppable and there will certainly be a lot more modifications done to motorcycles and accessories that will be beneficial for us riders, some of the future do-dads will have also a measure of risk linked to them to always consider. We always have to keep things within our capabilities and skills to safely enjoy the ride, and maybe do what bikers without all these gadgets did a generation ago – just go out and ride.

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